Bigger isn't always better: why we're so hung up on Titanfall's player count

GameZone writes: "The internet controversy du jour appears to be centered around the recent announcement that upcoming next-gen mega-shooter Titanfall will limit its multiplayer match-ups to 12 players. People are crying foul, rattling metaphorical chains as they scream about player counts and the wasted potential of next-generation hardware. If Battlefield 4 has 64-player matches, why doesn’t Titanfall?

Maybe it’s because the developers over at Respawn Entertainment know what they’re doing."

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MRMagoo1231648d ago

seems like some people are still having a hard time convincing themselves that 6v6 is fine with all these articles, Like other ppl have said, if the game is best at 6v6 why have another 30 or so A.I bots running around as well.

Pandamobile1648d ago

"if the game is best at 6v6 why have another 30 or so A.I bots running around as well."

Maybe because a core part of the game is having AI populate the world?

Tooly1648d ago

"Maybe because a core part of the game is having AI populate the world?" COD Combat training LOl

mikeslemonade1648d ago

Anything isn't always "X". Care to tell us anything new??

Utalkin2me1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )


What would be the benefit of having AI over real players?


Less is not always more. Have you ever played tribes 2? If the game is designed properly with more people then it clearly can be a better experience with more. But again if a game is designed with less it can be a good experience too. You can't just say less is more, cause that is totally not true.

Panthers1648d ago

It sounds like the extra AI is to create the "expendable soldiers" experience, kind of like in League of Legends. I am not sure though, nor do I have any interest in playing this game

I do agree with less is more when it comes to player count though. The less people there are, the more impact each individual player has. I feel SOCOM 2 had it perfect with 8v8. Once it got up to 16v16 with SOCOM 3, it lost that tactical feel.

TekoIie1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )


The AI in the game are actually Infantry mechs (Not sure what you would actually call them). They look like this:

You can also get behind them and convert them to support you team with a data knife: http://static1.wikia.nocook...

So they do actually have a purpose which real players can't fulfill. You can either kill them or take them over to help support your team.

Overall it's something I don't think we've seen in a competitive shooter before so it should be interesting to see if it works :)

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Gabenbrah1648d ago

Because if you had more players then youd have more Titans to worry about and clearly the maps arent designed for that amount of Titans... Thought it would common sense to figure out. AI don't spawn Titans only populate the map like in LoL or DOTA.

OrangePowerz1648d ago

I think Respawn said that AI would have Titans as well.

Utalkin2me1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

First off they said some of the Ai would be titans. The map is not designed with more then 12 players, but have 50 AI with 12 players? Thats kind of contradiction isn't it? But why didn't they make the maps bigger for more players? I think we all know why and nobody wants to say.

-Foxtrot1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Ok so if it's all about the number of Titans then surely they can come up with a way to stop everyone from having one at once

What about if only 6 are allowed on the map at a time, once you've called one in you have to wait until your meter recharges on screen, while you experience your cool down time, other people will get to go on them in the meantime. It's not like the Titans are a core part of the online, it's still a FPS so the main thing in the game is to go round and kill people, the Titans are like vehicles in every other online game so I don't think people would mind waiting around for one..

Basically everyone should get a fair turn

Hell you could even have a free for all mode aswell.

It's not like it's impossible to do. The solution is always there, you just need to dig deep and find it

Irishguy951648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

No orangepowers, when you get out of a Titan, it enters AI mode. It is your Titan, you can command it to follow you etc. It's 38 MAX Ai, including if all players have their Titans out and are standing outside them. Thus 12 players, 12 Titans in AI mode, and 26 infantry AI

And that is not what the game is about Foxtrot, every player can call in their Titan when their countdown is done. Thats a main feature in the game. Your solution is changing the core nature of the game.

People just cannot grasp what the AI is in this game. Orangepowers, the AI does NOT replace player characters. They are a core part of the gameplay. Please, try not to compare this game with Cod, killzone etc. It has it's own features.

Also foxtrot, Fanboys have been downplaying this game ever since its' reveal/

"COD clone" etc. Then they pull up planetside 2 with it's 2000 player count and act like it couldn't be done on the X1, planetside 2 over a year old now. And it got exactly the scores it deserved. Not to mention it's as pay to win game

I thought MAG was alright, but it had nothing on Halo, Killzone 2 or battlefield. Just proves Playercount is nothing.

Also Youtalkintome, Titanfall ain't exactly a masterpiece of technical specs. BF4 has better graphics, a higher player count and vehicles AND destruction. It's clearly not due to the X1's specs. The AI don't replace players, theirs a big difference having 50 people running all over the buildings and through windows that having 12 who can do it with loads of AI running around below. It would be too chaotic.

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JaredH1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Because a lot of people aren't very good at online shooters so having bots allows everyone to get kills and have fun. I know this might be harsh but this game is getting a lot of positive attention from press for being fun and from what I see from most gameplay videos and gaming podcasts a lot of press peoole aren't very good at online games to begin with.

Also, bots apparently have to do with some story elements during matches and I don't really know what that means so I'm not going to judge the game until I do or until I play it. Player count honestly does not matter to me, neither does the inclusion of bots, and I don't see how people can judge a game from it but judging games by numbers, and not from actually playing games, is what the gaming community does best at the moment.

OrangePowerz1648d ago

Don't know for you but I only play fps mp games in a competitive way. So for me AI has no place in a multiplayer shooter, but then again the idea of adding AI comes from the people who implemented completely overpowerd kill streaks into MW2.

JaredH1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

I used to play competitive shooters daily during my high school years but now have less time to play games and I don't want to spend tens of hours of basically grinding to get an unlock that'll make the game more fun to me. I now only play games that are fun, interesting, or rewarding, out of the box. If a game isn't any of these for me after a couple of hours I'll just stop playing it at this point. There's obviously some exceptions but I'm still playing more single player games and less multiplayer. Especially since many people just play mp for kills and never play objectives so they have become very repetitive to me.

If Titanfall is fun and doesn't require you to play for hours to have fun I'll play it. I don't care if it's 6v6 and "noob friendly" from the inclusion of bots. If it's not fun I won't buy or play it.

Yodagamer1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Heck I'd assume its to keep the game going along storywise. My luck, if we had a bunch of people instead of ai, I'd get a bunch of kids who wanna be dumb instead of helping.

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staticdash221648d ago

And yet here's another one.

MysticStrummer1648d ago

Aren't most CoD matches 6v6? Many still buy that game every damn year so player count can't be much of a problem. Personally I like bigger maps and more players, but that's me.

nutcrackr1648d ago

6v6 is fine, it's the 24 bots that worry me.

OrangePowerz1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Not hung up on 6vs6, but having 24 additional AI running around.

The game should feature the option to just play with 18vs18 and no AIs to have a real competitive match. Having more than double of the characters as AI is not fitting for a competitive game. That way it just looks like Respawn can't make a netcode that supports a higher amount of real players and have to substitute with adding AI to pump up the numbers.

I don't think they made that choice because of the Titans. There are easy ways to make sure it's not full of Titans and that every person gets a go in them. Just need to look at BF, every person gets a go at using the vehicles every match.

I can't get my head around why there wouldn't be an option to just play with the full amount and deactivate the AI. The only reason I can think of is that they can't code it because the maps are big enough. They do have a lot of people from IW and they never did a large amount of players and might have problems with making a stable netcode.

-Foxtrot1648d ago


6 Titans at a time

Everyone gets a turn by the end of the match


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