David Reeves "We Forgot About The Gamers When Creating Home "

David Reeves Says

"We've realised that maybe we were too ambitious with the non-gaming applications within Home, getting sponsors and stuff like that," he went on to confess.

"In that sense we were deserting gamers. So, we're concentrating on the gaming by launching games in Home, and attracting people who are into gaming in first - instead of the Nike people, or Adidas people who are into fashion and not necessarily into gaming."

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Relcom3872d ago

Thank goodness they didn't decide to make it a sims clone. Its is a gaming console after all.

CrazyMystical3872d ago

but seriously i can wait its not that far away

JasonXE3872d ago

"Thank goodness they didn't decide to make it a sims clone. Its is a blu ray player after all."

Feihc Retsam3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

I think HOME is a distraction from gaming. I'm sure it's an attempt to create a sense of individualism and ownership that will encourage people to spend more time on their console, but I think most people still do their casual inter-networking on their PCs. Gaming consoles are still largely regarded as.... Gaming consoles.

Not only that, but I've always been underwhelmed at the concept of HOME. It's NOT revolutionary (Sims meets 2nd Life?) and it just sounds too gimmicky to be interesting for more than a few minutes.

Kinda like taking cab rides in GTA IV... Sure, you might sit through an entire cab ride and change the camera angles for a fun-to-look-at cinematic effect, but eventually, you will start skipping the ride to get to point B.

I see people doing the same thing with HOME. They may "meet up
and "Socialize" at first, but eventually, I think most people will just go back to playing games or watching movies on their PS3

Tarasque3872d ago

As long as it is made to intertwin with game's i will be happy, with trophie's and matchmaking and group chat and such. Stuff that has to do with game's and add something to game's. It will be very welcomed, from me anyway's.

MikeGdaGod3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

i agree

and this is why i've been telling those who were over-eager to be in Home to relax. as it is now, there really isn't a huge reason to be in Home other than if you really plan on using you PS3 to meet new people.

i really think they need to add more things that are related to actual PS3 games. playing pool, chess, and bowling are cool, but after a while i'd rather play real games. they should be giving us incentives for using Home, and not let it become something to do to kill time. we can launch games with other people inside Home now, but thats not enough.

it looks like some of the suggestions i've left for them has paid off.

Stubacca3872d ago

But I think what Sony are trying to do is to show new gamers and casual gamers how to get involved in the whole community thing. Although it's not something I would get really excited about, I can see all the females I know digging it.

However, it'll be nice to customise things and meet my buddies on PSN from elsewhere in the world.

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toughNAME3872d ago

They had to of realized this after the first delay...right?

Kleptic3872d ago

you would think...last year at E3 had harrison launching Motorstorm on stage from home with 10 other worked perfectly...

so whatever this guy is talking about has been understood for nearly a year now...

sonarus3872d ago

Just excuses and more excuses. Wouldn't be surprised if it gets pushed again

Captain Tuttle3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

It seems like they were more concerned about a revenue stream than a service. Good to see that's changed but I wonder if they'll eventually charge for it? I hope not, keep pressure on MS to make Live free.

Kleptic3872d ago

they have stood buy the model of haveing the core service free...

a free apartment (which effectively is like free remote storage space, the size though is still yet to be released)
a free account (with email, messaging, and all that stuff)
free gaming
and a set amount of free stuff for your avatar...whether its tvs (used as the mechanic to display whatever video you want in your apartment) clothes, etc...

the main thing I guess is that you can buy 'better' stuff if you want...buying a second television for your apartment is effectively like buying more bandwidth from a remote server holder, it allows you to stream multiple videos at once...or buying a bigger television that allows you to stream HD video to your friends...same thing...

I don't mind that kind of stuff...its buying designer clothes and stuff that sounds suck to me...but to each their own...

Drekken3872d ago

With something of this magnitude and to keep it free to customers, revenue is a very important factor on development and server capacity. Sony is changing the game with home.

wow4u3872d ago

Its pretty clear they envisioned home to be a revenue system for its partners.

Paying $3.10 per month for LIVE is well worth it. And, home has nothing to do with it.

vickers5003872d ago


Its actually 8 dollars a month, and no, its not worth it. Basic online multiplayer SHOULD be free.

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criticalzero3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

This is just an excuse!!!! Sony always does that..They give the reasons which people want to hear!!!......That maybe one of the reasons...but it certainly isn't a big reason why it's delayed!!!

I'm really getting sick and tired of this now...I dont want Home anymore...All this waiting is ridiculous!!!!

Expy3872d ago

If you don't want it then stop complaining about it.

segasage3872d ago

wiesels like you would never complain to sony, your daddy, for they can do no wrong.

stop telling people how to feel about their product.

DJ3872d ago

He simply told him to stop being a crybaby.

titntin3872d ago

I'm delighted you feel that way and I sincerely hope you dump your PS3 and never use it.

Nothing could destroy an online community more than having to share it with people like you, so I hope you all go do something else.

Me - I've read Snow Crash and I want to be in 'the street'. I bet theres no way I could create a 'Hiro Protagonist' user though. Someone else is bound to have beat me to it!

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PimpHandHappy3872d ago

they wanted to make money off HOME

if they allow gamers to launch from game rooms it could be very cool. The Warhawk war room was just insight into what they might do.

im in no hurry for HOME so long as when it drops it does some cool things with my games

Im thinking Socom might be the game that makes HOME. Maybe RFOM2. If its not working with those games then HOME is dead

Expy3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

The main goal for any company is to make profit.

Edit: lol @ disagree, boy you gotta take some economics. You're in DIRE need of it.

Drekken3872d ago

How do you keep something so HUGE free without making money somehow??

Vip3r3872d ago

I agree with Drekken. Sony will need lots of sponsors to help pay for Home.

wow4u3872d ago


They are going to be selling things, Home is going to be a giant mall. The aim is to facilitate microtransactions and toll-booths and such. Its pretty clear that is the aim.

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