Do Not Count Out 'Alien: Isolation' Just Yet

Analog Addiction writes, "So. SEGA could not help itself. After the critical mediocrity of 2013′s Aliens: Colonial Marines, SEGA felt it necessary to publish another game set in the Alien universe. According to VGChartz, SEGA’s disappointing shooter – at the time of writing – has managed to sell 1.11 million units across all three platforms (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC). Whether this total is seen as a success or not is up to the company’s Board. Nevertheless, why would SEGA want to pump out another game set in the Alien franchise in such a short period of time since the last one, which disappointed many anticipating consumers. It is quite simple really: This is not the same team who made Aliens: Colonial Marines. The gameplay is reminiscent of a different genre and we have already seen the main concept of Alien: Isolation work successfully."

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mhunterjr925d ago

There's no way I would count this game out. It looks like it's just what the doctor ordered.

Yodagamer925d ago

So did colonial marines, but we were lied to. Ill wait till the review before I get my hopes up.

Ezz2013925d ago

same here
if i want a game , i don't care about reviews i just buy it
but after Aliens CM we have every right to be sceptical so i will also wait for the reviews
those guys have ALOT to prove

aPerson925d ago

"those guys have ALOT to prove"

The developers working on this game had nothing to do with Colonial Marines.

Muadiib925d ago

The difference is that people aside from the developers have actually played the game and liked it!

Ashunderfire86925d ago

Yodagamer and Ezz20133#

Yes we saw what happened to Alien Colonial Marine in motion, but the difference is that Creative Assembly, is not working on DLCs for another popular game like Gearbox did. They are not outsourcing this project to no name mediocre developers. They did not show a fake demo like Gearbox did with Colonial Marines. Creative Assembly been developing this game for 3 years now, and they are technical finished with the game, but all they are doing now is balance and polishing the game for late 2014. They will not delay the crap out of the game like Gearbox did with Colonial Marines. This game is only single player were it make sense. Finally, it will be freaken better than Colonial Marine in every possible way.

If you got the time check out this interview:

Gearbox has a track record of poorly handling delayed to hell games that's been passed on to different developers. Just look at what happen to Duke Nukem Forever. I hope to God they don't do Prey 2(Delayed to death game)! Gearbox are still good developers, but only when they are more focused on one project, instead of overburdening themselves with just too much.

Dfooster925d ago

You might as well say I'm waiting for the reviews of the next call of duty game before I buy it because aliens CM was such a mess.

Totally different genre and developer, you can't compare isolation to CM

mhunterjr925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

Yeah but there's a difference between being skeptical and being dismissive (I.e. Counting it out)...

IMO colonial marines never looked that good anyway... And this is a different team and a completely different genre...

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-Foxtrot925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

Sorry but after Alien vs Predator and Aliens CM, two different studios but both published by SEGA, I think people have the right to be sceptical.

Hell Gearbox made out like Aliens CM was the Alien game we were waiting for and you want to know something they actually fooled the majority of us...until it came to the reviews.

Journalists praised Aliens vs Predator and Aliens CM in previews, so I think I'll wait until it's released before I decide if it's worth buying or not.

AnotherProGamer925d ago

Aliens vs predator 2 was pretty good. Just got to give it to the right developers

-Foxtrot924d ago (Edited 924d ago )

It was it bloody wasn't after all the hype that was placed on it

Seriously it's amazing people falling for this AGAIN.

It's happening the same way as Aliens CM and look what happened.

just-joe925d ago

Well seeing as we've seen little actual gameplay, I can't make my judgement one way or another.

Ron66925d ago

As long as its under Sega it is gonna suck.

curtis92925d ago

please stop comparing this to Colonial Marines! Gearbox has NOTHING to do with this... that's like saying "I'm not sure about MGS V because Revengeance wasn't that great"

Yodagamer925d ago

I'm actually worried about it being under Sega more than gearbox. The fact sega allowed what gearbox did to be sold is sad. It was straight up fraud in the eyes of most.

-Foxtrot924d ago

Plus they never ONCE found out what Gearbox were doing with their money...I mean come on a big company like SEGA should of been checking up on their product/investment regularly.

Akuma2K925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

This game is going to be awesome, will be a day one purchase for me.

Trying to survive with no weapons knowing an Alien is hunting you down and can sense you by smell movement and vision....all while trying to find the flight recorder to find out what happened to Ripley is a task within itself.

If that isn't survival horror I don't know what is.

YellowTempes925d ago

It's like Slenderman with Aliens. GG

beerzombie924d ago

This is the game I wanted to play in this universe for along time. Reminds me of condemned were guns are limited and pacing is deliberate. For all the complaining about Titan fall with no single player this should make people happy.

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