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Trine 2 is a platform game with puzzle elements which originally released back in 2011 on PC. It is a side-scroller and can be quite challenging on the mind at times, using puzzles based around physics. The game has been given a polish for the Playstation 4, and has had a number of extras added in for good measure.

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captainexplosion1681d ago

Trine 2 on a 3D tv is the best looking game I have ever seen

abzdine1681d ago

have u tried God of War in 3D? it's the best effect i have ever seen and the games are so fit for 3D.
MotorStorm 3D rift is also amazing

captainexplosion1681d ago

What makes Trine 2's 3D so impressive is 1080p, something that the PS3 couldn't do, and the art direction. It looks amazing. The only God of War games in 3D are the PSP ones right? If so, yes Ive played them and the 3D was great. Check out Super Stardust HD and De Blob 2 also!

abzdine1681d ago

Stardust is also good in 3D but God of War was the best.
I didn't get Trine 2 on PS4 because i didn't like this game on PS3 i got it for free with PS+ it never caught me.
GT5 ain't bad in 3D either

Totoro171681d ago

Holy crap...I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it in far the most incredible 3D title I've ever played.

Bennibop1681d ago

Captain explosion I agree it is the best looking 3d game on a console! But to be fare it is because the frame rate is 120hz not 60hz like on ps3 so the 3d will work loads better.

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Bathyj1681d ago

Absolutely gorgeous game. And really fun.

DC7771681d ago

Great game with some stunning visuals. If you haven't played it check it out.

moujahed1680d ago

I can only imagine 3D. Seeing it on my samsung was amazing all by itself

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