Vgchartz Global Weekly, 4th January 2014

Week Starting January 04 2014

Global Hardware by Platform
Platform Weekly (change) Total
3DS 410,851 (-44%) 42,440,159
PS4 264,916 (-43%) 4,382,474
PS3 247,014 (-31%) 82,294,367
XOne 171,885 (-41%) 3,104,980
PSV 140,761 (-27%) 7,272,095
X360 116,309 (-54%) 80,978,62 4
WiiU 111,325 (-50%) 5,340,720
PSP 84,480 (-6%) 80,529,713
Wii 44,086 (-47%) 100,730,828

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xHeavYx1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

I know this website is not reliable, but it would be sad if the PS3 had sold more units than the PS4
@ Silver
Check the numbers, the PS3 sold more units this month
@ Daniel
I agree but "certain people" will get upset if you don't put that disclaimer

Xsilver1311d ago

wait what are you talking about.

abzdine1311d ago

PSP still kicking!
Huge success for an amazing handheld.

Vita doing very well also.

Ritsujun1311d ago Show
Eonjay1311d ago


I don't think they will give up but their is no way for Microsoft to catch Sony without addressing the fact that they aren't as popular outside of the US. I mean, all this without Japan?

abzdine1311d ago

PS4 selling almost same as x1 and 360.
imagine what will happen feb 22nd.. just imagine!

MazzingerZ1311d ago

Was in stock in Sweden but all the stock went to old preorders...out of stock again without really being i stock, PS4 will sell like mad when production catches up

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DanielGearSolid1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

I'm confused when ppl say its unreliable...

Before MS announced 3 mil sold, they had it at 2.9 days before.

Before ps4 announced 4.2 they had 4.1 days before

Beyond two souls just announced 1mil sold they're only 30,000 off.

They might not be 100% accurate but they are a good reference

Axios21311d ago

Very true

What other reference point is there?

Next gen consoles slowing down:

PS4 at 626k average per week into 49 countries

X1 at 517k average per week into 13 countries

DarkLordMalik1311d ago

3DS WW sales are close to 35 million yet they have listed it as 42 million so while they are not entirely accurate and neither are totally false, their numbers should always be taken with a grain of salt.

stuna11311d ago

The numbers that VGChartz originaly reported for the PS4 were off by 300,00 consoles sitting at 3,890,000 and the Xbox1 were undertracked by about 60,000 until Microsoft came out and said they had sold 3,000,000 consoles worldwide! A day later the PS4 was reported to have sold 4.2 million consoles.

Check my comment history, I asked the the question then had the numbers ben updated after the announcement.

Magicite1311d ago

they are pretty much only this kinbd database available to public.

XiSasukeUchiha1311d ago

Wow both gain a hundred thausound a week this site is very unrealible

BattleAxe1311d ago

Looks like the PSP and the 360 are neck and neck in the console race.

Outside_ofthe_Box1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

A dead clock is right twice a day. VgChartz is completely unreliable nothing but lottery work and playing darts blindfolded without knowing where the dartboard is. Last gen is proof of that.

FriedGoat1311d ago

Heh, I can't believe the PSVita is selling as close the the Xboxone.

jackanderson19851311d ago

for both they had it considerably lower and revised it upwards once the official numbers came out.

they're unreliable and that's why pretty much every major gaming site doesn't reference in vgchartz when talking numbers.

if you look at their methodology you'd see why they're unrealistic

scott1821311d ago

The thing is no. 1 on Amazon US and not even in stock... It's a shame Sony can't pump these things out faster.

trouble_bubble1311d ago

That 30,000+ undertrack on Beyond coulda been fixed though, but vgchartz are notoriously stubborn. Even when corporate and investor figures say otherwise, like on Polyphony Digital, Sony Santa Monica and Kojima Productions websites. But GT5, GOW3 and MGS4 all remain undertracked.

Heavy Rain sold through over 3 million back in August. vgchartz did nothing and it remains undertracked by a whopping 300,000. That's kinda ridiculous. Now Beyond's still undertracked 2 weeks after passing a million. Is Quantic Dream not a good enough source or what, lol?

Gamer19821311d ago

There unreliable in there always a few off there never exactly right but there almost right. The places where they get there figures from use an algorithm to get a ballpark figure. These things are impossible to get right outside of shipped numbers as not all retailers actually tell Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo everytime they have sold a console that's why everybody's numbers are slightly different.

ethomaz1311d ago

Just to be accurate...

Before ps4 announced 4.2 they had 3.9 days before

They adjusted to 4.1m minutes after Sony release the 4.2m figures.

Kribwalker1311d ago

They had it at 3.7 million before Sony announced ps4 at 4.1million. Microsoft announced 80 million sold in mid October, and they had less then that on vgchartz until December, and Sony announced 80million ps3 in November but it was at 80 million before the xbox announcement in October, numbers do seem to be off typically, I think they get there numbers from some sales numbers but some surveys as well

insomnium21310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )


It's been proven to be unreliable years ago. Nothing to discuss here. SSDD.

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360ICE1311d ago

Where did you find the numbers for month? Anyway, PS4 has sold more this week... which is what these numbers are for, so it can't be that bad.

Fun to see that the PSP is still in the game after all these years. It will be ten years December this year, actually. At least in Japan.

DarkHeroZX1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

GG to the 3DS, PS4/PS3. Much deserved.

DarkHeroZX1311d ago

See after all those disagrees I got in the NA sales figures section I needed up being very right. The PS4/PS3 both outsold and performaned all the X1 worldwide. Dont let that US=WW hoax fool you. By the time its all said and done MS just can't compete. Heck The X1 competition is against the Vita.

Letthewookiewin1311d ago

The Vita almost sold as much as the X1. Finally the Xbone has found its match!

Sitdown1311d ago

Yeah.....a $500 console almost got beat by a $179 console that has been given new life....... just ridiculous. Meanwhile the 3DS dusted all..... but let's not talk about that. :-/

lifeisgamesok1311d ago

PS4 only has little over a million lead and they launched in triple the amount of territories

I wouldn't brag so much

DarkHeroZX1311d ago


Lol it doesn't matter. Do you think that releasing in other countries really make a difference since in all the same territories MS launched in they sold more? Spreading out your stock instead of concentrating them in major markets means it'll sell better? No, all spreading the PS4 out did was cause all it did was leave millions of PS4 on back order in the US. Spreading the PS4 out means less supply through all those countries. Sony still has around the same number of boxes available as MS, they just played it smart by not flooding a few countries who may or may not want a box. Let's say MS and Sony launch in all the same countries. Sony would still win look at the PS3 vs 360. PS3 is up almost 2 mill. As long as Sony competes everywhere else but has Japan on lock, MS can't hope to outsell.

Kribwalker1311d ago

Sony spread it out to create that demand, if they would have gone with 13 territories as well there would be ps4 stock at all the stores just like the xbox one

DarkHeroZX1311d ago


Well you'd have a point if Sony didn't have 2.1 million PS4s in just the US alone to try and fill. Between the US, and Europe alone sony still would have sold 4 million. You got 2 million combined sales in US and Europe/UK alone. Add another 2.1 million people waiting and yeah.......

Kribwalker1311d ago

The 2.1million figures you are using for orders to be filled were from early December and included both systems according to gamestop. They have had many big shipments and went on to sell 2million more consoles since that article was published. If they wouldn't have spread so thin, there would be more ps4 in stock

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ChickenOfTheCaveMan1311d ago

I don't see what the problem would be.

PS4 is still in a shortage state and this is the golden age for new PS3 gamers, console and games are cheap, lots and lots of amazing games plus it's an awesome blu-ray player.

Some people get in a console when it reaches that point and there's nothing wrong with that, I wish I was that patient :)

wooferine1311d ago

Yeah, I wish I were that patient as well. Much more economical way of being a gamer.