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Brave Frontier - Full Evolution List - How to evolve every single unit in the game

WP- "Brave Frontier is one of the more popular recent RPGs to come out on the iOS and Android platforms! Like many games of its type, you can evolve most of the units that you recruit. The evolution method is far more difficult than many other games of the genre - usually you require a whole bunch of different materials and massive amounts of Zel. The game doesn't tell you what you need, either." (Android, Brave Frontier, iPad, iPhone, Mobile)

Edward75  +   493d ago
Just started playing while on breaks at work. Enjoying it so far. This will come in handy!
nightfury95   493d ago | Spam
vl22   492d ago | Spam
N4GRaptor  +   492d ago
^lol thanks. gave me 50k exp for my knight will. :)
xChetyre   492d ago | Spam
iqs   492d ago | Spam
Jarvin   488d ago | Spam
CrazyTNT  +   487d ago
add me at 99858384 for a free metal god
kazio   486d ago | Spam
Yark  +   486d ago
Super XP Gain!
Put this number down under special!
for a free Metal God

cheetos516  +   485d ago
Theboss69  +   485d ago
1. Start up the game
2. Go to Social
3. Click on special
4. Tap on "Get a Metal God!" (It gives around 50,000 experience!!!)
5. Enter the code 38488837
cheetos516  +   485d ago
cheetos516  +   485d ago

You know what to do

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