StuffTV Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII review

"Having to chart out a giant desert and unlocking the secrets of an ancient rune that details the secret history of FFXIII’s gods? That’s fun. Playing fetch quests for every denizen in a city for the purpose of padding? Heck no. The mundane tasks of finding object 'X' for people far outweigh the interesting parts of Lightning’s adventure, making the whole thing a chore from start to finish."

-Jonathan Leo Toyad

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SquareSoft1645d ago

Great things about LR: FFXIII, Square Enix can now put more effort, skills and experience in developing Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV.

NeXXXuS1645d ago

Square Enix has different teams to make different games. For example, Tetsuya Nomura has directed all of the main Kingdom Hearts games and he's directing FFXV. FFXIII Was directed by Motomu Toriyama.

hay1645d ago

Precisely. They are now free to leave the 'Meh'land of FFXIII and do some potentially ambitious product.

NeXXXuS1644d ago

what i was getting at is that a lot of major developers do this. even Naughty Dog has different teams for different games and you don't see them releasing anything sub-par.

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rextraordinaire1645d ago

That's what I expected. Good for series fans, not much there for other people.

I'll probably have a huge enjoyment of the game, since I've enjoyed both previous XIII games. :)