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Tekken is not new to the world of fighting games, and has steadily become more polished and refined with each release. Even after 6 titles, Tekken has stayed true to its roots by improving aspects of gameplay but preserving the core of what makes the Tekken franchise unique. Tekken 6 is the manifestation of a nearly 20 year long history of characterization that really shines and makes the Tekken series a powerful presence in the world of fighting games.

With a following nearly as large as the “Street Figher” series...

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boing11675d ago

7 years too late with that review.

caseh1675d ago

lol I was thinking the same thing.

Baka-akaB1675d ago

Even weirder when there is Tekken tag 2 since ...

chazjamie1675d ago

was hoping it was a vita version. would of been a nice surprise