'Metro Last Light' half off, last day of $20 off 'Battlefield 4' PC at Amazon

XMNR: Amazon updated it slate of game deals for the week of Sunday, Jan. 12 but some of it is a recycle from last week with Metro: Last Light as the only notable addition. However, the PC digital download sale continues and today is the final day to get $20 off the downloadable PC version of Battlefield 4 either by itself or $30 off with the Premium subscription.

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LAWSON721649d ago

This reminded me the other day Brothers was added to PC editors choice list but wqas unavailable. So I went to check and it was available so I got it for $3!

adorie1649d ago

That's a very good deal, Lawson72. How's the game?

LAWSON721649d ago

Don't know may update later because I am curious if it lives up to what many reviewers say about it

GraveLord1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I wonder why BF4 has been on sale so much? :D

LAWSON721649d ago

Bad press about bugs and easier to compete against Ghosts which only has been on sale to like $50. Considering bugs will be passed when it is under $40 it is a steal IMO

NYC_Gamer1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Metro:LL is a first person shooter that every gamer should experience

LAWSON721649d ago

I agree the atmosphere alone is terrific, every time I go to the surface I am on the edge of my seat trying to run to the closest exit.

adorie1648d ago

Yeah, it has great atmosphere. It's a little more crazy than 2033, but boy the visuals and gunplay are an improvement.

urwifeminder1649d ago

Will buy when its $10 the ending of the last game turned me off.