Xbox One vs PS4 or Godzilla vs Kong - A terrifying look at the Xbox One

With the Xbox One and PS4 both selling rather well, a more open minded look at the Xbox One games console in the face of its PS4 and Wii U competitors, drawing comparison with old school clashes of the titans.

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NatureOfLogic1593d ago

Xbox One is not a bad console, I just choose not to support MS's direction with gaming.

DOOMZ1593d ago

Like Sonys Play Now isn't part of what MS was originally planning, lol... That's awesome, bash the other guy meanwhile do the same thing yourself, bait & switch, lol...

minimur121593d ago

Godzilla vs king kong, that's good :)

H0RSE1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )


The atmosphere around here tends to be that since MS did something so unforgivably horrible in many gamer's eyes, that Sony kind of gets a handicap. It isn't a case of "Sony good, MS bad," it's more like "Sony isn't great, but MS is way worse" - it's the lesser of 2 evils. Unfortunately, MS's actions were so bad, that it apparently desensitized the community, so any actions not at "MS levels" is brushed off as a non-issue.

MWong1593d ago

This is a dumb title, the vid is only talking about the XBO and barely mentions the PS4. Figured the vid would focus on both consoles and give both pros and cons of both the platforms.

ThePope1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )


Well said. Sony for some reason has been getting a pass, even though while nice, their PS4 is ok at best. As is the One. The problem is 1080p is not a pass, nor is GDDR. BOth companies have a long way to go.

What's funny is as both companies announce things everything Sony says whether or not it's in the same vein as MS is hailed as the greatest thing to come to gaming. Look at the TV announcement as an example.

MS messed up with the DRM and Used game sales. And it has made the PS the haven for some gamers. But just cause Sony never tried to do these things DOESNT make them all about gamers. MS was trying to move in a direction we gamers are clearly not ready for. But that doesn't make them against gamers.

Saigon1593d ago


'MS was trying to move in a direction we gamers are clearly not ready for.'

That is the reason why there is a problem. MS true focus wasn't about us gamers is was about becoming the center of entertainment for every house hold. While I applaud their efforts, it was done completely wrong. MS direction caused them to only focus on region of this planet. What about the other countries. I am sure EU would love a Soccer Package. Also the HDMI input in EU is ok at best. Grant it, these things can be fixed over time.

I do believe that things would have been better if MS said, this is our gaming system, these are the games, these are the specs, functionality, UI; and oh yeah it can also apply these TV functions with Kinect. The message would have gone over a lot smoother. I also believe if this was the case, the DRM rules would have been overlooked because everyone would have been focussing on the games and the functionality of the system.

UnHoly_One1592d ago

Microsoft introduces new console that plays disc based games that you own, utilizes digital copies of everything you own for the purposes of sharing, still gives you the ability to sell the games if you choose to, and requires an internet connection once every 24 hours ==== OMG IT'S DRM AND THEY ARE GOING TO RUIN GAMING AND TAKE AWAY ALL OF OUR RIGHTS!!!!

Sony introduces new service on which you will not "own" any of your games and need to be online every second that you are playing them ==== BEST THING EVER!!!!1!1!1!!! THE FUTURE IS NOW!!!!!111!!!!!1!!!

I can't be the only one that is seeing the glaring contradiction here. Am I?

DeadIIIRed1592d ago

MS's original direction was to take ownership of physical copies away from gamers. I'm still very skeptical over game streaming, but the negativity towards MS is from the hassle they initially wanted gamers to go through just to take games over to a friends house or to resell them.

JeffGUNZ1592d ago

I sit here and read these comments from some of you and just can't believe the way some of you think.


You know something, it's actually a direction more people would have wanted to go in if they actually listened to the benefits of what MS was planning on doing instead of "always online" nonsense. It's funny, the people who protest always online are the ones who have internet, makes no sense. Gaming is not a right, it's not in the bill of rights nor the constitution, it's a hobby. It's like getting mad at Ferrari because their cars are too expensive. MS and Sony are not developing these consoles for third world countries or people without internet. MS had the family/friends share plan where you could share your games digitally for free with 10 people you know on Xbox Live, which would have been amazing. They actually plan on implementing that in the future, but it's taken a backseat because people cry about having to be online. I'll be honest, it's a direction I was eager for.


MS was not trying to take away ownership. You own the games when you buy them. Such as itunes, you own the rights to that song so when you delete it, you can redownload them over and over again. MS had a plan on reselling or trading your games in, but everyone wanted to ignore that and hate on MS. The future is digital downloading and it's time people stop trying to revolt against it. Also, MS had the share plan, where you could digitally lend/trade/play games from 10 friends on your list. So you could easily share games and play games with your friends. Also, once you sign into your gamertag, you would have been able to access all those games on a friends console, as long as you were signed on their console, through their cloud. You know, since X1 allowes multiple users to be signed in and both could access the games YOU own.


No, you're not the only one, it's a complete laughing stock on this site.

truefan11592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

@unholy one, I am just letting you know I have added that to my list of ps4 player contradictions. In the future you may see your post, I'll give you credit though, their hypocrisy is pathetic. Also ps4 fans refuse to acknowledge how the ratings for Xb1 was higher than ps4. There was a graphic of like the top 8 gaming reviews and 5 had Xb1 higher than ps4, 2 higher for ps4 and 1 draw.

UnHoly_One1592d ago

Truefan1, you are welcome to use it however you see fit.

I'm just glad to find a few sensible people that aren't blind Sony followers.

I like Sony, don't get me wrong. I love some of their games, and I don't wish anything bad on them like most people from the Sony camp do towards MS.

I just want people to look at both sides fairly. And treat them equally. Like whatever you like and let others do the same.

People think I'm an "Xbot" or whatever they want to call me, but the fact of the matter is there is more nonsense to argue against in that direction on this website. If everyone here was a Sony hater you'd see me defending them, too. lol

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Magicite1593d ago

Console is not at fault that its maker fails.

SilentNegotiator1593d ago

Any decisions that the maker makes will affect gamers and developers using that system.

Magicite1593d ago

just wanted to say - dont blame the console.

BTBuck11593d ago

DOOMZ, sony's Play Now has nothing to do with PS4 titles, only past catalog titles... What MS wanted to do was with their XB1. Pretty big difference, in my opinion play now gives a nice way to play past games you missed out on, for me i'll continue to buy disc if i can, but i think it's great for the vita on the go!

bunt-custardly1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

@MWONG You only read half the title? Well played man.

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skydragoonity1593d ago

I agree both are great consoles, I've come to realize its all about choice, I know some people who love their xone as i love my ps4 :)

n4rc1593d ago

Good outlook..

Everyone happy with their choice is important, who made the right one isn't.

Its funny tho because you don't really see the fanboy stuff offline.. Ran into a buddy awhile ago and mentioned I was getting the x1, he said he was pumped for ps4 and we both said cool and that was it..

After launch we got together and he was like "so how's the Xbox?" And I replied "badass, love it.. How's the ps4"

"Nice.. Ya ps4 is crazy"

It made me chuckle.. Isn't that how it should be? But you get online and watch out! Lol

Biggest1593d ago

No offense, n4rc, but your interaction with your buddy is NOT the way you interact with people here. If people were able to appreciate their personal choices while simply acknowledging the choices of others the idea of war would cease to exist.

n4rc1593d ago

How so?

I've never once bashed Sony or PlayStation.. And I certainly have never questioned anyone's desire to own one..

But that doesn't mean I'll accept ridiculous claims and lies.. Sony isn't perfect and when someone wants to attack my beliefs or intelligence, well.. I have plenty to ammo to squash their claims.

Fanboys are not regular people.. Lol

k3rn3ll1593d ago

Yea the whole console war thing was created by manufacturers to sell more. Since the majority of Americans and people for that matter are followers, people pick a side and rage about the product they picked like mindless drones. Maybe because they have nothing better to do or it gives them the sense that the actually matter. Who cares what sells more. And then you have the lunatics that do because they hope to put a manufacturer out of business. Life as a gamer would absolutely suck underneath a corporate monopoly. I for one am happy that sony and ms are selling well. Hoping the wiiU can pickup a bit because im a bit nostalgic when I get to play since I've been playing nintendo sinc 90'

Pogmathoin1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Well said. As much as I enjoy PS4, love learning more and more about what Xbox one does.... Both have so much to offer.... Amazing to walk into basement when completely dark, telling xbox to turn on, and everything connected to it practically turns on!

Edit: N4RC, in person, people may be normal, behind the Internet, I guess you can be anything.... And most do not choose well.....

Angrymorgan1593d ago

Yea.. some people take this "console war" way too far.. its like they believe they actually made the things..... your just a consumer...your actually allowed to not like a product you bought..dont have to defend it to the bitter end lol

mcstorm1593d ago

I agree. For me all 3 ne gen consoles have a lot to offer and it all depends on the person what is best for them. I own a Xbox one and wiiu and love them both but have nothing against anyone who has a ps4 as the console looks great but I picked up the Xbox one 1st as I wanted Forza 5 and KI more than any of the games on the ps4 but once Sony start putting games like GT, lbp etc on the ps4 ill pick one up. Being a gamer is far more fun than being a fanboy.

chrissx1593d ago

More like Godzilla (Ps4) vs Godzooki (xbone)

Angeljuice1593d ago

Godzooki used to change size for every scene, sometimes he was 7-8ft tall and could fit indoors with a bit of a squeeze, then they'd go outside and he would suddenly be about 18ft tall.

SgtMajTomahawk1593d ago

Sounds like Azure cloud gaming. lol

Gamer-401593d ago

Both (Ps4/X1) great console's.

Lucifun1593d ago

Both the Ps4 for and the Xbox one are both good consoles that everyone can agree on. On another note, godzilla would completely kick kong's ass.

parentsbasement1593d ago

No, he wouldn't and didn't....they fought in 1962 and kong walk away with the win......

Grown Folks Talk1593d ago

Depends on who made the movie. American version, Kong wins, Japanese version, Godzilla wins.

parentsbasement1593d ago

the 1962 movie WAS Japanese and kong did win....anything AFTER the original dosent mater

kickerz1593d ago

In the end Godzilla would win, by tearing Kong into pieces with his sharp teeth. but i have to say it would be a tuff fight. Kong would throw some mighty punches.

WeAreLegion1593d ago

They did, but most don't consider it canon. King Kong is significantly smaller than Godzilla, no matter what movie you look at. Even the smallest Godzilla (Zilla from the 98 American film) is much larger than King Kong.

The original Kong is only 18-25 ft tall, depending on the scene. All other iterations of him only ever get up to about 40 ft tall. Godzilla is anywhere from 150 ft to FRICKING MASSIVE!

They made Kong 148 ft for King Kong Vs. Godzilla. No idea why...

MysticStrummer1593d ago

Just because something happens in a movie doesn't mean it would happen in real life… though it seems weird to say that about Godzilla vs Kong.

Anyway, two words…

Atomic breath.

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