Last Gen vs. Next Gen Graphics: Dark Souls vs. Deep Down

Karam Elahi writes: "In our fourth round of Last Gen vs. Next Gen Graphics, we have the PlayStation 3′s and Xbox 360’s amazingly deep and visually arresting action-rpg, Dark Souls, developed by From Software, the same visionaries who created the cult hit Demon’s Souls for the PlayStation 3. In the other corner, we have the much-anticipated free-to-play title Deep Down, being developed by SCE Japan Studio and Capcom Online Games. Deep Down definitely looks like the next-gen spiritual successor to Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls, and even Dragon’s Dogma."

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rarity1472d ago

huge jump i can't wait for both

Jughead34161472d ago

It is a huge jump. Hope the gameplay is as satisfying.

Army_of_Darkness1471d ago

There really is no comparison. Deep down visually looks way better.

guitarded771471d ago

Well, yeah... it's obviously going to look better. It's made for much more powerful hardware. That said the Souls games are all about the atmosphere though. When Demon's came out, we all knew it wasn't a graphics powerhouse, but the art style and atmosphere made it amazing all the same.

Irishguy951472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Bad game to compare too graphics wise...Souls has never been known for it's graphics

You don't have to grind in souls games WeAreLegion. You just have to not be terrible at games

Patrick_pk441472d ago

So what should have it been compared too, Call of Duty which is a different genre? The comparison is what exactly the title states, it is a perfect comparison since Deep Down is influenced by Dark Souls. No one said "Dark Souls is shit," so why are you trying to defend it? Btw, Dark Souls wasn't even hard.

kingdom181471d ago

@Patrick Haha, Ornstein and Smough and say hello. That was really the only hard boss fight, and once I restarted the game and went for a sorccer build, I beat the crap out those guys.

WeAreLegion1471d ago

Not terrible at games. I beat Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. It's just a bit of a drudge at parts.

darren_poolies1471d ago

Well I don't know about you but I though Dark Souls was one of the prettiest last gen games.

Back-to-Back1471d ago

You don't have to grind in souls games WeAreLegion. You just have to not be terrible at games

Well your correct, but for the majority of people it will require grinding to make the game easier. Not everyone will be a parry master day 1.

And for you to say Souls have never been known for their graphics I disagree. Some of the levels in Demons Souls and Dark Souls are really well designed. Can you name me some games that simulate castle better than Boletarian Palace?

Also Dark Souls on PC with mods looks amazing.

ziggurcat1471d ago

@ irishguy95:

there's always been some element of grinding in the first two souls games... unless you're one of *those* people that seem to think that if you level up, you aren't playing the game right?

and even the most skilled gamer can have his/her *** handed to them in this series.

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gman_moose1471d ago

That is most definitely the PC version of Dark Souls which is kind of dumb considering the comparison should be on last gen console vs next gen console.

Jughead34161472d ago

I really don't want to hear anything else about Deep Down unless it's a release date.

SilentNegotiator1471d ago

Well, since it takes 8-10x as long this gen, probably Fall 2040 or so. lol

ExtoVert1471d ago

Well I now what im getting for my 48th birthday lol

FamilyGuy1471d ago

That article was a misquote/took liberties with what capcom actually said. Had you read the article you'd see the quote NEVER said "8-10x as long" but was instead referring to man hours. "8-10x as much work" would have been more accurate.

Deep Downs japanese beta is set for late feb, early march.

caseh1471d ago


There's still no concrete release date, so far I've seen 'As soon as possible' and 'near the launch'.

They would be stupid to miss the launch window considering the lack of PS4 titles available at the moment, it will no doubt be lapped up by all PS4 owners as a result.

jc121471d ago

Yeah, N4G cant help it, they have a huge boner for Deep Down, and Im not sure why...its a Capcom game...

WeAreLegion1472d ago

deep down is freaking gorgeous! If the game play is anywhere near as good as Dark Souls though, I'll be happy. I would just appreciate something a little easier. Grinding isn't fun to me, no matter how satisfying beating bosses is.

Ripsta7th1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Yeahh true it seems like it'll lean more towards graphics but i will be fuckn impressed if the gameplay is close to as Souls series

frostypants1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

The Souls games are designed to be played that way...get to a certain point, then have the sense to turn back and cash in. It's not so much grinding as it is a personality test to punish overly aggressive players. Once you clear the level though you don't go back before going to another, unless you are trying to god-ify your character or something (or if you are trying to checkout some secret you missed). Sure, in Dark Souls you may need to walk through an area to get somewhere, but by then it's a cakewalk.

WeAreLegion1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Thanks for the pointers. I just don't enjoy the waiting game. I'm not an aggressive player. Trust me. It just feels unnecessary for me to whittle the enemies down like that. Give me a lengthy boss fight. That's fine. Just don't make me defend and run 90% of the time.

Bubbles for being helpful.

ravinash1471d ago

Being hard is what makes Dark souls what it is.
You won't get the same feeling of accomplishment if your running through killing everything with two hits.

But in saying that, that's dark souls....hopefully Deep down will have a different spin on things.
As long as the game play is good, then I'll be happy.

TheKayle11472d ago

another great piece of journalism.....omg.....who approve this site?!

1472d ago
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