FIFA 14: The Most Realistic Injury You’ll Ever See

GoodGameBro writes, "When EA SPORTS announced the ”IGNITE ENGINE” as one of their key next generation pillars, one of the areas with the most potential was the fact that AI players would have more awareness about the world surrounding them.

Today, we wanted to show you a quick video of a play that happened while we were playing a match in FIFA 14 Career Mode. There are a ton of opportunities for jokes in this video, which we'll leave you to imagine on your own, but we wanted to touch on a more serious aspect of what is taking place in this odd collision.

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3-4-51677d ago

Pretty good actually, especially for slow mo.

hay1677d ago


SilentNegotiator1677d ago

So your player gets injured if their body parts clip through the ground?


JamieL1676d ago

What a productive, useful addition to the conversation you are. What was your point? Just to be a dick? Look everyone here knows you only love Sony, you are past the point of having to make trollish comment like this to prove it. Two folks thought what they saw was cool and lifelike, yet you felt the need to show them how wrong, or stupid, or MS faboyish they are huh? Grow up man, you're acting like a child. I also marvel at your name too, it couldn’t be more opposite of how you act. You are neither silent, nor a negotiator, just an abrasive opinion machine with nothing constructive to add to the conversation, at all. Good goal.

SilentNegotiator1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

His foot goes through the ground, which I found funny in slow-mo. Lighten up. If you were any more tightly wound, you could be a spring.

G20WLY1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

@Silent, well I found your comment funny!

Don't mind this guy ^, he randomly attacked me in another post. Just put him in his place like I did - he's clearly unhappy in life. :(

demonicale6661677d ago

Crap. I've had one where my player kicks someone in the head. Plus how is this news?

Kevin263851677d ago

It is a video post, not a news post. If you read the article, it talks about the EA SPORTS IGNITE engine, the realistic injury and how it can/should be implemented in other sports games.

Bob Dole1677d ago

Can you imagine being able to recreate Silva's leg injury in the upcoming UFC game?? Would be amazing!

Sitdown1677d ago

And why would one want to recreate that?

Bob Dole1677d ago

for the lulz? Seriously tho the realism in being able to accurately portray broken bones and whatnot in any sports game would be awesome whether it be a broken leg, nose, arm, etc. It would add a whole new level of awesome to these kind of games.


Uh... Are we watching the same video?

The guy suffering the faul got hit in the face (0:03), knee to the chest (0:05), land badly on the left shoulder (0:06) and finally the third player even hit him in the nuts (0:07) while the adversary is landing with the crotch on his face (0:08)... Ok, pretty graphic scene.

But by the end of all that punishment the player reaches for his (apparently broken or badly bend - visible at 0:15) ankle wich was never touched (unless you count clipping through the ground at 0:04).

Where is the realistic injury?

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ramiuk11677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

im loving new fifa .

its collision is awesome and makes it totally different from last gen.
ive had some fould anbd i cant stop waching the replays they look so good(leg bend,grass up in air etc)

only thing i would like to see is mud on players

yezz1677d ago

I agree. There are those very realistic moments that make you jump up and feel excited, for example volley animations look so cool in this game! Still lot to improve but I'm happy with what we have already..

ramiuk11677d ago

yeah defo agree.
i had loads of people saying the ps4/xbone version are nothin improved except little better graphics and crowd,but i find it an entirely different game .
AI,graphics,animations,audio and the ignote engine is the start of something good imo.
as i say still needs tweaks and little niggles,odd dumb AI move still but its a massive improvement over fifa 14 on 360/ps3/pc

Kevin263851677d ago

@Bob Dole I don't know if it would be amazing or disgusting! haha

Kyanu1677d ago

I'm very surprised by FIFA as well (usually I favor PES). The Ignite Engine rocks. I really enjoy watching all the replays in Slow-Motion as ramuik1 already mentioned.

I think it was Battlefield 3 that benefited from the previous FIFA-engine, wasn't it?

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