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VGBUZZ: The legacy continues! Ok, first I must admit…. I went a little fan boy… ok a lot fan boy when the opening cinematic started. The minions of hell are back and the heroes are gathering to save the world of Sanctuary. Blizzard hit it big again with Diablo III. If you are a fan of the first 2 games, then 3 will more than fulfill your expectations and set a new standard. We get to see some of our old favorites and a lot of new additions. Updated graphics, new hero classes, new weapons and armor….insert fan boy squeal here….

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GraphicX1646d ago

this game is on my bucket list. i have been hammering rpgs on ps3 lately, been so many in PS+ offerings.

techologie1646d ago

this game is def worth checking out. The PS3 version is phenomenal

thereapersson1646d ago

Many people are saying it's the best version. Good single player, no auction house, local co-op, and the Diablo legacy to build a solid game on. I actually really enjoyed playing Dungeon Siege 3 on Steam with my Dualshock 3, so I'm used to playing games of this nature with a game pad.

I still say the best console action RPG of the last 10 years or so is still Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. Too bad the ending was abrupt so they could make way for the sequel.

MysticStrummer1646d ago

I was going to wait on the PS4 version, but a friend bought the downloadable PS3 version and let me grab it for some co-op. The game is so good that I've played through it with multiple characters in both single and co-op, and I'll probably still buy the PS4 version anyway.

Bloodjunkie1646d ago

Much better than the PC Version!!! Cant't wait for the PS4 Version.

NeoTribe1646d ago

Cant believe im gonna buy this game for the 3rd time for ps4 -_-

DoesUs1646d ago

PS4 version should be swell once lands.

bahabeast1646d ago

I always wanted to try this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.