3DS Weekly Deals: Mario Tennis Open / Star Fox 64 $19.99, Pokemon X Y / Zelda: ALBW $29.99 & more

3DS weekly deals and sales at Amazon, Frys, Groupon, Newegg, Walmart, Gamestop, eStarland, Best Buy, Target, Gamefly and Meijer.

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xNomaD1406d ago

Amazon always has some awesome deals. Going to have to grab Etrian Odyssey and Pokemon X on the cheap.

andrewsimons1406d ago

I wish I had Frys nearby.

timothyckeegan1406d ago

Is Star Fox 64 fun?
Never seen this game going on sale on Amazon.

KonsoruMasuta1406d ago

Did you just ask if Star Fox 64 is fun? .........It's amazing!!

AlexFili1406d ago

StarFox 64 3DS is such a great game. Love Pokemon Y too