SSX Tricky Devs Bring Ski Cross to iOS

Another Unity Games alumni, FRS Ski Cross from developer Roadhouse Interactive is available now on the App Store. From the creative producers behind SSX Tricky, the game certainly looks the part, and has plenty of content on offer. There are over 250 items to work towards in the game's store, and 50 downhill slopes to ski.

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SniperControl898d ago

Would love to see a Tricky remake on PS4, Tricky by far the best of the lot.

SlappingOysters898d ago

I used to love SSX, but somewhere along the line I became an Amped fan. And it's like a FIFA - PES thing. It's really hard to do both. For me anyway.

WeAreLegion898d ago

Freakin' love every SSX... except Blur. :\

Sarobi898d ago

It doesn't look that fun.