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Submitted by LuisAlmeida 683d ago | video

Bayonetta 2 - gameplay in 60fps on Youtube

Nintendo Domination released new video of the game of Bayonnetta 2. (Bayonetta 2, Wii U)

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GotHDGame  +   683d ago
This game is going to be SICK! The Visuals alone are much better than the first game. Now Nintendo how bout Eternal Darkness? Even an HD remaster of that game with updated controls and visuals would be amazing. On touch screen spells, and even more trippy Sanity effects.
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Loadedklip  +   683d ago
W O W ....
OsirisBlack  +   683d ago
This does look absolutely amazing cannot wait until it comes out.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   683d ago
Can't Wait!
weekev15  +   683d ago
hmmmm I wasnt overly fussed about Bayonetta but videos like this make me more fussed.
SlapHappyJesus  +   683d ago
Just Platinum doing what they do.
Always impressive.
starfox079  +   683d ago
Yes but the gameplay as Platimun say would not be so fine tuned if it wasn't for Nintendo.....
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   683d ago
I loved the first one, and I hope and pray that the second one sells better over time.
Hanso  +   683d ago
lets be realistic here..Bayonetta 2 wont sell at all very good after all its on the WiiU
The Wonderful 101 tanked as well as all games which dont have the name Mario.

I dont want to sound like an angry fanboy because im planning to get a secondary console (wiiU) besides the ps4. Thats all i need for this new generation.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   683d ago
The Wii U is gaining better sales and many of its games sell better over time, including TW101, so no, it's not all Mario anymore.
Theyellowflash30  +   683d ago
Bayonetta didn't sell well enough on the PS3 or Xbox 360 either dude.

Just be quiet and enjoy the game.
LonDonE  +   683d ago
I love platinum action games so much, and bayonetta is to this day still my favourite action game, so i will buy 2 copies of bayonetta 2 for wii u! one which i wont even open, which will go into my gaming library and one i will use for playing! i seriously hate the fact that platinum are not supported more!

After experiencing and mastering the sublime combat system of the first bayonetta no other action game has been able to full-fill that itch! the combat system is just so amazing, the more i played it the better it got, its a masterclass in game design! all platinum games are designed to be replayed again and again!

And so i will buy 2 copies just to show platinum my love, seriously i pray it sells well on wii u! all nintendo players should go out and buy it, i think bayonetta 2 is one of the few games which demonstrates the raw power of the wii u! at 1080p and a silky smooth 60fps, and also being a more adult orientated game this is exactly what nintendo gamers have been asking for!

A mature game, with bat shit crazy combat which is easily the best combat systems i have ever experienced in an action game, adult themes and you have a game perfect for mature gamers like myself! not that normal nintendo games are not for us older gamers too, either way i cant wait for this game, i have played bayonetta 1 in excess of 30 times, and to this day the combat system, the flair, the style, the insane game play is still my favourite action game!

Everyone please go out and buy this game when its released, lets hope its this year!
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Justindark  +   682d ago
did not sell well on ps3 or 360 ether
BosSSyndrome  +   683d ago
I thought youtube could only display 30 fps...?
Anyone wanna help me out.
KonsoruMasuta  +   683d ago
No, it can only display 30FPS.

He tells you to speed the video to 2x in order to get 60fps. Although I don't think that helps much.
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Dude420  +   683d ago
It's a trick that the uploader used to make it seem like 60fps. He took his own 60fps video, slowed it down to 30fps and uploaded it on youtube. If you watch it in standard view you'll notice it's in slow motion.

In standard speed, 30 frames are shown to you in a second, or 60 frames in 2 seconds. When you increase the speed of the video by 2 times, 30 frames are shown to you in only half of a second, or 60 frames in a second, thus giving the illusion that the framerate is 60fps. If you have ever taken a VHS tape and used the VHS player's fast-forward, you'll notice the same effect.
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BosSSyndrome  +   683d ago
Ah that makes sense. Now that I think about it, that's how a different channel compared the 3ds and wii versions of DKCR and their framerates.
kingduqc  +   683d ago
HTML 5 is in beta for video content and youtube allow you to try it if you follow the instructions. So yes it's a 60 fps.
starfox079  +   683d ago
WiiU browser handles the 60fps it looks amazing wow and smooth gameplay only made possible with Nintendo's input Platimuns words.
Activemessiah  +   683d ago
I need a Wii U! O_O
starfox079  +   682d ago
I remember the spec sheet for WiiU browser i was amazed it said HD video playbk,but most of all it said the browser is 60fps something not many browsers can say.....

Bayonetta2 has online rankings so not bad at all,hey I'm glad i don't have to play Ryse or Knack wow so far xbox1/ps4 games are limited piles of crap.
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Activemessiah  +   682d ago
I saw a video by Shokio using his WiiU browser... looked pretty fast.
skydragoonity  +   683d ago
Why isn't this multiplat :(
Blink_44  +   683d ago
Because Nintendo is the publisher.
KonsoruMasuta  +   683d ago
Not only that but they pumped a lot of money into the development of the game.
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skydragoonity  +   683d ago
I know this. A gamer can only dream.... Or get a wii u lol
SlapHappyJesus  +   683d ago
Sega wasn't willing to back a sequel.
Nintendo was.
Blink_44  +   683d ago
Yeah man you should..a lot of good games are out/coming out for it.
Kevlar009  +   683d ago
The Boss fight at the end was very impressive. Not only the details on the demon but the surrounding city and the weather. And to think this is just a normal boss, the Devs promised every boss fight will feel like a final boss fight. Just to think of what else is in the game.

Also worth mentioning was the liberal show of skin and blood, Nintendo didn't hold them back one bit (not that I thought they would, but others might be wary)
_QQ_  +   683d ago
Not just the Boss but fighting on the jet and train look amazing as well.
twdll  +   683d ago
Sorry this video sucks.... Horrible quality and bad angles.
Game is prob great though. Would be cool if it came out on ps4 or xbone.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   683d ago
Theyellowflash30  +   683d ago
U MAD BRO? Go Play Ryse or Knack.
twdll  +   682d ago
Better either of those than Super Mario, whatever number it's on now.
Theyellowflash30  +   682d ago
Ummm not they're not

How many game of the year awards did Ryse or Knack with compared to Super Mario 3D World?


so I'll ask you this twdll..

twdll  +   682d ago
Those two games just came out genius. Really all three suck.. Just sayin.
Bayonetta on the other hand , even the second are great games. Prob gonna make it to PS4 or xbone to make some real money. Again just sayin. We'll see.
Theyellowflash30  +   682d ago
LOL, you wish, Super Mario 3D World won multiple game of the year awards and is sitting at a 95% on metacritic.... Meanwhile Knack and Ryse have a average of 60.

Super Mario 3D World is awesome. U just Mad
Ol_G  +   683d ago
A bit salty?
twdll  +   682d ago
Nah, I'm talking about the quality. Bad quality of the video. Game is great, just crappy vid.
Theyellowflash30  +   682d ago salty bro
twdll  +   682d ago
You would know..... Bro.
Ol_G  +   682d ago
Ok that's possible it still gives a good example wat to expect and it's very promising from wat i saw
JackieCruise69  +   683d ago
Can't wait for this game. It just looks beautiful. I'm probably going to get my ass kicked trying to look around at all the things going on around Bayonetta while fighting the angels, especially on the fighter jets and shit.. I can't wait to see what new places they add as well. This game is definitely gonna be a day one for me. Already paying off pre-order.
Platinum is definitely starting to become one of my favorite studios as well, W101 was amazing and Bayonetta 2 is looking promising.
Metallox  +   683d ago
Looks very cool, that's why I always say framerate it's more important that graphical potential. Thanks to the fluidity of the game, it actually looks much better than it actually looks and I suppose it plays very smooth... Fascinating... I can't wait.
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REDBEARD  +   683d ago

I agree, but that is not going determine if the game is bad or not. It wouldn't sell any better if it was on the other systems either. Platinum games never sell, sadly. :(
Azuske  +   683d ago
Not for other consoles... looks like I'll be sticking with the first one. I'll just watch people play it on Twitch or Youtube. They lost me when it was announced exclusive for Wii U.
kewlkat007  +   683d ago
Who is they...don't blame platinum..
Azuske  +   683d ago
They being Platinum and I do blame Platinum. Who made the choice to sign the deal? They started this game as a multiplat and now since Nintendo made the choice to toss some money at them they went Exclusive. I know it's a business and money talks but sometimes you have to think of the fans and since fans on all platforms wanted this... well you see where I'm going. I'm sure making this for PS4/Wii U/Xbone would have generated more money then they are going to make off of the Exclusive Wii U version. Am I wrong?
kewlkat007  +   683d ago
Dude Nintendo was the only one to pony up for a know Sony or Microsoft could of easily done the same or a third party pub..
CaptainN  +   683d ago
Such a childish response...your a fan of the game and wont go out and get a Wii-U to support Platinum and the game sales out of spite ??? Its gamers like you who are screwing up the gaming community!

You blame Platinum for signing a deal with Nintendo..are you on drugs? First things first, this game was not being made multiplatform from the start.Platinum wanted to make a sequel...Sega said nope,we aint paying for it,the first one didnt make enough money....Platinum still wanted to make it and needed someone to be willing to fund and publish it since Sega backed out!! You didnt see MS or Sony running to help at all because they didnt care. Nintendo saved this from being just a wishlist for was a win/win scenario for Nintendo as they got an exclusive, hardcore, adult oriented game and Platinum got its wish to make a sequel,get payed and have someone publish it.So stop being such a selfish fanboy gamer and man the hell up and buy a Wii-U and Bayonetta 2!!

Post like yours are so rediculous, bashing Platinum or being mad at Nintendo...these companies went out of their way to make YOU happy,a Bayonetta fan...and how do you thank them, by downplaying Platinum,and ignoring Nintendo while whinning how you wont purchase the game. Such a disgrace as a gamer!
M3TR01DFANBOY  +   683d ago
you do realize it was the wii u version or absolutely nothing right?
KonsoruMasuta  +   683d ago
The only reason this game is being made is because Nintendo threw money at them. Nobody else wanted to fund it. So Bayonetta 2 didn't "become" exclusive. It was born exclusive.

Platinum didn't have the money and Sega didn't care for it. Neither Sony or Microsoft cared either. So you really can't blame Platinum.
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just-joe  +   683d ago
Sony, didn't want give them money nor did Microsoft and Sega most likely didn't have the finances. Nintendo was the only one willing to give money to Platinum. People complain how Nintendo has no third party support and yet people were so up in arms that managed to not only get just that but exclusivity to this. I saddening that people would rather see this franchise die than lower their upturned nose and buy a Wii U to support the game.
Ol_G  +   683d ago
First do your research on this game before talking and then cry me a river true gamers are not restricted to certain platforms
MsmackyM  +   683d ago
Are you poor, and can't afford another console, or did you swear your loyalty to a different corporation?
Azuske  +   682d ago
@CaptainN it's in no way childish. I don't have money to spend on a Wii U for one game. Really? It's about supporting fans accross all platforms and so far the only person who has made a relevant response is KwelKat007 about Sony and Microsoft. That I can understand.

@MsmackyM DING DING DING! Why would I buy another console for one game? Nintendo lost my interest after the Wii and the Wii U doesn't have enough games after a year for me to consider buying the damn thing. Plus I just purchased a PS4. Like I said above. It's about providing the demand who support your game which I damn well did for the original.
#16.7 (Edited 682d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
BosSSyndrome  +   682d ago
DUDE. Even if you don't think one game warrants purchase of a system, the fact is it's NOT NINTENDO OR PLATINUM'S fault. It's the fault of the other publishers i.e. SEGA, SONY, and Microsoft, that refused to support a sequel. Consideration of the fans had nothing to do with it. It was either Wii U exclusive, or NOTHING. If you really cared about it that much, you'd be thankful the game even exists.
Azuske  +   682d ago
@BosSSyndrome Think I said that was a good point above. Thanks for the same thing Kwel said. Really provided better insite to my ungrateful ways. Thank you oh so much. Like I said... I'll watch someone else play it on twitch or youtube. Doesn't matter what I say fanboys will protect what they like regardless and press the disagree button thinking it will change how I feel. It won't. Why? I can't enjoy it myself and I don't consider myself "One of the bad gamers" CaptainN thinks I am. I support every game. Have never torrented any games. If I have a friend that has a Wii U (Which I don't) I would most likely still buy the game simply to support the company. So regardless it won't change how I feel about anything even if it isn't their fault you have the devs being disrespectful to those who ask for a port or whatever instead of just explaining why it won't happen and thank us for our support. Maybe then we the "other" gamers wouldn't have any problem with it.

You think the Kingdom Hearts fans would be pissed if they went from only supporting PS2 to only Xbox or only Wii-U? Hell no! They would be pissed and want to finish the story. Would they be happy "Just because the game exists" NO! NOT UNLESS THEY CAN PLAY IT. Instead Square released it on ALL next gen consoles which was a smart move because KH3 alone wouldn't be a massive system seller if nobody saw any other games they would buy the console to play.

I get its not their fault but like I said... there are other publishing methods and they could just blog about it once and direct upset fans to the blog explaining why a PS4/Xbone version won't exist and thank us for the support and it might lower the amount of those upset. Instead of the way one dev decided to speak for the company.
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CaptainN  +   681d ago
Has no money to buy a Wii U....Has money to buy a PS4!!! Says Wii U has no games.....has a whole years worth of games out, yet PS4 has all ports of games from last gen and only a handful at that. Yea this makes tons of sense.Now has to now pay for online with PS4...The U's online is free. So is it really about the money?? Ask for a B-day present then LOL seriously..a true fan goes out of his way to get his fix. And dont compare the Wii to the U as they are totally two different beast.
#16.7.3 (Edited 681d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
Azuske  +   681d ago
No I don't have money for a Wii U because I bought a PS4... you know the console that already has a bigger planned catalog than the Wii U. The Wii U doesn't have the games to keep me interested. Plus the online on the PS4 doesn't require a subscription when playing free to plays. Does your Wii U have Battlefield? Final Fantasy? Kingdom Hearts? Those are the type of games I play. Not Mario, Skylanders, Disney Infinity, Hot Wheels, and DEFINITELY NOT CRANKY KONG... Maybe Mass Effect but that's SO old. I'm 22 I'm not going to ask for a Wii U for my Birthday. Are you serious? How about you get me one then I'll shut up and I won't complain about not being able to get one. I make perfect sense. Your right they are two different beasts... Unlike the Wii U my Wii has games that catch my interest. Fatal Frame, Xenoblade, Valhalla Knights etc. You can't compare the catalog for the Wii to the Wii U. Granted the Wii had more time to develop this catalog but it had more games in a year than the Wii U currently does. Once the Wii U builds this catalog I'll consider it but it lacks that at this point in time. I do go out of my way to get my fix... which is why I have a PS4 (you know the console that will have Destiny, Kingom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Outlast, Infamous, Dying Light, The Order) and will watch someone else play Bayonetta on Twitch. I don't see the point in spending the price of a Wii U and $60 just for one game knowing the Wii U doesn't have games I'd play.
#16.7.4 (Edited 681d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
BosSSyndrome  +   680d ago
Says Wii U doesnt currently have games he'll play.
Speaks only about future ps4 games.
kewlkat007  +   683d ago
I so enjoyed this game on the it's not coming back..what's wrong with developers and publishers. .there really aren't much hack n slash around. You would think, you make a sequel to this game anyways..damn it.

What is wrong with the gaming community. .All they wanna play is shooters. It's good games.
#17 (Edited 683d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Metallox  +   683d ago
Man, you just have made a contradiction to yourself. You say that the community only plays shooters and need to support good games. But you don't like the fact the game it's not coming to 360. So, what? Go out, and buy a Wii U, if you want to support good games. It's ironic that I can read 'Titanfall' on your avatar.
kewlkat007  +   683d ago
I felt this game was good enough to deserve a sequel after I played it. Ofcourse it was only possible with Nintendo backing. I wish more people had bought the game..

When a game like cod sells 10+ million every release sometimes I don't get it.

And yes, I already have a Wiiu but I felt like this could of easily been a good Multiplatform sequel for most to enjoy. I don't see the contradiction.
#17.1.1 (Edited 683d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report
deafdani  +   683d ago
Take off your defensive hat and read this dude's comment again. He's not attacking Nintendo in any way, shape or form.

He's criticizing the closed minded gaming community that buys shooter after shooter, but didn't give the first Bayonetta a chance. If Bayo 1 sold better, chances are it would've ended up a multiplatform game for more people to enjoy, as opposed to being exclusive to only one console.

And there's no irony on his avatar at all. Him being excited for a upcoming shooter doesn't mean he only plays shooters, you know.
#17.1.2 (Edited 683d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report
Metallox  +   683d ago
@deafdani Notice that I never thought he was attacking Nintendo, and I never was trying to defend the company, either. but the part "and read this dude's comment again" I can understand it, since English it's not my main language, so perhaps I just noticed things a bit hypocritical and I didn't write my comment like I would liked.
ninjagoat  +   683d ago
Looks great can't wait to get hold of it.
CaptainN  +   683d ago
They really need to re-release Bayonetta one in HD for Wii-U to get the Nintendo fanbase up to speed !!!
BosSSyndrome  +   682d ago
It was HD the first time.
CaptainN  +   681d ago
Full HD 1080p people... use some common sense !! Man sometimes I feel N4G is a classroom full of Kindergardeners. There is an obvious difference between Bayo ones HD and Bayo 2's HD ....I didnt think I had to spell it out for you negative Nancy's!
Dravidian  +   682d ago
I'd replay it. It'd probably be asking too much for a complete engine upgrade, but nipping a few bugs in the bud and/or updating textures sounds possible. I can def see shorter loading times since the wii u reads disk faster.
GirlOnFire  +   682d ago
Where were you when it was in HD already? They do need to release the first game for the Wii U though if that's all you meant. ^~^
GirlOnFire  +   682d ago
I hope this game sells well. Even though I didn't care for Bayonetta I might get it or tell my brother get it. ^~^
OT:Can't wait for Mario Kart 8!

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