First possible image of Project CARS for Wii U


A peculiar image has emerged which could be our first glimpse of Project Cars for the Wii U.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1410d ago

Looks like it's on the web browser displaying the image on the TV. That or photoshopped. I could be wrong though.

ABizzel11410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

@Infected Agreed

It's possible it's real, since the image quality looks good, and there's noticeable AA issues which is likely not to be implemented until closer to then end of development for performance checks.

But the lack of Wii button queues on the screen is the first or icons bring sin to question the validity of this actually running on Wii U. It's possibly a screenshot of the PC version on low settings, and the user uploaded the picture, and snapped it on the Wii U.

But at the end of the Day it's going to look good on the Wii U regardless, because of the Engine not the Wii U's hardware. The engine they're using has amazing rendering capability at low performance cost. Even at it's lowest setting Project Cars still looks better than most racing games on any platform, which is a testament to the engine and developers.

The YouTuber says it's running 720p @ 120fps on a GTX 460. If that's true then the Wii U should be able to do 720p @ 60fps no problem with those setting, and maybe a bit more (audience members (even though they're cardboard as of now), better foliage, at least some AA, and better lighting and shadows).

Here's another on lowest settings

Ultra settings

DomceM1410d ago

im for nintendo... but why do u think that wii u can do 720 @ fps?

Its gpu is vastly inferior to the GTX 460.

Dgander1410d ago

@DomceM Its always retards like you that come out of nowhere to spread nonsense with no evidence or knowledge. The Wii U is just a PS2 with a leapfrog tablet screen we get it. Try to be innovative with your trolling next time.

ABizzel11410d ago


Yes the Wii U's GPU is weaker than the a GTX 460, and pound for pound the Wii U's GPU is porbably half the power of a GTX 460. It usually take 3x the GPU power to render the same game at 2x the resolution with the same fps.

So the GTX 460 runs PCars in 720p @ 120+ fps. Being 2x as powerful as the Wii U means, that the Wii U should be able to do 720p @ 60fps. Especially considering, PCars is being optimized (to a degree) for the Wii U's hardware, and with some tweaks it should be possible.

Chrischi19881410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Yes exactly, thats what I thought, too. Even if it is not as powerful, we still speak about a PC graphics card working in a PC an a graphics card, based on a PC one, but customized for consoles, with games being optimized for that exact hardware. I mean, how do people think, that CoD Ghost still runs on a Xbox360 or PS3, because it is sooo powerful? No, because it is optimized for the consoles hardware.

So, just to sum it up, if the Wii U graphics card would run in a PC, the GTX460 would definetly be more powerful, but we cant compare apples and bananas.

AndrewLB1410d ago

Abizzel- The Wii U is far less powerful than 1/2 of a GTX 460. The GTX 460 does 1.36tflops and analysis has shown the Wii U's GPU is equivalent to a Radeon 4650, which does 0.34tflops.

Here, check out the comparison here:

An equivalent nVidia chip to the Wii U would be something like the 8800gts(512).

ABizzel11409d ago


The stat you're using are from the GTX 460 V2, it was the second release of the GTX 460 which faded out the original, which is why it's over 1TFLOP, of performance. The original was around 800 GFLOPS. It's very possible the GPU used here could be a V2 (forgot about the refresh), and if so that means 720p @ 30fps is more likely what the Wii U version.

As for the Wii U, it's rumored to be either a HD 4650 / HD 4670, and based on the specs of the previous consoles, and the specific choices for RAM used in the Wii U, I'm lead to believe it's the 4670 that was used. So the Wii U has at most a 384 GFLOP GPU (HD 4670 / 20% under-clocked), and at least a 346 (HD 4650 / 10% under-clock).

I'm just going to start using the average 365 GFLOPS :D. So the GTX 460, depending on the versions is 2.2x or 3.7x more powerful than the Wii U. If it's the latter than 60fps is possible, if not 30fps.

DomceM1409d ago

First thing first.. I am getting a wii u soon myself. So you can stfu with the conspiracy theories...

2nd... what i said was right. the gpu is weaker in the wiiu. So why the hell 20 butthurt losers come out of nowhere for thumbs down? But then a dumbass like dgander who obviously doesnt understand anything at all gets nearly equal ration of agree/disagreE?

answer = n4g audience are retards.

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lilbroRx1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Actually, I can confirm that this was an image of the Wii U version...from February 2013.

This is an old pre-alpha image that was posted by an insider to a thread on neogaf even though he wasn't supposed to. The key here, though, is that its "old" from a point where there was hardly any progress on the Wii U version.

2EHO1410d ago

I agree. This was even before all the DX 11 like "features" were implimented in Wii U version. So we will see they have been pretty vocal the Wii U can gandle this game. That "HIDDEN" power!

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1410d ago

nope not web browser cause I am using Wii U browser now it not the same.

AKR1410d ago

It could easily be someone playing a YouTube video or looking at a screenshot on Google images. I hope I'm wrong though.

Regardless, interesting image.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

except Wii U browser will show the URL at the top on gamepad. As well as Refresh and close webpage button.

BosSSyndrome1410d ago

Not while viewing an image or video.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

your wrong, You can't view two different images or videos on web browser.

Both images and video must be the same on gamepad and tv

R00bot1410d ago

Except that is the same image on the gamepad and TV OtakuDJK1NG..

lilbroRx1410d ago

No, its real. I remember when it where it was posted early last year. Its just a really, really old pre-alpha image. They were still using 1 CPU core and hadn't even implemented any of the DX11 shading effects yet at that point.

They are still heavily optimizing the Wii U version of the game.

MajorLazer1410d ago

Forget the Wii U, is there any information on the X1/PS4 versions?

AKR1410d ago

Why would you say "Forget the Wii U" - if it's coming out on all 3?

There has already been some coverage on the PS4 and X1 versions of the game. Google it.

BlackWolf1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Wrong place to ask, as this is only about the Wii U version. Repeating, Wii U. There has been some information about PS4/XB1 versions, just search for it.

And no need to undervalue.

Studio-YaMi1410d ago

Forget the Wii U?
forget your fanboyish comment!

WeAreLegion1410d ago

There are Nintendo fans on the site now. Stay away from comments like that.

for we are many1410d ago

At least Wii U has the gamepad advantage, motion control, free online and Miiverse integration, why would I even think about ps4/x1 when I can get Project CARS on PC for a lower price, Better graphics, mods, Wheel control and Free Online<<<<<< FACTS.

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OverPaperSkies1410d ago

InB4 Sony fanboys downplaying wiiU version.

starfox0791410d ago

It was on WiiU first try 2 years in development on wiiu before they scrapped ps3/360 for ps4/Xbox1 so they have had 2 years more experience on WiiU plus most people want it on WiiU....

SilentNegotiator1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

inB4 someone plays victim to people that aren't-
Oh right, too late.

Why would anyone need to downplay that image?

Chrischi19881410d ago

It is almost like, they hear it is from Wii U and then actually search for why it is bad... sad.

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skydragoonity1410d ago

The wii u needs more 3rd party support. Really hope nintendo learns & addresses this on their next console

Metallox1410d ago

Where have you been the last 20 years? Nintendo has always lacked third party support on their home consoles.

BosSSyndrome1410d ago

Actually, no. They haven't. Only around 5th gen did they lose much of their third party support.

meganick1410d ago

That's wrong. The NES and SNES had very strong third party support.

AJBACK2FRAG1410d ago

Because a lot of third party software just can't compete with Nintendo triple A's.

Metallox1410d ago

Absolutely, the N64 era. The console was released 17-18 years ago. That's what I said "20".

Munnkyman1410d ago

Holy crap i just cant believe its was that long ago ehhhh

DC7771410d ago

They need 3rd party EXCLUSIVES or people will just buy the games for their old consoles and never buy a Wii U.

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