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Hardcore Gamer: I don’t know too many kids. Thankfully, too, because with my recent Nintendo eShop history, I’m well on my way to becoming a prime suspect for various Amber Alerts. You see, my library is littered with games of the “Petz” and “Barbiez” variety. Games that, despite my lowest of expectations, always end up disappointing me greatly. The thing is, I understand that I’m not part of the target demographic, but truthfully, neither are little kids. There is no demographic for terrible games, and unfortunately for children, most games tailored to their level of ability are awful. Don’t get me wrong, designing the most “perfectest dress” or “cutiest kitty” can’t be easy for an adult with any semblance of self-pride, but putting a child through a game like Life with Horses 3D should be considered a low-form of child abuse. I’ll explain why.

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admiralvic1527d ago

I'm glad the definitive horse simulation game is now in 3d.

ChaosKnight1527d ago

I'd click the link, but I'm afraid it will register me as a sex offender.

WeAreLegion1527d ago

Like anything could compete with Secret of the Magic Crystals.