Why gamers should care less about winning and focus more on playing

GamesRadar: There just seems to be something hardwired into all of our brains. After all, play is the process by which we learn to do pretty much everything as babies and children, from basic motor control to appropriate social conduct in a formal dinner situation. It makes sense that we’d be programmed to do it. But it feels to me lately that while the explosion of games as a medium has opened up a potentially larger arena of play than we’ve ever enjoyed before, somewhere along the line we’ve missed the point. We’ve become too focused on winning, and not focused enough on the actual process of playing. And that’s like spending all of your time on Twitter worrying about your follower count rather than paying attention to the conversation.

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Homegamer1677d ago

I agree with this as I was a extremly competitive person, and don't get me wrong I still can be, but instead of screaming at the screen in anger for getting killed, I became a passive player, I'll still excited when i do I good, and sometimes I'll get bummed out from getting killed from something (wolves? On don't starve I lasted 2 weeks and that crap happened) but the more I play games, I realize that playing competively can make the game unenjoyable, instead I just look at went wrong and move on thus I enjoy a game that much more

Ripsta7th1677d ago

Play to win, thats my motto :p

wonderfulmonkeyman1677d ago

If playing to win ends up making you a screamer, then you should stop.XD

urwifeminder1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I love loosing especially in team based games just so I can hear the whinge or see the text appear the crying makes me want to try less to enjoy the team tears awww loosing is the best.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

That what I been wondering