Why 6v6 is not a bad move for Titanfall

There's a lot more to a great game experience than a couple of figures.

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staticdash221680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Another one?

Lmao. It's approaching damage control territory, no need to beat a topic to death over 10 sites have commented on.

IanVanCheese1680d ago

Still pales in comparison to the number of doom and gloom articles about how it's the worst thing ever.

staticdash221680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Instead of trying to convince people, wait until the actual game comes out, eh.

Honestly, I have no interested in shooting bots, which have no place multiplayer online matches.
They are just there to be canon fodder

Kingthrash3601680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

dots make this a horde\ survival mode fps.
tf is supposed to be so much more. the ability to have 12 humans and 30+ bots on a map leaves me thinking why not just 12v12 humans? skip the bots, they are just there to shoot and die. its funner to roll out an communicate with a squad a bot never listens or properly handles a situation correctly.

Irishguy951680d ago

Haha, more ignorance. This was explained by Respawn. 12 v 12 is too much players.

The Ai are not 'bots'. If you think they're bots then you don't know what bots are.

pedrof931680d ago

This is like Black ops declassified, 6 vs 6 may feel comfortable at first but then you'l be encountering the same players over and over again. And even if the battlefield is full of AIs it may feel actually empty. But we have to see.

TheGreatAndPowerful1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

6v6 though! At least make it 12v12 and increase the map size...this just feels like last gen to me.

I was going to get an Xbone but now not so much. pre-order cancelled. :(

USA0071680d ago

@Irishguy95 Can you explain the difference to me between AI and bots then, as both terms can mean the same thing, which is a computer controlled character.

You seem to know the most because you try to downplay everyone else's intelligence.

TekoIie1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )


"Instead of trying to convince people, wait until the actual game comes out, eh."

That applies to pretty much every position you can take on this topic. I could just as easily tell someone that if they don't like something they should f*** off and talk about something they do like.

Debate is far more interesting 99% of the time.

This article explains the point of the AI very well:

"Those waves of easily slain AI Grunts aren't just for show: as with the Creeps in a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title, they create a base level of threat that subtly impacts on the player versus player combat. You can convert them to your side by plugging one with a Data Knife, which may be worth doing when the opportunity presents itself, but probably won't turn the tide of battle by itself. You can also concentrate on killing the other side's Grunts to grind XP at relatively low risk (more kills equals faster Titan summons)."

Here's the source:

Like it or hate it, you're getting something different and more interesting compared to other shooters on the market.

I like it personally. Gives you options during a game and makes it so there's more to do than just kill opposing players or going for the objective.

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Benjaminkno1680d ago

Gaming has become more political.

You hear only 6 vs 6 and think that it's underpowered because BF4 is what? 32?

BitbyDeath1680d ago

You do realise that if it had more than 6 v 6 like almost every other multiplayer available then you can still have the exact same 6 v 6 game mode which this is offering but also offer more game modes as well, this is just restrictive.

Benjaminkno1679d ago

I actually prefer a smaller fight if only to limit the chaos.
I don't particularly care for BF, but I think having less people helps refine the experience.

Why not prioritize quality over quantity?

Battlefield is overrated

BitbyDeath1679d ago

Nobody is saying you can't have the smaller fight, question is, why not have both?

Summons751680d ago

damage control territory? The Xbone Defense Force has been pumping out these since this whole thing started. Devs don't seem to be handling this very well. Bots in the game are fine but if they aren't there as place holders, double the amount of real players, and still count for kills and getting the mechs in than it doesn't sound to great for the game.

Doubling the amount of players and using bots for place holders isn't going to hurt anyone just improve the game...

never the less fanboys will deny this and act like holding the game back is perfectly okay.

Bigpappy1680d ago

@staticdash22: You are talking from 2 side of you mouth at the same time = no sense.

One side you are saying the article are damage control and we should wait for the game to come out. But then in the same comment, you say: "Honestly, I have no interested in shooting bots, which have no place multiplayer online matches.
They are just there to be canon fodder".

HTF do you know how the AI bots with play before the game even goes beta?

Sounds like you don't want to hear and positives for the game and are only interested in fueling the hate because the game is not on PS4.

pompombrum1680d ago

I'm super psyched for the game however this "ai" bots stuff has got me worried. Looking at the gameplay footage you can clearly see what the ai is and everything points to cheap 80s action movie extras to me. Still, people who have played the game said it didn't feel that way so I'm not going to let it put me off just yet.

maniacmayhem1680d ago

It's not damage control, it's media jumping on a hot topic and calming the rabid video game fanboys who are frothing at the mouth and making it a bigger deal than it is.

Hicken1679d ago

The ones rally making the big deal are those that make the case- falsely- that the complainers believe the game won't be as fun because it's limited to 6v6.

I have yet to see anyone say that.

I HAVE, however, seen numerous people say they had expected- from the content of promotional videos and such- that the game would have a much larger player count. And I've seen them say that, because they were looking forward to that larger player count- along with all the other things that Titanfall does- they were disappointed to find out that 6v6 was as large as the PvP numbers go.

I've also seen rather valid questions about why the roles of the AI couldn't have been filled by real players(up to 36 or so AI?). They've questioned whether or not the value would be there when that is the only game mode in an online only game.

Most of what I've seen, though, is people saying, "You can't be upset that the game is only 6v6. You're not allowed to be disappointed, unless you're a fanboy or never had any interest in the game in the first place." That, and a lot of "X game and Y game were only 6v6, and their multiplayer was great," totally ignoring the above point that none of those games were SOLELY multiplayer, that none of them had AI counts as high.

I've seen mostly valid, intelligent complaints from those who have claimed to have issues with the game.

On the other hand, I've seen a heavy amount of poor analogies and weak justifications. It's reminiscent of the DmC controversy, where any complaints were glossed over and summarily dismissed as "You just don't like Dante's hair."

maniacmayhem1679d ago

I have also seen and read every reviewer, every gamer and everyone else in between who has actually played this game and walked away saying it was the most fun they had.

I have also seen and read the many awards this game has already gotten at each show they showed the game at.

I have also read from the comments on N4G of posters who have actually played this game and said it was a fun experience.

I have NOT read anyone who didn't have a fun time because it was only 6v6.

I have NOT read any reviewer saying they were disappointed that the game lacked these big battles they thought they would have after actually playing the game.

So you see Hicken, there are no valid, legitimate complaints when most if not all the trolls here have not even touched the game. Just a bunch of fanboys raving uncontrollably as usual about something they never played or know about.

You claim to have seen people ask why Respawn hasn't up the count? Well HICKEN have you read the ACTUAL developer's answer to that question which they have addressed? Because they have already explained why they chose 6v6 NUMEROUS times.

Here you go Hicken, educate yourself from the mouths of the actual developers so when these certain legitimate, valid complainers who never touched or experienced the game themselves wonder why the player count isn't higher, you can provide actual reasons for them.

HardcoreGamer1680d ago

yeh , i know, its crazy,



OrangePowerz1680d ago

Clearly the maps are big enough to support more players. It's 12 people vs. 24 AI. A competitive mp shouldn't have AI.

In my opinion it should be only people vs. people and a match shouldn't be influenced because there are twice as many AIs running around than players.

Automatic791679d ago

To many assumptions on this game. The game looks awesome can't wait.

HaveAsandwich1679d ago

yea, who cares at this point. play it, or dont. lets move on.

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WeaseL1680d ago

I would be more worried about the AI than 6v6

iamnsuperman1680d ago

That is what I am worried about. 6v6 is almost a non issue, it's the AI and their role that should be worrying to people.

bligmerk1680d ago

Aren't AI team members great when they jump in front of your view, just as you are ready to take a shot? Or jump out from a position, giving away your hiding spot? Or running straight into a firefight, getting wounded and needing your aid to heal, meanwhile exposing you to deadly fire? Yeah, using AI to make a game look busier than it actually is, such a great game feature.

Benjaminkno1680d ago

I might trade in KillZone for this.

WeAreLegion1680d ago

Just get both. I'm keeping Killzone. It's fun. Plus, new maps are coming soon. FO' FREE!!!

I'm getting Titanfall on PC. I was hoping it would only be $50, but EA. -_-

Mega241680d ago

EA is EA, there's no changing that, voted twice for worst company in a row, let's just pray that the game is playable at launch too.

moujahed1680d ago

Playing GTA Online cops and pedestrians get in the way of me trying to killing the real players. If this game is anything like that it will definitely disappoint a lot of people. It gets annoying with GTA but it is understood with it being the type of game it is... Yet this being a straight up Online Multiplayer I can't see it working unless it has RPG elements amd tasks to perform.

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