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Troubled Mafia 3 Development Has Been Transferred To A New 2K Studio

Dylan Z of iGR reports: "Mafia 2 was a solid open world title from 2K Czech. It utilized the GTA formula and wrapped life as a gangster around the proven infrastructure. It’s been almost three years since Mafia 2 launched and rumor has it that work on Mafia 3 has been transferred away from 2K Czech and development is “starting from scratch” at the newly opened 2K San Francisco." (Mafia 3, PS4, Xbox One)

Hard to tell
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DanielGearSolid  +   562d ago
They should just wait for the GTA Online Mission Editor and create Mafia Missions
Jk jk lol
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XiSasukeUchiha  +   562d ago
Mafia 3 at 2k studios another one how many more 2k studios doesn't it to develop one game?
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x800  +   562d ago
Didn't know 2k was working on mafia 3 looking forward to this.
mafiahajeri  +   562d ago
loved mafia 2 hope this gets made.

Lol just noticed "made" as in mafia made xD Pun unintended I guess lol
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incredibleMULK  +   561d ago
Hell yeah. Mafia 2 and infamous are my two favorite games.
angelsx  +   562d ago
Rockstar must do Mafia 3.They know how to do it.
karl  +   562d ago
rockstar certainly knows how to make open world

u cant beat them at that..

everything else... i thinkthey took quite a few lessons from the Mafia series ..

which till gta5 i thought it was superior

but lets hope mafia is still mafia.. i would hate it to go the GTA route ...
yaz288  +   561d ago
just saying.. I enjoyed mafia 2 more than gtav (with all the shit that it got).. crazy I know. (pc)
KonsoruMasuta  +   561d ago
Mafia 2 was great but not better than GTA V. Outside of the missions, the town was very boring and empty. The driving sucked.

Mafia 2 had a better story though.
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UltraAtomic  +   562d ago
I hope this game comes out soon and for the x1 and ps4
0pie  +   562d ago
Why the immage say it will come out in 2014?
EBTpickle  +   561d ago
Rumor has it that Mafia 3 was supposed to be a PS4 and Xbox One launch title, but it was delayed. That image is from when the game had a 2014 release window.
hiredhelp  +   561d ago
Mafia 3 starting from scratch too being start next gen GOOD MOVE cant wait be looking for further news in future watch this space.
That said love anther Godfather
SilentSolid  +   561d ago
Mafia 2 was okay(missions). But as a sandbox game, not so much. imo.
yaz288  +   561d ago
the main missions were fucking awesome, and it had a good story. beside that.. yeah there was nothing.
Master-H  +   561d ago
Hopefully it will turn out fine, i enjoyed Mafia 2 more than GTA IV tbh.
bigboss1990  +   561d ago
I don't know why GTA gets all the credit with its retarded acting and same old gameplay, when games like mafia are underated and deserve more credit, I really enjoyed mafia reminded me of Goodfellows lol and GTA 5 was in development for 5 years and brought nothing new to the table really, I thought vice city was the best one, :-D but mafia 3 looking forward to it :-D
CaptainYesterday  +   561d ago
I had no idea Mafia 3 was in development I thought it got canned a long time ago! Hopefully it eventually comes out :)

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