The Score: Should Nintendo Prioritize Internal Development or External Partnerships?

"In addition, we ask for your thoughts on what Nintendo’s game-making strategy should be. Recently, Nintendo’s been hiring at both Retro Studios and Monolith Software, but should these efforts have gone to securing 3rd party partnerships? Which should Nintendo prioritize funding for, internal or external development?" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Benjaminkno1564d ago

Retro and Monolith are some of the best in the biz.

I wish 3rd party would collaborate more with Nintendo.
ZombiU just wasn't that good.

Monster Hunter did really well.

Concertoine1564d ago

theyre on the right track securing bayonetta 2, w101, smt x fe, 3 exclusives with sega, and now a game with tecmo. im hopeful there is more to come!

donman11564d ago

ZombiU was a good idea but the developer did put enough effort in it. Too repetitive and limited gameplay mechanics.

CaptainN1563d ago

Also should have had online multiplayer !!

Godmars2901564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

The 7th console gen wasn't that good. People just kept talking it up.

Something like ZombiU failed because more emphasis was put on promoting it, getting it out the door by a specific time, than actually finishing it. Developing it as a completed idea.

Sony_Fan1564d ago

Nintendo should prioritize going third party.

imXify1564d ago

Nintendo should prioritize getting third party support.

miyamoto1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

In the console arena, Nintendo can learn a thing or two from Sony when PS3 faced overwhelming odds against the money monster that is Microsoft because it Sony sure turned the PS3 around with its secret weapons.

lilbroRx1564d ago

Now if someone had said this on a Sony article about Sony, they would have gotten marked down for trolling immediately.

hduce1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Why should they prioritize going to third-party? They're still the most profitable video game company out there. Check your facts and look it up before your poor attempt at trolling. Nintendo is actually more stable finacially than your precious Sony. Congrats on wasting one of your two bubbles. It amazes me how the fanboys trash Nintendo every chance they get but secretly want Nintendo's games on their favorite console.

BosSSyndrome1564d ago

You should prioritize shutting up.

Benjaminkno1564d ago

You are correct.
But it feels like they left their first year entirely 3rd party with nothing but a 2D Mario.

We got Zombiu, some 2012 ports and a revolutionary COD experience cmpletely ignored by its fanbase...

"Gamers" like to play the games that Nintendo isn't worthy of.

But they shoulda left the Wii out and just called it the U._. or UNintendo._. anything but Wii

Justindark1563d ago

sony fan? good luck with that.

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for we are many1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

I'd say both, but 1st/2nd party development should remain the main focus at Nintendo over money-hatting and winning 3rd parties, why would we want 4 copies of 3rd party games, we can already get those on either one of the following ps4/x1/PC. Let Nintendo keep perfecting their development and uniqueness.

_QQ_1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

They should prioritize Monolith's X development.

wonderfulmonkeyman1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

I think Nintendo's best road is to focus on pulling outside developers into making internal games.
In other words, fewer third party ports and more exclusives.

Of course, they should still shoot for the really big multiplat releases like Watch Dogs and CoD, but on the whole, most of the really big AAA side of things just don't want to learn their way around the Wii U's different architecture.[I chalk that up to them not wanting to do anything that isn't as easy as a PC, but whatever]

Nintendo's best bet this generation is to focus more on obtaining exclusive games from third party studios that are willing to create games designed around the Wii U, games made by people who show the willingness to create games that use the Wii U to their fullest instead of ports that aren't optimized for the Wii U's unique experiences.

A good way of securing these exclusives would be to let some third parties do what Nintendo is allowing Techmo-Koei to do with Zelda by creating Hyrule Warriors.
Spin-offs of the main-line series would not only net these third party devs some cash with much less effort, it would also give them the time they need to get used to developing games for the system, so that when they're ready to do some new stuff, they'll have knowledge of how to do it backing up their efforts.
And as a bonus, the tried-and-true series from Nintendo would be branching out in new directions without ruining the main lines of each series.
There's bound to be a few misses along this road, but the long-term chances of gain cannot be dismissed, both for the developers and for us gamers.

Oh, and to make sure that they are well-rounded, they should make better use of their second party studios like Retro and Monolith.
There's untapped diamonds in their veins, just waiting to be dug up and put to use.
Get these guys bigger teams and bigger budgets, and things will be even better for both us gamers and Nintendo in general.

Fewer multiplat ports.
More Exclusives.
Use second party studios more.
Get N or Get Out.

linkenski1564d ago

Honestly I rarely dig 3rd party games in general. There are exceptions like Bioware titles and The Witcher franchise etc. but for me all I mostly play are the first party games on consoles. I own almost nothing but Nintendo-in-house-made games on my Wii and I plan on doing the same with Wii U when I buy one eventually.

Nintendo should always prioritize to have their internal lineup be good. But if they can secure some external teams as first-party developers along the way, then all the better.

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