Dirt 4 Inbound - New Teaser From Codemasters

HardwarePal : It seems the long wait is going to see an end for one of the best Codemaster racing games. The officials of the Dirt Franchise have been active lately and have been teasing their fans.

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Dee_911201d ago

no you GTFO..

Dirt 3 wasnt very good compared to 2 and the first one.But i'm really hopeful for this one.cant wait!

Amiroo1201d ago

Dirt 3 Had cockpit view too, though Dirt 2 was the best in the series fo me Dirt 3 was awesome too.

any racing game without cockpit view = fail
and no buy for me, like shity Dirt Showdown

Fluke_Skywalker1201d ago

The first one was the best one. 2 and 3 were cheesy X Games guff.
I'll stick with the WRC games now thanks.

imtheman20131201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

I really hope that they have a cock-pit view as well. Grid 2 was fun, but I didn't feel as immersed in it as I did with DiRT 3 because of the absence of cock-pit view. That could also be because I enjoy rally racing more than road racing.

That said, DiRT 3 is my favorite rally game to-date, so regardless of cock-pit view or not, I will be getting DiRT 4 upon release!

pwnsause_returns1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Dirt 3 had a cockpit view.
Grid 2 Did not.

also Dirt 3 was Rally Focused, which made it even better.

All im saying, after that Decision that they made with Grid 2, that if they dont have it on Dirt 4, i wont buy. No cockpit view hurt Grid 2. i didnt like it at all. I play it like a simulation.

Dee_911201d ago

fair enough.I only use bumper cam so it didnt bother me.

tommygunzII1201d ago

Dirt 3 has cockpit view. Just let the sheep move through.

sorane1201d ago

Over on the Dirt 4 gaf post they say that cockpit is planned. Down the first page a bit.

The_KELRaTH1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

It will be micro transaction flooded junk like Grid 2

Ever since this company was taken over by the Indian Bollywood group it has produced nothing but DLC ridden rubbish and they have no respect to their customers.
Grid 2 micro transaction and protection faults made the game unplayable for nearly 6 months and did they apologise and/or offer any form of recompense - no they just kept putting out more over priced DLC that couldn't be used and you couldn't get refunds on.

They even closed the forums because of all the bad feedback

thereapersson1201d ago

I had no idea about the sad state of affairs for this series. That's pretty sad, really...

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Kalebninja1201d ago

sweeeet I liked dirt just for my car ripping apart

curtis921201d ago

Hopefully we get more than just daily screenshots :)

4logpc1201d ago

Man just thinking about a next Gen dirt makes me smile. Codemasters do amazing things with their engines.

Pintheshadows1201d ago

Agreed. I expect it to be very pretty. I just hope they focus on actual Rallying this time with far longer stages and more locations. Rally Cross is welcome as well but I couldn't care less about trucks and buggies.

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The story is too old to be commented.