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Deep Down vs Dark Souls II Screenshot Comparison: Do They Really Look That Similar?

Almost every a news piece is posted about Deep Down, especially if it focuses on visuals, you can read comments on how Capcom copied the Dark Souls franchise, and how similar it looks to Dark Souls II or Dark Souls.

Here's a close comparison between screenshots of Deep Down and Dark Souls II, showing if they really look that alike. (Dark Souls 2, Deep Down, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360)

ABeastNamedTariq  +   416d ago
"...there are similarities between the two games, but they’re limited to common inspiration (the mimic and medieval history), the attempt to portray armor and weaponry in a fairly realistic manner, and the fact that they both feature dungeons and fantasy monsters."

Pretty much. I don't see why people are calling it a clone or whatever when we still haven't seen that much.
PSVita  +   416d ago
The only ones comparing deep down to DS2 are the ones that have no clue about Demon Souls.
Ripsta7th  +   416d ago
Isnt demon and dark souls made by the same developer? Either way i lt doesnt matter its suppose ti be medieval. They cant be wearing space suits and about to go fight a dragon -__-
Daoshai  +   416d ago
Yeah, demons souls and dark souls are basically the same thing. Just a name change because Sony owned the name.
guitarded77  +   416d ago
"The only ones comparing deep down to DS2 are the ones that have no clue about Demon Souls."

...or Deep Down. I agree, two very different games with similar art style and artistic influence. Two games I'm very excited to play :D

The people downplaying Deep Down as a DS clone are those who aren't getting to play it. They're trying to downplay it because it looks badass.
frostypants  +   416d ago
I beat Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. Deep Down obviously borrows heavily from them. Your comment makes no sense.
PSVita  +   416d ago
@frostypants- From software co delveloped demon souls with SCE Japan but didnt own it so they basically made the same game but with a different name and without Sony (Dark Souls).

So to say deep down is a DS copy is pretty dumb given the the same studio that started it all, SCE Japan, is making Deep Down.

Yes they're they're very similar but no ones copying anyone because they both made the first game.
sevilha82  +   416d ago
tommygunzII  +   416d ago
Deep Down reminds me more of Dragon's Dogma than Dark Souls. Even though the helmet does look like Demons/Dark Souls.
Bimkoblerutso  +   415d ago
At the end of the day it just doesn't matter one way or the other. I don't think anyone is going to complain about a game drawing inspiration from Demons/Dark Souls if it's done right, and Deep Down is looking very, very right.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   409d ago
I found Demon's Souls to be trivial and easy. Very disappointing and overrated game.
DanielGearSolid  +   416d ago
Must haves
sonicsidewinder  +   416d ago
Amusingly, the Mimic creature is the only 'real' similarity that they have, in that they are the exact same thing. A somewhat 'out-there' monster, though not outside of the stereotypical tropes of fantasy rpgs - They HAVE been seen before Dark Souls...

Armour/weapons ect, go without saying. It's a Medieval Fantasy RPG...
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Studio-YaMi  +   416d ago
The mimic in Dark Souls scared the **** out of me,I wish Deep Down gives me the same experience as well,though I got to say,while the Mimic DOES look more detailed in Deep Down,it's still scarier(design-wise) in Dark Souls.
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Larry L  +   416d ago
Yeah, Mimics are a very old creature design. Much older than this author states dating back to Final Fantasy (.......which is funny because I don't believe Mimics were a FF creature, were they? I wonder if he's considering the "monster-in-a-box" treasure chests to be Mimics?) I remember them being in the original D&D Monstruous Compendium, which was from like.....late 70's. And I'm sure just like most Dungeons and Dragons creatures, Mimics were a much older and already established idea that was put in that game. The design was pretty much exactly the same in old illustrations as it is for Deep Down and DS.

Pretty much ALL creatures in this style RPG video games are based on D&D designs which were based in turn on Tolkein, which in turn were based on older mythical creatures........and so on it goes down the line.
DragonKnight  +   416d ago
Mimics were in a couple of FF games, most notably FFIX and FFX.
mechlord  +   416d ago
FF12 had proper mimics
bangoskank  +   415d ago
@ Mechlord
Crap, those things were tough. I remember having to farm them for special sword.
reaper24  +   416d ago
Well, I made a comment about that mimic and even got a bubble down for saying that they look kind of similar. I don't know enough about the game to say if it will be good or not, but it seems that saying your opinion here will get you downvoted.
karamsoul  +   416d ago
Great article, but I think I just got hijacked. :/
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jamz4  +   416d ago
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theDECAY  +   416d ago
Do we know if Deep Down is the official name. I reeeaaalllly don't like it still.
SpinalRemains138  +   416d ago
Its unbelievable how similar COD and MOH are!

Dark Souls 2 all day, baby

F2P games are already tired to me. I wanna buy, rent and play.
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Ser  +   416d ago
I don't care how similar they are, I'm buying them both. lol
DragonKnight  +   416d ago
YOU LIE! You will not pay $.01 for a copy Deep Down.
Sony_Fan  +   416d ago
Except for that pay to win. 20$ to make the combat not be so clunky like every single preview says..
LOL jk thier F2P model is good.
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Ser  +   416d ago
Well, if the rumors about there being a premium version of Deep Down are true, you can bet I'll be getting that version.

F2P, P2W, P2P, regardless, Deep Down looks great.
Sony_Fan  +   416d ago
one is a good game, the other is being received poorly by previewers and websites.
Studio-YaMi  +   415d ago
A quick look into your comment history shows how much of a troll you are,if you think you're fooling anyone with your pathetic attempt at trolling then your 2 bubbles which will be 1 soon is proof enough that it's not working mate.

Try another tactic? :)

BTW,Knack is an awesome game,your brain just can't handle it.
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Azzanation  +   416d ago
Dark Souls 2 will no doubt blow my mind.
Indo  +   416d ago
Short summary.
Very cartoony vs photorealism
torchic  +   416d ago
quite incredible how people don't see (or choose to ignore) the striking similarities between Dark Souls & deep down idegi man these two games look very similar
SynestheticRoar  +   416d ago
Stop your silly a$$ crying get a PS4, & you can play both.
TheRedButterfly  +   416d ago
If you're playing Dark Souls for the graphics, you're doing it wrong.
Platinum_k  +   416d ago
Deep Down hands down!

I can already see the difference even without knowing which picture represents which game.

They are pretty similar, but in terms of graphics and visual quality, Deep Down is better looking.
RVanner_  +   415d ago
Dark Souls is about so much more than graphics.
Studio-YaMi  +   415d ago
Well that's not fair to Deep Down since we didn't see much of the game and we don't know much about it either.

Let's just see how it goes when it's released to the public,we might be surprised .. or not?

I agree though,Dark Souls has a LOT going for it than graphics,which is why it's a great game.
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RVanner_  +   415d ago
My comment may have mislead you. Meant no disservice to Deep Down, it was purely a comment aimed at Dark Souls (not therefore insinuating that Deep Down is just about graphics)

I am interested in Deep Down but I do have a gut feeling it will be a disappointing. Hope I'm wrong though.
Studio-YaMi  +   415d ago
Got it,sorry for my misunderstanding.

"I am interested in Deep Down but I do have a gut feeling it will be a disappointing. Hope I'm wrong though."

Well,I have my doubts about it too,but I'm just waiting to be proven wrong with these doubts,hopefully it delivers.
RVanner_  +   415d ago
No problem, Ditto
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NeoTribe  +   415d ago
So any rpg with dungeons and armor is now considered a ds2 clone? Ok...
HurstDarkStar  +   415d ago
Damn so any thing that has the most common features in a game is considered a clone now? Is bayonetta still like GoW because it has combo's?
segamon  +   415d ago
impressive visuals no doubt since it's on current gen while Dark Souls is on last gen but no comparison in term of gameplay experience because Dark Souls 2 will deliver a unique single player experience while Deep Down is just an online-only game.

and because of that; Dark Souls > Deep Down.
bangoskank  +   415d ago
The Souls games will always have a distinct style and atmosphere that other games can't capture. I'll easily take DSII over some shiny looking imposter.
FANTA1180  +   415d ago
difference is i know dark souls "will" deliver.

graphically deep down has the edge but show me gameplayyyyyyyy
specialguest  +   415d ago
Gameplay will not match Dark Souls for one reason I'm very sure will be on the game. That is the invisible walls. Deep Down is a 3rd person game similar to DS, but notice how up close the character is. There is no way to see where you're stepping to avoid falls, unlike DS which gives you a wider 3rd person view enough for platforming gameplay. The Deep Down stages will most likely not include hazardous environments where you could fall to your death, or places where you have to carefully watch your steps.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   415d ago
When is comes to RPGs... story and gameplay quality is ALL that matters for me, rest is just bonus.

With that said Dark Souls II all the way :D
GraphicX  +   415d ago
it has those nasty treasure chests from dragons dogma that eat you :/

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