Six Things a Sonic Game Needs to be Great

Hardcore Gamer: Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega’s blue, spiny mascot, has been running for a long time. And while he never has found the fame enjoyed by his mustachioed rival-turned-athletic-partner, Sonic has built and maintained a substantial fanbase over his 22 year career. However, the developers at Sonic Team have been anything but consistent in their production of quality Sonic experiences in the last few years, leaving fans more than a little frustrated. The last release, Sonic Lost World, looked immensely promising in early gameplay videos and demos, but ended up being another great idea with poor execution. With such a stark contrast between the Sonic of Genesis days and our modern-day Sonic, it’s time we examined what exactly combines to create a great Sonic game.

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Abash1560d ago

More like...

1. Tails and Knuckles playable too

admiralvic1560d ago

I would settle for Eggman going back to Robotnik.

Zodiac1560d ago

I know this is a lazy suggestion, but stop trying new stuff EVERY game. It doesn't have to be super similar, but familiarity is important when it comes to platformers, and especially your company mascot. It's why Mario games are still so successful.

The formula and control are the same, but the stages and the powers change. THAT"S IT!

Sonic 2006, black knight(a sword, really?) Unleashed etc...
were just too different to what people come to expect from a Sonic game. Didn't they learn that after Generations and 4 were so well received?

Colors was a happy accident, and Lost World is a decent platformer, but it's missing the magic.

Muffins12231560d ago

They should make Sonic adventure 3,would be awesome.

-Foxtrot1560d ago

I don't know why they haven't rebooted it yet

I say reboot it but base the game off the Sonic UK comic series, show us at the beginning the scene in the comic when Doctor Ovi Kintobor turns him blue and gives him his sneakers but also ends up corrupting himself turning him into Doctor Ivo Robotnik



Least then the characters will be minimal and you'll only have characters that they NEED to have.

Oh and Amy in the comic is much better then what she is like in the recent games, she has more of a tomboy look to her and ends up becoming a bit of a badass who can handle herself and dosen't end up relying on Sonics help all the time


Yodagamer1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

They've already tried rebooting it with a story that involved humans that weren't eggman and it turned out horrible. Keep it simple it's worked for mario for this long and worked for generations and colors.

-Foxtrot1560d ago

Keep it simple? That idea is pretty simple and straight forward.

It gives a more serious approach to Sonic

Sonic leading a resistance group against Robotnik seems pretty good to me. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy...and others if they need to be there

Yodagamer1560d ago

By simple i mean sonic vs. eggman. If amy knuckles and tails are there it should be strictly for gameplay like they were in sonic advance 3. Colors had a fun balance of eggman vs. sonic with tails being the side character.

Muffins12231560d ago

Their is no sonic adventure 3,only 2 and 1

admiralvic1560d ago

@ Muffins1223

He said Sonic ADVANCE 3, not Adventure 3. In either case, Sonic Heroes is basically Sonic Adventure 3, since it does continue the adventure storyline.

-Foxtrot1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Yeah thats what I'm on about, the resistance storyline will let you play as more characters.

I'm not saying turn it into something it's not but it would be fun to have ONE level for each character in the game.

So Sonic is the main character in 95% of the levels but the other 5% is spent on other characters. Maybe try out some new gameplay styles, all of them would still be platformers but with a unique twist Knuckles could rely on only his fists, Tails would have just a spin attack with his two tails, Amy would have her gun she has in the comics. It would be like Sonic Adventure basicaly

You mention Colours but Colours had pointless characters like those Wisps.

Yodagamer1560d ago

The wisps weren't pointless they were pretty much replacements for the animals eggman would have other-wised kidnapped and gave the gameplay variety.

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imXify1560d ago

Sonic having his friends back, like in Sonic Adventure. Last gen we only saw Sonic running and running every god damn game -_-

SpiralTear1560d ago

...and that was a problem, because...?

I'm all for having Tails and Knuckles playable again. Hell, I'd even settle for Shadow (SA2 style), but wasn't a common complaint with modern Sonic games that we're playing as characters that no one really likes?

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