CES 2014: Razer’s Project Christine: a Real Gaming PC Built for the Hardcore

GamerFitNation: "Razer recently revealed to the public a brand new project—Project Christine, to be exact. While at CES 2014, GamerFitNation spoke with Jermain Davis of Razer to talk about the new revolutionary high performance PC. This new concept allows PC gamers to change GPU, CPU, and more on the fly."

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hellzsupernova1645d ago

I think this will be too expensive especially if it's just razor doing it. Maybe with a bit of competition there might be a bit of a better price but yeah.

I would still rather build my own pc

Pandamobile1645d ago

"I would still rather build my own pc"

Why do you guys keep saying this about Steam Machines and things like this? No one is coming to stop you from building your own rigs. These are just new, more accessible options.

hellzsupernova1645d ago

Yes I know that. It's a great idea etc. I'm just saying for me personally I would rather do it myself. There's a certain joy of building your own rig etc.

I know this is not aimed at me in that respect

Holeran1645d ago

I fully agree. Making things easier to swap is never a bad thing.

CyberCam1645d ago

In this day & age, if you can't watch a 20 minute step-by-step how to video on youtube to build you own rigg, and would rather pay a very high premium for a so called "easily upgradable PC", you deserve the headaches that comes with proprietary formats like this.

What they don't mention to the unsuspecting PC layman, is the the software end of this new format. Where changing say... your video card requires you to remove the old drivers & software before upgrading the new one. These little details are identical on the open standards, the only difference is removing 3x phillip screws/thumb screws and a couple of pcie power connectors.

I can see them getting a lot flak because the plug 'n play, isn't so plug 'n play, and the OS will be going nuts if the drivers/software end of it isn't done correctly!

NewMonday1645d ago

my worry is how it handles heat and air flow , the parts don't look well ventilated.

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SirBradders1645d ago

Your paying for the convenience of plug and play so i would expect it to be a bit more pricey.

ginsunuva1645d ago

Still, people don't understand how easy (and educational) it is to build your own.

FITgamer1645d ago

I saw a video a few day ago saying this setup would set you back around $6000.

Muffins12231645d ago

Youll still build your own rig dipshit,its just you dont have to open a case and its not a pain in the ass anymore with this model ,you just take a slot out,buy any cpu ,take the old cpu out of it,put the new one in,put it back in , and your done

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SirBradders1645d ago

Gaming is just becoming better and better everyday this is perfect for people that have always wanted a gaming rig but are scared to build it.

Si-Fly1645d ago

?? Don't those people just go to one of the many 'gaming pc' retail specialists, spec up their dream system and have somebody else build it for them?

ginsunuva1645d ago

You'd still only be able to build with parts that Razer makes for you.

And you could always, you know, buy a ready-made gaming laptop or pc.

Sieg1645d ago

How hard it is to swap out components? It's a walk in the park tbh and how often do people upgrade their cpu/gpu? People still rocking the old bloomfield or sandy and are doing just fine. The whole modular pc is idiotic since power users like to change case and how it looks.

porkChop1645d ago

Uh... ok? Good for Razer. Thermaltake was already doing this years ago with their modular Level 10 case.


Khan6131645d ago

Modular...more like segmented.

Sexy none the less. :)

And no water cooling.

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