ASTRO Gaming at CES

Max Level: The Consumer Electronics Show comes only once a year, so it's no surprise that it's one of the largest Tech shows in the US, let alone the world. Whether you're into the latest in health tech, or you just want to dive into a new lineup of Ultra HD televisions, CES has something for everyone -- including gamers. Earlier this week, Max Level had the opportunity to sit down (or, rather, stand and walk) with Walter Duccini, the current Events Director for ASTRO gaming. With an arsenal of tough-hitting questions, tired ankles, and a somewhat winning smile, I was allowed a tour of ASTRO's present and upcoming line-up of headsets for the experienced gamer.

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Decaet1678d ago

Astro is really developing some amazing products for gamers. I cannot wait to get my hands on the A38 set!

yamelmegames1678d ago

I'm still blown away by the A38's noise cancelation. The room was literally sucked away. And the comfort of the headset was INSANE.

kingduqc1678d ago

ASTRO headset is are 299$ pakage that sound like a 120$ headphone with a 70$ amp and a 10$ mic.
aka 100$ overpriced.

yeahokchief1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Not at all. They sound top notch.

I believe I got mine for $250 back in 2010 and they work absolutely flawlessly to this day with my ps3, ps4, wii u etc.

The mixamp is awesome for playing games while also listening to music and constantly adjusting volume to make one or the other louder over the other whenever i want.

Build quality is excellent. Mine are as good as new. Lot of friends complain about their turtle beach headsets breaking down eventually.

I've also had plenty of people say how loud and clear i come through on the mic. The first dude I asked how the mic sounded had to follow up his compliment with "no homo." lol. In terms of recording professionally im sure you could standalone mics for slightly higher quality but thats completely beyond anything you're going to hear in game. And even if you did want to use the Astros for youtube or whatnot it would still sound excellent. I doubt anyone would be able to tell the difference.

This is a product i have no hesitation in giving 5/5 stars. Durable, comfortable, & sounds fantastic whether you are listening to music or gaming in surroundsound.

This is something you can be using for a long, long time so it's worth spending a little more on.

k im done. this company is great. chicken tonight.

And it's funny you call it a $200 package because if you were watching deals, they had this on sale for $150 a few months ago very briefly. Sounds like someone missed out.

kingduqc1677d ago


If you actually had some real headphones you would understand how overpriced they are for how they sound.

yeahokchief1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I do have other expensive earbuds/headphones and the a40s are excellent.

Miles above turtlebeach and tritton in quality.

amazon reviews:

Whole ton of people who agree on 5 star

Even looking through the people who gave 3 stars or lower... every single one of them had some minor issue with something not working which simply isn't going to be the the case for 99% of users since their build quality is excellent. If you look back to the PS4 ratings having a ton of 1 star it's pretty much the same deal because people who don't have a problem with theirs dont always leave reviews. And my astros have been flawless for around 4+ years. My ps4 has been flawless since i got it too. The people who left 4 star even enjoyed the sound quality.

webeblazing1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

i agree with kingduqc. yall are comparing astro turtlebeach, and tritton, when hifi headphone are better with higher quality, amazing sound stage, build, better priced, and etc. there is better headphone on the market. you could just buy their amp and use better headphones to your preference. goto a audiophile website they are spot on with their reviews. my audiotech headphones sound better than most of my friend expensive headsets. but its a market for things people want, also wireless is a plus. enjoy your purchase.

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keabrown791678d ago

I just want a good wireless headset that works with both the ps4 and xbox one

yamelmegames1678d ago

Don't we all! Only a very small group of companies are actually licensed for official Xbox One headsets, and they have to wait until Microsoft produces a microphone adapter. Hopefully we'll be seeing it soon!

brads41677d ago

It's very easy to make an adapter out of the provided xbox headset. Takes about 20 minutes, costs about 3 dollars. Google it.

Burackus1677d ago

The a50 work prefect wireless all the way

SlapHappyJesus1678d ago

I've been loving my A50's for over a year now.

yamelmegames1678d ago

Glad to hear you've been enjoying them! I've been through my fair share of headsets from a variety of brands, but I'm really impressed with ASTRO's design, comfort, and sound, especially when it comes to PC gaming.

SlapHappyJesus1678d ago

Great design, sound and they are damn comfortable. You pay premium for them, but I definitely wouldn't say I feel ripped off.
Especially considering the quality of sound is delivered by a wireless set, of all things.

Bladesfist1678d ago

I have a pair of A40's and I find them very comfortable and luckily have not ran into the mic problem some people are having. Can't help but feel that you are paying a lot of money for the brand and comfort though.

SlapHappyJesus1677d ago

Well, you always pay a premium for all-in-one gaming headsets. Unless you want to go the route of a separate headset and tuner, this is pretty much what you are looking at for a 5.1/7.1 solution. Even then, you are probably going to take a hit in the spacial recognition ie; how on-point the surround is.

H0RSE1678d ago

Was really hoping to hear more details on the Xbox One adapter... I already have a headset (Sennheiser) and a 2013 Mixamp, so it's really the only thing I'm interested in.

SITH1677d ago

Yeah I want some details on that adapter also, but at least they are developing headsets for Xbox one.

brads41677d ago

The adapter can be made easily from the existing xbox one headset provided by microsoft.

H0RSE1677d ago

A lot of things can be made "easily" such as that, but I'm not interested in making anything - I want to buy a proper one. You really don't think I saw that when I typed "xbox one adapter" in search?

webeblazing1677d ago

Sennheiser make excellent headsets. im on the same page i just want a mixamp its better headsets out their thats priced better.

H0RSE1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I don't doubt that Astro makes excellent headsets, but even high-end gaming headsets, tend to be designed around gaming (duh) and lacking in other fields, like movies and music. I wanted a headset that was good for everything, which is why I opted for PC360.

The headset is essentially a pair of Sennheiser headphones, not a modified "gaming" variant, with a mic attached, and Sennheiser dealt with microphones before getting into headphones, so it is good quality as well. They also feature an open acoustic design, not a closed design that many headsets feature. Not only is this god for being able to hear my wife and other sounds while I wear them, it also allows sound to enter and leave the ear naturally, as opposed to allowing it to rebound as it does in a closed setup. It helps out with the headset's audio positioning when playing games with surround sound.

Another factor was that every dedicated gaming headset I ever tried, never fit my head correctly. Either it wouldn't adjust to the right size, or the cups weren't open enough and crunched my ears, etc. I already own a pair of Sennheiser headphones, so I know the headset would fit comfortably.

Sorry to go on a rant/promo ad for Sennheiser, I just felt like sharing my thoughts...

SITH1677d ago

This may be the year I upgrade my old Astro headset.

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