Playstation Now (PS Now) Subscription Price

Sony announced Playstation Now (PS Now) at CES 2014. The service will allow gamers access to Sony's catalogue of games on Playstation Platforms, televisions, iOS and android tablets.You will be able to rent individually or subscribe to the service monthly or yearly to access to a lot more games. So how much do you think Sony should charge for Playstation Now?

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henrythomas2841594d ago

I reckon $50 dollars a year is reasonable. It is what I am currently paying for my PS plus subscription.

Zuperman1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

No offense but I don't wanna keep paying for games I've already spent my money on already. This happen on the PS3 with PS2/PSX titles but with HD versions which is understandable but PS3 titles on the PS4? Reallly?

I would rather purchase an ADD ON support like how Nintendo did with the Gamecube allowing to play ALL Gameboy titles.

I'm already paying $50 for PS+ which I DON'T MIND AT ALL! (Amazing Value) I just don't see the point of paying for games I've already bought .. AGAIN, just on a different platform.

G20WLY1594d ago

For people that have moved from 360 to PS4, though, this service is a godsend.

Think of all the PS3 exclusives now available through PS4. That's where the value is. If you subscribe for just the first year, it will surely be cheaper than buying a PS3 :)

morganfell1594d ago

I personally do not beleieve the price will be $50 USD but rather more. At some point gamers need to realize that there is a cost associated with certain features as with games themselves. Sony has to continue to build and invest in a structure that can stream low latency HD gaming to millions upon millions of gamers. This will also provide the media streaming as well. Such an ability cannot be free or even cheap. It is vastly different from PS+ and providing downloads to your PS3/4/Vita and at some point a profit must be made on the investment.

As regards the actual game service itself, where is the store that you can walk into and say I want to rent an unlimited number of games in a year, in a day, jump from one title to the next as fast as I can click a menu and I want it for $50. I do not see it happening.

I do think if you are a PS+ member and you own digital copies of titles then streaming those items to the platform of your choice will be free. I remember the day Sony bought Gaikai and I posted I was done purchasing physical copies because of the inevitablity of HD streaming - that which we call PlayStation Now. And I was laughed at and attacked for such a decision. Oh how the times change.

I estimate that there will be a tiered system that allows everything from 10 or so titles a month all the way up to an Unlimited version. I think that it will require PS+ and I think the Unlimited will be at least $99 a year in addition to your PS+ cost. There may be a special sign up for initial customers or something of that sort. But I do not believe this will be a very cheap affair.

Personally it is of no consequence because I want the service in Unlimited form and will attempt to get the best deal I can but at the end of the day I will buy it regardless of cost.

Biggest1594d ago

We gamers are very greedy. I'm not sure of how many of you protested the release of DVD because you already owned the VHS, but I doubt it made sense if you did. The same thing goes for DVD to BluRay, or Netflix, or any other streaming/rental service. Having something doesn't mean that you get new versions of the same thing for no cost.

I would LOVE to have access to the Playstation Now service with little to no investment on my part. However, I won't expect a free service and I won't be sad to pay for such a service. If I already own certain games I will definitely continue to own them and play them.

All of that said: I'd be willing to pay a monthly fee in the neighborhood of $10-$20 depending on the available content. As PS3+ games are added I will be willing to pay more for the service.

wsoutlaw871594d ago

i would imagine there are some ps3 games you didnt buy.

TheLastGuardian1594d ago

But along with the games you've already bought, you'll get a bunch of games you didn't. Get PS Now for the games you haven't played yet.

FragGen1593d ago

If you don't want to pay for streaming access to stuff you already own, by all means keep your old hardware and discs. This is like complaining that netflix on your Roku box is not free because you have purchased some of the of DVDs of the content available.

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iamnsuperman1594d ago

I think it will be more than that. Let's look at other streaming services. Netflix is around 60 for the year and music streaming services range from 60 to 120 for the year.

I hope they keep the cost down or offer a discount if you buy the year over the monthly cost

patelsanjeed1594d ago

I am already a PS plus member and I pay $50 a year. There is no way I am going to go and pay another $50 dollars on top of that for PS Now, which is virtually the same service when you really think about it. What a rip off!
I really hope Sony considers their loyal Playstation Plus customers when pricing Playstation Now. The idea is great, the price will be the major deciding factor ultimately.

Juangie31594d ago

They are not the same. Streaming and downloading a game on to your hard drive (ps+) are different. The streaming service is more like an emulator hub (ps 3 in the cloud)

rbluetank1594d ago

I am getting this when it drops. I hope the price is not too high. I am hearing that the older games are getting new trophies to play for... I am hoping I get in on the beta this month...

Frankskint1594d ago

I agree with G20WLY as a previous owner of an Xbox 360, who missed out on some pretty awesome PS3 titles. This service is a real godsend as I can and will be catching up on all those PS3 exclusives I missed.

LOL_WUT1594d ago

I'll pay whatever netflix charges with obviously a limit on games you could stream let's say like 3 or 4 ;)

Donjune1594d ago

$79-$100 for yearly service is about right..

ArronNelson1594d ago

That is an insane amount of money to pay for the service I reckon. Especially if you already have PS Plus.

SirBradders1594d ago

It's $60 for 1 game so how is that unreasonable for access to whole library from PS 1-3. Remember there is a cost for servers, licenses and maintenance i predict that will be a lot.

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