Should You Pay For Xbox Fitness

Should you Gold Members pay for Xbox Fitness after this free year is up? Let's evaluate the benefits.

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DEEBO1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

i love xbox fitness!it kicks my ass in a good way.
when it runs out i willl buy a new membership ASAP!

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Irishguy951560d ago

If someone wants it enough to buy it then do so/ Not like it's mandatory. Also "Should come with XB Live", Why should it? It'd be nice if it did. But there is no reason it 'should' be part of XBL.

ziggurcat1560d ago

because XBL should offer a bit better value for the money you spend on the subscription?

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Volkama1560d ago

I think the pricing model is up in the air at the moment. Don't think they know if they should charge for the workout programs or charge a subscription to access all of it.

I'll gladly pay a subscription, but less gladly if I then have to buy workouts on top of it.

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XiSasukeUchiha1561d ago

Hopefully Xbone fitness is cheap enough for a offer

bobsmith1560d ago

u shouldnt pay for xbox anything
i spent like 500$ on xbox live like the past 10 yrs for nothing 1 yr of ps plus got me like 4,000$ of games

Jeedai Infidel1560d ago

You should go into the manure business, having all that bullsh*t spewing forth from your mouth would make you a millionaire in no time. Wow.

Mister_Dawg1560d ago

So you didn't once benefit from a vastly superior service on xbox live with way better multiplayer support? No?
You're telling porky pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

infectedaztec1560d ago

Because you can't see the better multiplayer experience (unlike saying I got X free games on PS+) unless you actually play it, the sony ponies will never acknowledge this.

Hell, when I played TLOU multiplayer 2 weeks after its release I thought the match making was poor. When the games started it was fine but I had to wait an age between games.
I don't know why, but it was the ps3 flagship at the time so I figure that must be the best support Sony has to offer multiplayer wise.

The free games are unreal, really fantastic value, but they don't compete when it comes to multiplayer

WeAreLegion1560d ago

That's great that it's free for an entire year. I play Move Fitness and Wii Fit U. I hope I get to try this at some point.

Volkama1560d ago

It's fantastic. The challenges, stamp cards, scoring and motivational messages really do give it a big edge over other home fitness programs. I only have 2 criticisms:
-Needs a bit more content (complete insanity/P90x etc, not just samples)
-You need quite a bit of space if you want it tracking jumping exercises and floor exercises.

infectedaztec1560d ago

Is there any workouts that soley do floor exercises like the plank?

Volkama1560d ago

Most of the "core strength" workouts on there have a lot of floor exercises, but the ones I have done mix in some upright exercise as well.

The one that causes me kinect issues is Insanity Cardio and Plymetrics, because I'll be touching the ceiling one minute and down on the floor the next.

ziggurcat1560d ago

it should be included as part of your XBL subscription.

Jeedai Infidel1560d ago

Do you know how much P90X alone costs? And do you think they give it to MS for free? If they can't profit, they can't give us anything. I swear, socialism is ruining this planet faster than global warming could ever dream of doing.

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