Cause Mass Destruction in Catlateral Damage | Max Level

Max Level: "Anyone with a cat has been there. We come home from a long day of work (or a trip to the get it.), and we walk in the door, expecting our loving pets to greet us. Instead, there is what can only be described as the aftermath of a tornado in your living room. Somewhere in the debris, you find your cat, lounging about (or, in my case, playfully rolling out a knocked toy), oblivious to the carnage it has just caused."

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yamelmegames1681d ago

All the evil powers of a cat, and you don't even have to poop in a box.

Callediceman1680d ago

Dealbreaker. i demand a box to poop in.

yamelmegames1680d ago

Well, don't get me wrong -- you're still totally allowed to poop in a box. No judgement.