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The Get Even Problem: Should Developers Be Aiming For Photorealism?

GameZone's Mandi Odoerfer says: "Polish developer The Farm 51 recently released a teaser trailer for their upcoming game Get Even. The video is predictably vague, and wouldn't be remarkable at all save for one thing -- the graphics. The shooter seamlessly mixes live-action and gameplay footage in an attempt to make viewers question what's real and what isn't." (Get Even, PC, PS4, The Farm 51, Xbox One)

Pandamobile  +   477d ago
Should game developers actively be pursuing photorealistic graphics?

Yes, there is a definite need to have more and more realistic environments in game. They can add tension, atmosphere and a sense of immersion that stylized graphics sometimes cannot achieve.

Should ALL game developers be pursuing photorealism?

Obviously not. Photorealism is just like any other art style for a game (i.e, cartoony, fantasy, painterly, sterile, etc). If too many games are using a realistic art style, everything will start to look the same.

Variety is good. Over saturating the industry with realistic looking games isn't very imaginative or fun.

Keep a balance.
LOGICWINS  +   477d ago
"Over saturating the industry with realistic looking games isn't very imaginative or fun."

I see what you're saying. If photorealism became the new standard, games like Rayman would be shunned as the characters and environments are unrealistic, making it almost impossible to make the game look photorealistic as there isn't anything in reality to compare it to.

Still, every game (assuming they have the manpower and resources to do it) should be going for photorealism whenever possible. Especially if I'm paying $60 for a game. Take God of War for example. Although Titans never existed, devs still tried to make them look realistic by giving them human facial expressions.
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Sony_Fan  +   477d ago
IMO only PC developers should be trying it because only they have the hardware to pull it off.
Mikefizzled  +   477d ago
Coming from a self entitled Sony_Fan surely you would have faith in companies like Naughty Dog and Rockstar. Looks what they pulled off on 7 year old hardware which wasn't even high end at its time.
Godmars290  +   477d ago
No. But everyone on the hardware side is focused on it so there's little choice.
McScroggz  +   477d ago
I'd take great artistic design over photorealism almost every time. Of course, I have no problem with a decent amount of photorealism games; but I play a wide enough variety of games that I don't think I get as tired of it as many do (even if I do WANT more creative stuff).
BABY-JEDI  +   477d ago
How about a compromise? Something like 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?'
I personally wouldn't go for this option though.
ramiuk1  +   477d ago
i would be happy with the level of detail shown in KZ:shadow fall.
uncharted 4 will probably set the next lvl up though.
sports/racing games whould be photo realistic
shooters should vary because borderlands looked amazing in cell shading.
pandehz  +   477d ago
I dont mind photorealism.

Movies are photorealsitic right and we enjoy a variety of art styles within that photorealism.

Instead what video games aim for is hyper realism via means of photorealistic lookalikes or other technical methods mixed with differing art styles.
Agent_hitman  +   477d ago
Just a question, do you think that this game will be compatible on next gen machines? even on low settings?.
christocolus  +   477d ago
Not all games need to be photorealistic. It could get really disturbing and cause a lot of controversy and eventually lead to the creation of new video game regulations in different countries.
moujahed  +   477d ago
If it's graphic and gory, this game will be so friggin' sick. Must buy.

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