Hit the Pro Clubs on your games console

IM PLAYIN talks about the joys, excitements, angers and stresses of playing FIFA 14 Pro Clubs.

"So, FIFA Pro Clubs has been playable for a short while now … thanks EA for finally sorting that out, not like it should be ready for its release or anything. But hey! I’m not here to moan at EA Sports’ faults, but rather to talk about one of my favourite pastimes, playing Pro Clubs with my friends."

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pompombrum1649d ago

Or do yourself a favour, avoid getting into clubs like the plague.. it's one of the most neglected game modes by EA and for long time players, each year it seems like it gets worse and worse.

iistuii1649d ago

I'd like Fifa to do a coop season vs the AI like they do on NHL. My mate from the states & I team up & go through complete seasons vs the computer AI in NHL, it's great, shame we can't do it on Fifa.