Preview: inFAMOUS: Second Son (The Gaming Review)

TGR take a look at the upcoming PS4 exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son, and find that it's all quite exciting so far.

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ShowGun9011680d ago

"...unlike many of the games available at the moment this has been designed and built from the ground up solely for the PS4."

this game will be the first one, imo, that will give people a HUGE reason to upgrade to next-gen... titanfall won't do it, not because its not awesome, but because its out on 360 too... same with AC:BF, CoD:ghosts, BF4, madden25, no need to upgrade. this game looks incredible and im very hyped for it. im glad it got pushed back, IF it gets more polished due to the extra time. same with driveclub, its looking better every time we see it. cant wait!

BiggCMan1680d ago

I don't believe inFamous was ever pushed back. They never came out and said it was trying to be a launch title at all.

Only Killzone, Knack, and Driveclub were announced to be launch games. Driveclub got pushed back of course, which frustrated me but I hope it was worth it.

Though one could assume that because inFamous was announced at the same time as the others in February, they may have implied it was going to be a launch game, but it was never confirmed.

CrossingEden1680d ago

Watch dogs was also gonna come out early on ps4, until ubisoft delayed it.

ShowGun9011680d ago

maybe you're right, i never look at release dates until they're about a month away, no point doing caring about it any further out, stuff gets delayed all the time...

DanielGearSolid1680d ago

This goes for all open worlds, I would like more interaction with the Cities...

Kinda like towns in JRPGs. Open world games feel so dead to me these days... Nothing to do

PoisonedMonkey1680d ago

I reckon that's why so many are set at night time. Gives them an excuse for 99% of buildings to be locked up for the night.

chaosx1680d ago

Watched the over the shoulder video of a guy playing, the game looked like a shinier version of the previous Infamous games.
Same game play , same attacks with a different effect overlay( like almost to familiar to inFamous 2 )….. Fans of the series will gush for it , but it doesn't look like it was built from the ground up and looks like another IP being milked to death.

strickers1680d ago

Thanks for that the well reasoned opinion. Hope we don't catch you praising any sequels on here soon. This is the 3rd full game in the series( 1 short, fun download spin off on top). Hardly being milked compared to many game series.

NeoTribe1679d ago

No you didnt. A quick look through your comment history shows an insane amount of anti sony propaganda. Your in just about every sony article spewing garbage. The comment where you say sony never was gonna make a ps4 but slapped it togethor when xbox one was announced, is probably my favorite one.

Eonjay1680d ago

I always like to play the good karma but I notice that Sucker Punch like to kill off important cast members so.... if I am making my own decisions and they try to take out my brother... I will burn that city to the ground :) lol

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