Collector's Corner: Super Mario 3D World Special Edition Furry Sleeve

Super Mario 3D World released in November of 2013, exclusively on Wii U. While the game didn’t release receive a collector’s edition in the normal sense, some European stores were offering a special sleeve on a first come first served basis.

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Digital_Anomaly1647d ago

If I managed to get my hands on this you have no idea where I'd be rubbing that fuzz the most.... hahaha.

Muffins12231647d ago

This community disturbs me

Snookies121647d ago

Well, you said if you get your hands on this, so... Your hands? I hope...

-Foxtrot1647d ago

I really hope you don't have a cat

Studio-YaMi1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

You'd pretty much be doing it on Mario's belly ...

That's .. erotic! LOL

"""also gey .."""


mydyingparadiselost1647d ago

Someday you'll make a short, plump role playing Italian very happy ;)

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Knux1646d ago

/me hides his kitties.