GUNNAR MGL Phantom Gaming Eyewear Review (Console Monster)

Have you ever thought about wearing glasses specifically for gaming? When Console Monster was asked to sample a pair of gaming specs from GUNNAR they was intrigued. Their main questions were: should gamers be wearing them? Would it improve your gaming? Could gamers play for longer without getting dry, tired eyes? So many questions. So with a pair of GUNNAR MGL Phantoms in hand it was time to find out some answers.

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level 3601682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Yellow lenses actually make me see better even at night when I'm driving.

And during the day helps with darkening up the environment when the sun is at it's brightest.

Have both clear and yellow lens as I use prescription glasses, so with gaming and monitor brightness.. not so sure.

When I'm on the computer it's the clear lens that I always use, felt odd when using my yellow/amber. Think it's more like hype than being helps with.