Rambo: The Videogame - an upcoming failure?

It looks like we have our first contender for worst game of 2014. Rambo: The Videogame, which was meant to be released back in 2013, has been rescheduled for early 2014.

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mhunterjr1430d ago

I don't see how these graphics should be considered bad. It doesn't look like something that came from a premier studio, but I've I've seen much worse from licensed multiplatform games.

Hercules1891429d ago

It looks as good as Cod Ghosts on next gen systems so its not that bad. But I do remember a while ago there was some impressive looking concept art that looked really amazing like it was running on the CE3, I wonder what happened to that.

wannabe gamer1429d ago

The graphics dont bother me much really, its just the fixed view/on rails gameplay im worried about.
if they can capture the feel of the movies and make it seem familiar then that will make it all good. Attention to details that longtime fans of the movies will catch will be cool if if they can do it right and be as authentic as possible.

GreenRanger1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Just because it looks bad doesn't mean it will be bad.

admiralvic1429d ago

Perfect example of this is Aliens: CM. It looked good and people were hyped, yet it turned out oh so bad.

ziggurcat1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.

SaturdayNightBeaver1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Dude really , come on .. i really hope thats sarcasm.

Did you even saw that gameplay in trailers?


jreeves821430d ago

The title of the article should be an upcoming and not a upcoming. It is called correct grammar. If someone is going to write an article they should make sure it is grammatically correct.

Hellsvacancy1430d ago

So why don't you report it ----->

Also, you're one to talk "It is" >>>>> "It's"

ForgottenProphecy1429d ago

"It is" is not grammatically incorrect. Both "It is" and "It's" are both accepted in the English language in the context that he/she used it.

Stsonic1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

One does not simply tell Jeeves he is wrong, you must ask him.

admiralvic1429d ago

I believe only contributors can report something, which Jreeve82 is not.

psman0121429d ago

I was going to point that out. It's extremely difficult to take an article seriously when the author can't spell anything right or use correct punctuation.

KillerPwned1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Personally I can't wait to get this game as a huge Rambo fan. I'm not expecting the best ever but decent enough probably wait till it drops in price before picking it up.

This is just an article of some guy bashing it upon graphics to actually saying it looks like a PS2 game lol.

arbitor3651429d ago

isnt the game on rails too though? as far as im concerned, farcry 3 is a better rambo game then we are ever going to see

Hercules1891429d ago

It looks like its on rails on purpose. Think of it like one of those arcade games that were in the arcade rooms. I would love an open world Rambo game that lets you build traps and all that, but this game can be good for a few minutes of fun.

wannabe gamer1429d ago

i think it would be hard to put the whole course of gameplay on rails by accident..just saying

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The story is too old to be commented.