Will Traditional MMO Quest Hubs Ruin The Elder Scrolls Online Experience?

Camelot Post Writes:

Thousands of new players flocked to Tamriel this weekend to explore the latest beta event but are certain MMO features sure to ruin the journey? Would traditional quest hubs have a negative impact on The Elder Scrolls Online experience? The Elder Scrolls has long been considered one of the greatest RPG franchises of our time but there are certain elements of a traditional RPG that must be changed, and sometimes even sacrificed, in the transition to a large-scale MMO game.

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porkChop1471d ago

I played the beta this weekend, and I've got to say, it's the best MMO I've played in recent years. It feels very much like a proper TES game, the world is huge and interesting, the voice acting is well done, music is great, and the combat is pretty good. I never felt bored like I do in most MMOs, and I never felt like there wasn't anything to do.

With that said, I still won't buy it as much as I would love to. You can't have a $15/m subscription and throw microtransactions on top of that. That's just plain greedy. Either make it F2P or get rid of the microtransactions. At the very least, low the subscription to a more reasonable amount if you're going to keep the microtransactions.

thekhurg1471d ago

ESO has micro-transactions that cover name changes and the like. This is standard even for P2P MMO games. It doesn't offer micro-transactions for core gameplay stuff.