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Submitted by DarkLordMalik 684d ago | video

Gran Turismo 6 vs Forza 5: Graphics Comparison On Laguna Seca Track

GearNuke: "YouTube user Ben Phillips has made this neat video, which shows Gran Turismo 6 on PlayStation 3 and Forza 5 on Xbox One running side by side on the same track." (Forza Motorsport 5, Gran Turismo 6, PS3, Xbox One)

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urwifeminder  +   684d ago | Well said
If you don't have Forza5 for your xb1 you are missing out on one awesome racer well done turn 10.
pennywhyz  +   684d ago
dantesparda  +   684d ago
So then why are fans complaining about the content then?
andrewsqual  +   684d ago
@dantesparda They aren't. That is a lie spread by fanboys. Forza 5 is also better than GT6 graphically and showcases the Xbox One because it does 1080p 60fps even though GT6 does too :P
truefan1  +   683d ago
As an xbox gamer this is a disrespectful comparison, to compare last gen to current gen. Forza is the best racing game to date, even with the stupid micro transactions. Drag racing is very fun and the drive-atar has made the game very challenging. You actually have to practice, many racing games are not like that.
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ambientFLIER  +   683d ago
GT6 is 1440x1080 and 30-60fps, more often closer to 30. Forza 5 is 1920x1080 locked at 60fps with higher detail cars and tracks. That's a good difference.
dantesparda  +   678d ago
@ ambientflyer

Lol, so pathetic, just like your X1, so sad. You're so delusional. Forza looks like crap for next gen
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Clunkyd  +   684d ago

It's pretty sad comparing graphics from a last gen console to now, even though GT6 looks impressive for having very old hardware.
hduce  +   684d ago
@urwifeminder I bet you some of the people that disagreed with you never even played Forza on the Xbox One. I'll even take it one step further, I bet you at least half of those disagrees you got from people probably never even played Gran Turismo 6.
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urwifeminder  +   683d ago
Yeah perhaps but the joy this game gives me can not be contained.
Feldman9000  +   684d ago

Bahahaha as it should, it's a next generation system, but there's not much of a graphical difference. And the lack of content is fact, not some fanboy "crap". Either there's things to do in the game or isn't. 250 cars? LOL. Microtransactions 5
durran3  +   684d ago
I really really dont care about 1000 cars. I dont need Honda Civics, Toyota Corollas and other cars that sound all the same. I want PREMIUM cars and the BEST cars that I can virtually drive around. I dont play racing games to drive a Hyundai Sonata or a Yaris. So cut the "LOL only 250 cars" bullshit. No one really cares.

I have played GT, GT2, GT-ASpec, GT-5 and they are all amazing games but GT has extreme excessive cars that I never ever ever cared about. In all reality I probably didnt even drive a total of 100 cars so do i need 700 like it was in GT5? Not really..

What I care about is Premium Cars like the Mclaren P1 more than I do about a Civic. Quality of Contect my friend Quality of content ANYDAY especially when it comes to racing games.
ambientFLIER  +   683d ago
Yes feldman9000, you're right...Turn 10 should have just done what Polyphony did for GT5 and fill the rest of Forza 5 with ugly cars and tracks from Forza 4, just for the sake of numbers, instead of starting from scratch.


There's plenty of graphical difference and if you had played both on a true 1080P tv instead of trolling youtube vids, you'd realize that.

The GT series is a joke when it comes to car counts. There are literally hundreds of cars that only differ by special edition paint jobs or which side the steering wheel is on, or trim levels. I've seen it myself. Dozens of almost identical Skylines and Civics, and most of the ones that are unique, are PS2 models!

Forza has 250 next-gen cars made from scratch. That sounds just fine to me.
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quaneylfc  +   683d ago
how are they even being compared? on how many jaggies each one has?
MichaelLito79  +   684d ago
I agree Forza 5 is an awesome game. Enjoying it a lot.
durran3  +   684d ago
lol i love how your getting disagrees for what your enjoying. This site never ceases to amaze me
LogicStomper  +   683d ago
And mentions of the irrational disagrees always gets disagrees.
Nocando  +   684d ago
So I guess this means the Ps3 is more powerful than the X1?
blakstarz  +   684d ago
No, both games are just equally fun to play, nothing to do with power.
pennywhyz  +   684d ago
And my PC is more powerful then both those consoles put together.Whats your point.
hennessey86  +   684d ago
It's not even close, forza 5 is on a different level graphically
FragMnTagM  +   684d ago
I know this site is run by Sony fanatics, but you are really going to disagree with hennessey86 that Forza is graphically superior?

Gran Turismo 6 looks great (at least the premium cars) for a last gen console. It simply does not look nearly as good as Forza 5 though.

Which one is the better game is purely subjective, but the graphics being better is not, unless you are blind.
dantesparda  +   684d ago
Seriously stop whining that this site is ran by "Sony fanboys". No, its not! its about equal between them. Notice how many disagrees Sony fanboys get on this site and how often they get tagged for trolling. Its probably like 55-45% for the ratio of Sony fanboys vs MS fanboys
gigoran  +   684d ago
So wait... you are arguing that a next gen titles looks better than a last gen title? You're making this claim publicly? That's like saying a car is faster than a bicycle. There is nothing to gloat about. You may as well just say "hot water is hotter than cold water ahhh durrrrrrrr".

Oh I tell you what... since you think it's ok to compare games of different generations, lets compare your wonderful forza 5 to the PCs project cars. Whoops! Guess your own logic failed you!
FragMnTagM  +   684d ago
Both of you are ignorant. I am not arguing. I am not the one that posted a comparison video. I just thought it was stupid that he had so many disagrees when it is a no brainer that Forza 5 looks better. Just like it would be a no brainer that Project Cars would destroy Forza 5.

I don't even have Forza 5. I may get it in the future. I may even get Project Cars, as I have a PC that can handle maxing it.

I seriously doubt your ratio is even close to being accurate. I frequent news for every platform on this site, not just one. Whenever I go into a Sony based article, there is rarely anyone from the Microsoft side in those articles.

On the other hand, in any Microsoft article, good or bad, there are always a ton of Sony people either twisting the good news as bad or trolling the bad news.

I game for the fun of gaming and enjoy reading about what is coming next. I currently have a 360, gaming PC, XBOX One, 3DS, Genesis, N64, SNES, and will be picking up a PS4, Vita, and a Wii U.

Screw your distorted views on things. I was simply making an observation.
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hobbit153  +   684d ago
@FragMnTagM Agree 100%, This site does lean way to the left, toward Sony. Ratio 80-85% Pro Sony. Maybe 10-15% Pro Microsoft. Anytime there is Sony news even if it is bad, Sony fans on here twist it to make it sound good. Anytime there is Microsoft news on here, even if it is great news, Sony fans twist it to make it sound like bad news.
gigoran  +   684d ago
So someone posting a video to insinuate that an xbone game is much better than anything playstation has to offer by comparing it to a game made for sonys last gen system isn't ignorant in any way, yet I am?

Your for logic is brain damaging...
JasonKCK  +   683d ago
"Seriously stop whining that this site is ran by "Sony fanboys". No, its not!"

Yes it is, get out of denial.
starchild  +   684d ago
These low quality videos on the internet never show an accurate representation of how the games look on an actual display while being played.

It's why a lot of console-only people think games on consoles and PC look "pretty close". But when I compare them on my own display the difference is often quite massive.

You might think GT6 and Forza look fairly close in this video, but if you actually see them you realize how wide the gulf really is. Graphics are getting so good that it becomes all about the detail.
Nocando  +   684d ago
I was actually being sarcastic and wanted to see how many agrees I got. These Ps3 vs. Xbox One graphics articles are an attempt to further downplay the XB1. By even comparing, you have instantly knocked the XB1 into "last gen".
curtis92  +   684d ago
Just my opinion but I bought an xb1 for forza 5, despite being severely disappointed with the roster being half of 4 as well as the track selection, but I figured hey it's next gen, gotta be good, right?

I don't think so. I've put in about 10 hours and I honestly am not impressed. I've said it before, but it honestly doesn't feel next gen at all. They did a great job rendering full interiors of cars, but beyond that it's forza 4.5. Only with half of everything. Then you factor in the BS micro transactions and the audacity to charge an additional $50 for 60 more cars and it's a slap in the face.
Kurisu  +   684d ago
Audacity...I love that word.

Eonjay  +   684d ago
I really am hoping that this doesn't become the standard of next gen. Micro trans I mean. I think we will find out when GT7 hits. Paying an extra 50 for 60 cars is crazy. Are they selling the game separately from the content.
webeblazing  +   684d ago
well when alot of console only gamers only focus on bashing the competition and praising their favorite console no matter what, this is what happens. short shortsightedness will lead to bad things for all gamers down the road.

they new slogan should be "this is only the beginning"
ambientFLIER  +   683d ago
Curtis - a PS fanboy disappointed by an xbox game that he has bashed in the past?? NO WAY !!!! SHOCKER !!!
curtis92  +   676d ago
I'm sorry you're mad my opinion does not reflect yours but the amount of money I've spent on MS systems and Xbox games actually gives me complete freedom to express my opinions because they're based on what I've played, not speculative. Your immature overreaction to my opinion shows me where you're at.
Adolph Fitler  +   684d ago
You'd have to be a blind fanboy to say GT6 LOOKS better, as it certainly does not...But, as someone above said, Forza 5 is not "mouth agape" graphically superior...They are comparable on many levels & GT goes that extra bit for realism, whereas Forza seems to be trying to balance in between, like a hybrid car, it is neither sim, nor arcade....But it does seem to try to keep it exciting.
I personally HATE those hybrid style racers, I'd rather them go either full sim, or full arcade.
Forza 5 should have been a showcase & spectacle on XBOne....I remember getting Mortorstorm on PS3 on its launch, & that game was just so impressive on EVERY level....Burnout 2 & 3 on PS2 were the same.. And GT & Colin McCrae, & F1 on PS1 were the same.
Forza 5 is a large disappointment, I feel....EA definitely outdone them, as Rivals is truly awesome, without being gobsmackingly 9.5/10 good...It is a solid 9/10 racing game though...Exciting, fast, & FUN.
snookiegamer  +   684d ago
If you put graphics aside, GT6 is better, so is Forza 3 & 4. Forza 5 looks like a great demonstration for a new console. Turn 10/MS decided to release half a game, so that they can charge you for the other half via DLC/Microtransactions.
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ambientFLIER  +   683d ago
Turn 10 spent two years making 200+ cars and 15 tracks from scratch for Forza 5, instead of reusing old Forza assets like Polyphony does. They didn't want most cars and tracks in the game to look like they came from the PS2 era, kind of like PS3 did. Forza 6 will have a lot more cars and tracks, with additional time. But you go ahead and bash without thinking.
snookiegamer  +   683d ago
Do I come across as game bashing? If so, I'm sorry. I actually liked Forza 5, it's just Forza 3/4 spoiled us with so much content on 360, that when I played Forza 5 at a friends for the weekend, it just seemed like a lot less.

I noticed the rent car thingie which I didn't like, because it seemed deliberately implemented to slow progress in the hope that you will pay to unlock cars, and a lot less tracks than any Forza.

Forza 5 is still a wow game for launch title though. No doubt they will add more cars/tracks, but my whole point is they will be paid for items via DLC that really should have been in the game already. You have to admit that at the moment it's Forza-Lite....

Pretty sure GT6 with over 1,200 vehicles, has more than 200+ premium cars. There's no way 1,000 PS2 modelled cars are in that game.
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Dasteru  +   684d ago
Forza 5:

-More detailed tracks
-Better lighting for the most part (a little overpresented in some areas, makes certain textures look slightly washed out)
-Arguably better engine sounds (Depends on the vehicle and audio compression settings)


-More detailed interiors
-More detailed Environmental backdrops (Buildings, etc, outside of track)
-More realistic physics, better feeling of weight.
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ambientFLIER  +   683d ago
ironmonkey  +   684d ago
forza 5 is nice but the trees and crowd look ps2 ish, throws it all off.
Gooch_suplex_Hold  +   684d ago
A better Comparison Would be Drive Club vs Forza since you know it's on these current gen hardware. But, I digress.
whybag  +   684d ago
GT6 is, ya know, released and all.
Gooch_suplex_Hold  +   684d ago
jjonez18  +   684d ago
Would rather see a comparison between forza 5 and project cars or even Driveclub.
rafaman  +   684d ago
Forza 5 is on a different level. Also, ryse is the game to be beaten graphically, cause it's the best so far. My guess is that deep down will take its throne
Qrphe  +   684d ago
GT6 is the better game but holy crap there is no way it looks better than Forza, don't delude yourselves.
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Hicken  +   684d ago
Generally speaking, you are correct. Forza 5 does look better. However, there are some glaring oddities in Forza's quality.

One of those is the crowd(not to be confused with the cloud). Sure, it's not something you're going to notice much, as you'll often be going past them at tremendous speed. But I'm sure no one expected that particular shortcut to be present. I can only think it exists because it's necessary, and it being necessary is not a good thing. It'd be better for everybody if I was wrong about that, though.

The other is something you'd notice far more frequently, and is evident before you even start the video up. Look at the reflection of the world on the Forza side: perfect. The only problem is that it shouldn't be. It should twist and warp and fold to conform to the curves of the car but it doesn't. And that's true for ANY car.

GT's crowds are out of a Final Fantasy cutscene, and its reflections aren't replicated from Barrett-Jackson auctions. But these two things, at least, do surpass Forza.

There are a few other things that can be said to impact the graphical quality of games like these, but if we start getting into those, a real fanboy war will break out. So I'll refrain from mentioning them.
porkChop  +   684d ago
I see what you mean about the perfect reflections. It's really jarring, that's a pretty noticeable oversight.
Adolph Fitler  +   684d ago
"Also, ryse is the game to be beaten graphically"

Everybody knows the visual fidelity mantle went to Killzone:SF in the launch game lineup...And the fact that Ryse was rated as low, & is as shallow as a baby pool, whereas KZ:SF is a more than competent game in both SP & MP. Please never mention Ryse again....Forza 5 is considered by XBOne owners as not just a superior game to that trash, but also graphically superior.
rafaman  +   684d ago
Who is this "everybody" you´re speaking of???


"Whether you're storming the beaches of Britannia or exploring Rome itself, you'll be stunned by how much better Ryse looks than anything else you've ever played."

"Ryse might just be the best looking game we've ever seen on a console. Developer Crytek has a long history of creating stunning looking titles in the Crysis series, but this really looks a cut above what we've witnessed elsewhere. Lighting reflects off armour beautifully, fire effects are a joy to behold while the art style is simply lovely. If this is what the next-generation is capable of, we're more than happy with the results.

Players will be taking charge of Marius Titus, a Roman general and all round badass warrior. Ryse

- See more at:

"Most of you will agree with me if i say Ryse: Son of Rome is the "Best Looking Next-Gen Game" on either consoles."
trouble_bubble  +   684d ago
Arabicgamers?? they're not even on metacritic.
rafaman  +   684d ago
GAMESRADAR is one of the most repsected medias out there.

Also, IGN says Ryse is the best looking too.

just check this IGN made video. ;)
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SquidBuck  +   683d ago
Game informer said the the demo for The Order: 1886 had the best console graphics they've ever seen. Sooo really who cares, plus Ryse was all looks anyways.
UltraAtomic   684d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
nfl  +   683d ago
I would of told you, had my official forza fanatec csr wheel and elite pedals been supported.
So im left to enjoy gt6 and forza 4 for now on last gen.

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