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DayZ gang forces players into life or death duel

Destructoid writes- "The new crop of open-world titles, like Day Z, give interesting insight into the people who play games. Take this roving gang of players as an example, who have encountered two people wearing the same color jacket and determine that they should fight to the death for the privilege of being allowed to continue to wear it. Here they are, playing a game in which exerting power over others violently seems to be the primary method of advancement, and instead use that power to create amusement." (DayZ, PC)

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hazelamy  +   478d ago
two men enter, one man leaves.
Septic  +   478d ago
One man leaves without any honour! Was hilarious to watch though.

Oh man, this needs to come out on consoles!
MRMagoo123  +   478d ago
This game when released fully will be a troll fest, i can imagine there will be a lot of unhappy ppl when they get it in 2015. Just imagine what it will be like , there will be big groups of youtube trollers hiding in towers near main towns sniping every new player that enters the game.

I love the idea of the game, i also want to play it but the griefing will be astronomical.
Septic  +   478d ago
Lol this game is ALL ABOUT griefing. Have you noticed how the best videos in the game actually center around griefing.

Call me evil but this game resonates with the troll-ier side in me.
MRMagoo123  +   478d ago
I have to disagree , the game isnt about griefing its about surviving, ppl just run around killing ppl just because they can. The game is more about getting a community together like the walking dead series and trying to make it through the worst of it together not about making other ppls days a misery.
Septic  +   478d ago
"The game is more about getting a community together like the walking dead series and trying to make it through the worst of it together not about making other ppls days a misery."

Yeah but even the Walking Dead has its own griefers (The Governor). In fact, the griefers in there are more of a threat than the walkers are.

Also, Day Z's undead aren't really up to standard and wouldn't really pose a strong enough threat demanding players to form a community. I understand your point though, but the game, more than the community, won't allow that kind of vision you have for the game. It is a mod at the end of the day to be fair.

State of Decay online might do that though.
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jackanderson1985  +   478d ago
could they not have just quit out of the server?
Bladesfist  +   478d ago
that's no fun at all.
kydrice  +   478d ago
If you want to play like that then why not just quit out of every single multiplayer game when someone tries to shoot at you? The fun is in the experience that other players put others in. If you just want to run around and shoot people willy nilly then there's far better games to play.
ninjagoat  +   478d ago
I've played a lot off stand alone and very few quit. People are genuinely in it for the lolz.
TheSaint  +   478d ago
I would've refused, I'm not fighting for their pleasure. I'd rather take a bullet to the head.
dboyc310  +   478d ago
I died after seeing the guy run. It's hilarious on how serious shit gets which makes it more enjoyable. I hope they bring it to the ps4.
Godmars290  +   478d ago
Where are the zombies?
jackanderson1985  +   478d ago
few and far between... the servers currently can't handle high volumes of zombies so they're pretty rare to run into
kydrice  +   478d ago
IMO, this game was never really about the zombies, even in the mod version, they were more of an annoyance. I'm hoping they get them right in the stand alone because I want them to be more of a factor.
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il-JumperMT  +   478d ago
I fed a guy a rotten banana, and he died.
UncleGermrod  +   478d ago
This is fun? I don't get it. I don't get how people have the time for this stuff.

Edit: What I really mean is that what is the sense in starting a game and just getting "virtually robbed"? What happens next? And how would you start again if you die? Like if one of those gang members dies, how does he reunite with the gang?

I do not really understand how MMO games work. Is there servers with a set number of players? For instance, maybe several hundred or more players in the "map". I do not get how everyone can be in the same game. Anyone care to explain? What happens when you leave and rejoin? will you see the same players, or is it like any other online game, with separate "matches", just on a larger scale?
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trenso1  +   477d ago
Ok so in the dayz mod it's is in a hive so as long as you are not playing on a private server your data will be saved from servers to server. The most ive seen a server have is 60 people 100 is way too much.if you die your body stays on the ground and you respawn with none of your gear. And either find a way back to your body or just find new stuff. Which in the bandits case if one had died they would communicate and then join up somewhere else on the map. The standalone is basically the mod so all of this is true just the standalone has more in detail features and extra stuff to do once the game is full finished.
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UncleGermrod  +   477d ago
pretty interesting stuff actually. sounds cool. ill have to keep it in mind when a console version is released. so your saying there would be about 50-60 players at any one time? i just dont get how the planned base building feature would work. like when you quit and play on a new server with different people, what happens if you both had a base in the same spot? basically, i dont get how the game keeps all these things in check across various players/ thanks for the info, btw.
trenso1  +   476d ago
im not to sure on the base building i think it will be tied to that server specifically like tents and vehicles. cause you can have tents that dont go away so long as you visit them every so often, but they dont follow you to other servers. Which is what i think the base building is. And yea at times some servers allow 60 people but thats the most, on average ive seen about 30 which is a good amount since most player interactions happen in high traffic loot areas like air fields and cities.

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