Are Video Games Creating a Generation of Hoarders?

"So, the other day it was cold. Not as brutally cold as it was in other parts of the United States, but cold enough. I decided to pick up some hot chocolate for myself and my wife because I’m awesome.
I come home and look for a mug to put the hot chocolate in so it cools off, because again, I’m awesome, and I find that I have dozens of mugs. I have no idea why I have dozens of mugs. Neither of us drink coffee on a regular basis. In fact we use one mug a week, my wife’s favorite mug that she washes after using it. So why do I have dozens of mugs? The answer, quite simply, is video games." - Jared Brazil of Geekenstein

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SmoothC9111650d ago

This may be one of the most stupid articles ever. I feel more dumb for having read it, and may God have mercy on the author's soul

StockpileTom1650d ago

I see what you did there. +Funny