Halo Spartan Assault: As We Play - Expansive DLC

Halo Spartan Assault probably shouldn’t work as well as it does. But not only is its excellent translation to consoles befitting of the high quality development the Windows Phone 8 game initially received, it’s one of the better digital releases currently on the Xbox One marketplace.

The microtransaction model is irking, considering the game costs £12 and is arguably a bit overpriced, but its not at all integral to your progress in the game. Although, be prepared to grind to achieve gold stars on every mission without it.

Despite the lengthy list of areas for improvement, Spartan Assault is an unexpected pleasure. There are plenty of DLC considerations to be made here and we really hope the game continues to expand and grow.

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vikingland11650d ago

I do actually like this game especially on my 65" TV. It's fun and that's what matters most.

1650d ago
giovonni1650d ago

I just finished playing this a minute ago. Finished operation "c" with the hollow skull on. The game grow on me. It was the controls that placed me out of favor with this. Know that I am use to it, it's a good game with a great story.