What We Want In: Destiny

Destiny has already proven itself to have the potential to be Game of the Year type material when it releases in September of 2014. If each of these five above points are identified and addressed then we believe that Destiny can be a title that gamers will be discussing well beyond the ten year life cycle that Bungie have been discussing. What Bungie do with this game has the potential to shape the future of an entire console generation, and we only hope that the game ends up being as excellent as we want it to be. If they can do that, perhaps total world domination is in fact within reach.

AMHNetwork have discussed five things they want from Destiny. Agree with their thoughts?

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KratosSaveUs1650d ago

A good single player experience. I hate playing co-op with people I don't know. They never want to work together and use teamwork.

NYC_Gamer1650d ago

I don't want a game full of microtransactions

iceman13461650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

i just want it to be a good enjoyable game

Mega241650d ago

Not on past gen, so Bungie can support current gen to the fullest, and maybe a pc version with cross platform play with PS4 and X1, if Microsoft wants.

mmc-0071650d ago

that's a good idea but will never happen.

theRell1650d ago

More than 6 vs. 6 online because Titanfall.

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