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Amazing New Project CARS Screenshots Show What “Next Gen” Really Looks Like

Slightly Mad Studios released a large set of new screenshots of the upcoming multiplatform racing simulator Project CARS, (Community Assisted Racing Simulator), that will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Wii U in the second half of this year.

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Community1471d ago
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Emrage1471d ago

project cars isn't next gen

Abriael1471d ago

Of course it's not mate. Keep telling yourself that :D

heisenberguk1471d ago

Technically it's current gen

Abriael1471d ago

@heisenberguk: almost everyone is still calling the PS4/Xbox One generation "next gen," considering that adoption is still limited.

SnotyTheRocket1471d ago

"Next Gen" refers to CONSOLE only, not PC. You can't say a PC is next gen, because PC doesn't have "Gens"

sigfredod1471d ago

The shots looks great, however there is a couple that they should not show, like the one on the tunnel the textures on the ceiling and beams are hideous

Zhipp1471d ago

Of course PC has gens. You get a new Gen of CPUs and GPUs every year. ;)

RumbleFish1471d ago

Next gen is when I buy a new GPU! pCARS is next gen, because there's nothing like it on the market yet.

psman0121471d ago

sigfredod, you're absolutely looks like the textures are toonish in that one scene, like it from Crackdown or something haha.

Computersaysno1471d ago

Maybe because it'll never look like this on any console currently?

No console version will match the PC version. So I guess that?

DOMination-1471d ago

A question I always wondered: is project cars a working title? It always sounded like that to me. Its quite a rubbish name if its not.

Gamer19821471d ago

Still gonna look 10X better on PC this game shame its limited to a handful of cars..

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

All you hear is Project Cars amazing screenshots over and over. Is it fun? Is the handling good? How's the environments? How's the overall attention to detail? The game looks good but there's more to a racing game than pretty screenshots.

Show me Driveclub and Project Cars running on PS4 and I'll bet Driveclub still looks better.

Abriael1471d ago

They aren't even the same genre lol.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )


"They aren't even the same genre lol."

They may handle differently, Driveclub has road tracks and Project Cars has race tracks but they're very much the same genre.

Abriael1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

The_Infected: ever heard of the difference between a racing game and a racing simulator?

According to your logic Ace Combat is the same genre as flight simulators.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )


You're talking more like a sub genre. They're both racing games but they have different experiences. I don't even know what you would consider Driveclub since it's a split between simulation and arcade.

slimeybrainboy1471d ago

@Abriel if you want to get technical about it the are in the same genre, they are in a different sub-genre, but they are in the same genre. Don't act baffled as if comparison is sooo crazy, they're both racing games, with cars and all that.

Abriael1471d ago

By your logic Mario kart is in the same genre too lol.

Simulators and arcade races have never been the same genre. The focus is entirely different.

dsswoosh1471d ago

Driveclub will suck to actually play if it is stuck at 30 fps.

30 fps doesnt cut it at all for a precision driving sim, you need at least 60 fps to be able to perfect with pin point precision those fine racing lines.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1471d ago


I kind of agree. While I absolutely love the level of detail in Driveclub I hope the hit 60fps which it needs.

aliengmr1471d ago

Project cars has road tracks as well as race tracks.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, well the community that helped fund it has been pretty integral in its development and I haven't heard many major complaints. From the gameplay videos I've seen the physics look pretty solid. There's no glaring issues I can see. That's just my opinion though.

I personally like the "sandbox" nature of the game. You can do a career mode or just race whatever car you want on any track you want. No stupid license tests, micro-transactions, or unlockables.

Its not for me to say which game is better, but Project CARS is not a mystery. All the evidence is out there to find. Is it fun? Well, ask those are playing it right now. After all they are the ones producing all the screens and videos.

H0RSE1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Project Cars is being touted as the ultimate driving sim, even featuring pit stops and pit-to-car radio functions. It is aimed for the "hardcore" simulator enthusiast, however will also feature aids players can use to have the game feel less intense, like GT or Forza.

Is the handling good? Well, it will likely be the most true to life handling you've ever encountered in a racing game to date. There are no traces of "floaty" handling or input lag, and it's also using a new dynamic tire model named "SETA," instead of using a steady-state model based on lookup tables. The game also features full day/night cycles and dynamic weather.

crusf1471d ago

Geez man you comment so bad about this game with every article about it! Can't you just enjoy the fact that theirs going to be more awesome racing games in the future. Stop creating flame wars
like an idiot please!

Hicken1471d ago

"Racing" is a genre to which Project Cars, Drive Club, and Mario Kart all belong.

You lose, Abraiel.

Computersaysno1471d ago

Project CARS plays brilliant, if you need to know. It looks better than the newest driveclub stuff I seen as well. Project CARS isn't even finished yet for a good 9 months or so either.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )


"It looks better than the newest driveclub stuff I seen as well."

What about on PS4? I'll wait to judge when I see both racers on the same platform.

Computersaysno1471d ago

"What about on PS4? I'll wait to judge when I see both racers quality on the same platform"

Although your first post states that, I don't care about how it looks on PS4 or Xbox One because this is a PC game first and a port to consoles second.

Therefore the PC version is what really matters to me, and is the version I'll get, and it looks better on that than any of the consoles racers I seen recently including driveclub.

If you are stuck with the one platform, then that's a shame for you, but I fail to see why it matters which one looks best on that particular given platform.

That you started out implying that gameplay mattered more, you ended up saying driveclub would look better makes it funny to me.

Project CARS will ultimately look better at least on PC I would say, and although the jury is well out on their gameplay and depth, Project CARS will have to be taken seriously because it is shaping up to be a fantastic community supported racer.

Driveclub's legacy remains to be seen, we'll know soon enough.

AndrewLB1471d ago

Infected- Project Cars has road tracks. Just the other day I played it and took a nice drive down Pacific Coast Highway. I've driven that same stretch of road in my 2010 Audi A4 and the game is incredibly accurate. Here... watch this guy rocking 3x displays on PCH.

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WickedLester1471d ago

Technically it's "no gen" until it finally releases.

Evilsnuggle1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

pc fanBoys Are so funny always bu..bu...but pc .Please no one cares look at the news or a national newspaper or magazines . The mainstream media don't even mention pc because it's a niche market and not mainstream. Fox business news CNBC CNN all they talk about is PS4 and xbone never hear them mention pc. Michael Pachter said that 85 to 95 present of the game industry sales comes from game consoles. Michael Pachter also said that game developers and game publishers prefer Game consoles. Because they're much more profitable than pc. Michael Pachter said that piracy is too high on PCs developers and game publishers can't make money on pc. PC fanBoys have middle children disease look at me look at me.

kingduqc1471d ago

isn't next gen but it's running 2560*1440 60 fps on my pc and blow away racing games on ps4 and xbone one as far as how it looks and it's also a great racing game all around without any micro transaction.

gman_moose1470d ago

**Yawn** til I see in game looking that good, GTFO. Everyone can make static images and movies look amazing.

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snookiegamer1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Lol didn't we already comment on this a few days back? Seems like an identical article to me, how did it get submitted again?

...anyway, since i'm here now, I'll say it does look good, but the racing genre is in danger of becoming over saturated on new gen.

I can see the benefit to the Wii U, and PC gamers will get the best version. As for me, I think my faith in Driveclub will not be misplaced. The next 'unrushed' Forza game should be a lot better for X1 owners.

Abriael1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

First time it gets submitted.

Edit: 14 of the 46 screenshots here were indeed in one posted a couple days ago, but 32 of the screens are new.

Slightly Mad Studios releases new screens quite often.

PS: Driveclub is not a sim. This is a simulator. They're two different sub-genres. And the next "unrushed" forza? Who knows when we'll get it. This looks way better than any other racing game on the market and on the foreseeable future, and it'll come out this year.

I might be wrong, but I think this is the first driving simulator scheduled for release on PS4, and calling Forza a simulator is a bit of a stretch too.

snookiegamer1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Okies, thanks for clearing that up. I admit I hadn't memorized each image :)


SEMANTICS >Driving sim/racing..all the same to me. The objective is to come 1st or win. Therefore it's racing IMO. Sub-Genre it all you race in all these games.

On the subject of racing games...I'm driving the hell out of GT6 at the moment :))

dsswoosh1471d ago

With all the driving assists turned off, Forza turns into an amazing driving simulator.

They just set the assists up as default for a better casual experience.

There is a huge amount of depth to Forza that you can see after 10 minutes of peering into what that game can actually do. Dont underestimate the simulator side to it, its actually very very good.

mhunterjr1471d ago

It looks great, but I wonder what type of hardware will be required to pull of these visuals...

I also wonder about the physics and the AI. Imo graphics aren't the be-all-end-all of 'next gen'

ScuderiaPaul1471d ago

Looks fantastic. However, all the fancy graphics will mean nothing if they get the handling model wrong. I have not played any beta as I am not a PC gamer but if it handles like NFS Shift I'll give it a miss.

Maxor1471d ago

This is a hardcore racing sim so of course it won't handle like NFS. Duh.

Fluke_Skywalker1471d ago

Hopefully not, but it's made by the same guys who made NFS SHift, and they marketed that as a hardcore sim too!

Ck1x1471d ago

I'm actually wondering when we will see this game running on the consoles as well!

WickedLester1471d ago

If they can get Project CARS as close to PC graphics as DICE did with Battlefield 4 on PS4, I'll be a happy camper.