Apple has a Wiimote-type Apple TV controller in the works?

Apple Insider reports:

''Apple in a new patent filing reveals that it is conducting research on a 3D remote control system for its Apple TV set-top box that would mimic the functionality of the Nintendo Wii controller and also deliver some features akin to its multi-touch technology.

In the November 2006 filing, published for the first time this week, the Cupertino-based electronics maker notes that the three-dimensional remote control systems can detect an absolute location to which a remote control is pointing in first and second orthogonal axes (e.g., the x- and y-axes) and an absolute position of the remote control in a third orthogonal axis (e.g., the z-axis).

By combining absolute position detection with relative position detection, the system can indicate changes in the position of the remote control as a user moves the controlling device among a 3D axis, a concept akin to the one employed by Nintendo in its widely successful Wii gaming console.''

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