Could the PlayStation 4 Have Sold Better?

John Finch writes: "The caveat here is that the PlayStation 4 did sell those units while being available in more international markets, but the Xbox One was available in all its usual big hitters, such as the U.S., Europe and Australia. That leads me to believe that even if we adjusted Microsoft’s numbers, it would still be behind. Even more so when we consider the PS4 is still not available in its largest market, Japan. 7.2 million consoles were sold, which bodes well for home consoles as a platform. Those numbers are both impressive and exciting. There are a few things we can take away from these sales numbers."

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miyamoto1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

If Sony had the money like M$ does, to crank up PS4 production two folds more there will be no shortage of supply.
I hope Sony uses the money they made during the last two months to crank up PS4 production and supply this January.

M$ has the money to make Xboxes many times over, but does not have the demand the PS4 has. Sony needs to loan some money to make moar PS4s to keep up with the demand because its not good for the chances they are loosing to make more money because tons of boxes are just sitting there taking advantage of the situation.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1622d ago

That would be nice if their was a bigger supply of consoles.

Hatsune-Miku1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

sony has a lot of money and are following a strategy just like theyve planned. the lack of ps4s in shops at the moment is creating more of a demand which will lead to more sales over time for sony.

avengers19781622d ago

They could have sold more if they had them available. They have huge deman, if they made 6 million they could have sold 6 million. PS4 is set to have a huge 2014-2015 provided they can keep up production.

Jdoki1622d ago


This has nothing to do with Sony having the money to produce more units. As far as I know Sony produce their own devices and can outsource if needed. MS outsource all manufacturing.

Right now the PS4 is in a perfect position. Having demand outstrip supply is a good thing for a business. It creates word of mouth. People want what they can't have. It shows the PS4 is popular and in the news compared to its competitors. And looking at the sales numbers it's pretty clear that the people are waiting for a PS4 instead of buying a more readily available XB1 or WiiU.

Right now, Sony have no reason to massively increase production. They need to stay on track, keep the units flowing and wait for the Japan launch. After that I think we'll start seeing some stability. The only time Sony should consider upping production is if the average wait time for a consumer to get a unit starts to become too long - at the moment it appears to be approx 1-2 months which is fine.

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stuna11622d ago

That's a crazy question to ask! Going by hype alone I still think the PS4 would still be able to push another 1 to 1.5 million before people would start to see the slowdown of associated with normal early adoption buyers, but that's not even taking in the 1.5 to 2 million back orders/pre-orders. If Sony had been able to keep up with production I believe the gap between the Xbox1 and the PS4 would at least be twice as big! Perhaps 2 1/2 times bigger.

Jdoki1622d ago


I believe that shortly after the Japan launch is over we'll start to see stabilisation of stock globally. Sony have to be stockpiling units for that launch which is going to mean less units for every other territory.

It's hard to gauge the numbers they will sell in Japan - conservatively I would hope for at least 500,000 in the first week or so (going by population size and the numbers in other markets). But considering that the XB1 is unlikely to gain any traction in Japan, I could easily see Sony taking a more commanding lead in the sales numbers after the end of Feb

MysticStrummer1622d ago

Sony is obviously not keeping up with demand, so of course PS4 could have sold better…?

Hicken1622d ago

Obvious things and common sense conclusions matter less in the gaming industry than anywhere else I can think of... except maybe school(cuz kids just do dumb stuff).

If the demand for the thing is through the roof, and the supply is far from able to keep up with it, then even if the numbers were just in the hundreds, it's evident that it(whatever IT is; it could be socks) could have sold better.

As has been said for quite some time now, it's hard to sell more when you're out of stock to sell. Yeah, it's outselling the competition by a pretty significant margin- despite many that try to downplay such a lead after less than two full months on the market- and there are pockets here and there of a handful of systems available. But if the product could reach everyone that wanted to buy one right now, that difference would be significantly larger.

MysticStrummer1622d ago

Yeah around launch I was in the Dallas/Ft Worth area of Texas and there were no PS4s around while XB1s were plentiful. Now I'm down in the Austin area and it's still the same story. Sony could have built a much bigger lead by now.

Eonjay1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Microsoft's ability to manufacture more consoles only matters if they can sell more consoles.

Companies have to pay up from for manufacturing costs so they pay attention to demand and try get to a situation where they are only creating systems that retailers will purchase. To much production create a pile of liabilities.

Sony is in a great situation because it can convert its purchased stock into sales at a faster rate than Microsoft as evidenced by both companies global sales totals. Sony can order more supply from the manufacture without worrying about the cost because each unit created is essentially sold before if gets off the assembly line.

It will be within Microsoft's best interest to decrease production to meet current demand. Eventually, Sony will have to do the same thing.

Triella1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Lack of preorders/demand is probably part of the reason why MS lowered their target figures for end of fiscal year of nearly one million.

But still, by the look of it, they are producing a lot more than they can actually sell-through and resort to channel stuffing, although it has never been a problem for MS : they just pour money down the drain, tend to over manufacture their products to pass them off as successes and then store the unsold stock into warehouses. It has been the case with Surface RT 6m tablets unsold : , with the Zune, with Windows Vista, etc.)

miyamoto1622d ago

So that is why the giant is able to post such "huge" figures. Now I know why. Thanks for the info.

devwan1622d ago

@Eonjay "Sony can order more supply from the manufacture without worrying about the cost because each unit created is essentially sold before if gets off the assembly line."

I don't recall a console launch where, if you missed out on the pre-order, there were pre-orders for later and later batches of release from multiple retailers. Maybe it's just wording and they're technically back-ordered, but managing large lists of potential customers, every bit as big as the original pre-order lists, it seems the demand coming into this new year is still incredible.

wonderfulmonkeyman1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

*Looks at their success so far*
The better question is, did they really need to? They're rolling in green as it is.
Even if launch sale momentum doesn't last forever, they still got quite a bit of success out of this launch.

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