VGU GamerCast: Game of the Year 2013

Another year, another Game of the year VGU Gamercast special. The editors of VGU.TV talk about their personal picks for game of the year as well as discuss the reader votes.

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My_precious1651d ago

last gen new IP won't work, they said, this game will be butcher by GTA5, they also said

and BAM, over 200 GOTY

NukaCola1651d ago

Naughty Dog has always set the bar 10 miles hire than any one else. Can't wait for the next GOTY title in their lineup.

Ezz20131651d ago

very true
i have seen so many comments saying TLOU is going to get killed by GTAV and GTAV will get every single GOTY award

it's really funny how things turned out

da_2pacalypse1651d ago

To be fair GTAV outsold the music industry by itself... So in terms of sales, GTA was the top dog in the gaming industry. But in terms of quality, I'd take LoU anyday. Fantastic game.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1651d ago

Just add one more to the list. TLOU is truly one of the best games I have ever played. Not just the game play but the story was so deep with its Oscar like dialog and voice acting. The last time I felt like this was with uncharted 2 which of course was another naughty dog game. They are really sitting on the top

McScroggz1651d ago

My favorite game of this generation. Simply superb. Glad that it was able to be accepted by both critics and audiences considering the type of game it is.

My_precious1651d ago

TLOU is one of 2 games i willing to buy other version new just for its platium trophy, the other one is demon's souls, got 3 platium from this game. so sony hurry up and release the HD version for PS4

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