5 Bold Gaming Predictions for 2014

Biggie makes some bold predictions for the new year and you just never know, a few of them may come to light.

"Here I sit leaning back in my broken down home office chair perusing a few of COG’s most anticipated games articles and it has gotten me thinking. What could we possibly expect in this first full year of the next gen gaming world? Which games will hit home runs? What gaming moments will send us into a tizzy? So I figured why not throw together a little list of some of my most outrageous predictions. Over the top without a snowball’s chance in hell of actually happening but hey, you never know right?"

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johnsonbat1565d ago

15 hour single player COD is pure fantasy, the others are feasible.

4logpc1565d ago

Kinectless xbone isn't gonna happen. Wish all you want.

johndoe112111565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

5 gaming predictions for 2014:

1: Both the ps4 and xbox one are going to get great games but fans of both systems will still argue whihch games are better.

2: Someone, somewhere, someday, will look at their wiiu and suddenly realize "I need to get a nextgen system".

3: Ps4 will end the year outselling the xbox one but some people will continue to argue "it's $100 cheaper and was released in more countries first that's the only reason why".

4: There will literally be a "console war" in times square where people will be beating each other over the heads with ps4s and xbox ones.

5: Some people who "just don't like johndoe11211" will down vote this comment.

Arturo841565d ago

"5: Some people who "just don't like johndoe11211" will down vote this comment"

aww cmon don't say that heres a upvote

weekev151564d ago

I just dont like johndoe so I downvoted.....whoa ur psychic.

johndoe112111564d ago

Obviously you're one of those people that believes that the cranky kong reveal was actually bigger than the ps now and kinect 2.0 reveals.

NeoTribe1564d ago

Now thats pretty accurate.

weekev151564d ago

I actually think the Cranky Kong reveal was Nintendo trolling the VGX awards.
Playstation Now does look awesome, I hope their pricing is sensible.
I couldn't care less about Kinect.

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brew1565d ago

Bold ? How about this ?

- Xbone will outsell the PS4 is 2014 - worldwide
- Sony will officially cancel The Last Guardian - Shu Yoshida finally stops trolling PS fans
- The Order 1886 will be Sony's only notable holiday game - Uncharted won't make it
- TitanFall's Metacritic will be 98+
- Pachter says many nice things about the Wii-U

liquidhalos1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Lol bold predictions we all hope don't come true. Made me lol, thanks

Majin-vegeta1565d ago

1.Sony announces Legend Of Dragoon 2!

2.Sony announces Legend Of Dragoon 2!

3.Sony announces Legend Of Dragoon 2!

4.Sony announces Legend Of Dragoon 2!

5.Sony announces Legend Of Dragoon 2!

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