Negative World GOTY 2013 Awards - Nintendo Handhelds

Andrew N. from Negative World writes: "2013 may have been the best year yet for the 3DS, with a whole slew of solid releases at retail and on the eShop from both Nintendo themselves and 3rd party developers. It was definitely Nintendo’s best year for the 3DS from a sales perspective, quieting the naysayers once again by showing that a dedicated gaming handheld can not only withstand the smartphone attack, but can prosper on its own terms. The release of the 2DS may have confused many gamers, but Nintendo seems poised to continue to carry the handheld crown well into 2014 and beyond."

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Goro1651d ago

Every Nintendo game sucks except Pokemon.

DCfan1650d ago

I don't even like any of them, except for Sin & Punishment if thats one of Nintnedo games,

Decastis1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Some people (including me) like old-school games...DS/3DS is for these type of games.

Kennytaur1650d ago

So many great games released on 3DS last year, I hope this year will be just as strong.