Mirror's Edge still multiplatform, EA confirms

EA has confirmed to that upcoming parkour-inspired first-person game Mirror's Edge is still coming out on Xbox 360 and PC, despite a report today on the UK-based semi-official blog ThreeSpeech that claimed it was PS3-exclusive.

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SullyDrake3871d ago

I don't think anyone expected it to be PS3-exclusive.

Kleptic3871d ago

it was a little strange...Sony showed the trailer at their SGD on tuesday...of which was apparently the only multiplatform title to get the big screen treatment...iirc...

then the threespeach stuff...who knows...but yeah, its EA...there is very little chance of it not going to every platform under the sun...

BeaArthur3871d ago

Mitchell...nope EA is too greedy for that.

Ghoul3871d ago

such reports mostly point out that sony may actually being in a offer to dice getting the game as an eclusiv, we will see what the future brings, maybe a timed exclusiv.

such blatant errors made by official blogs/sites mostly have some true background to it

BilI Gates3871d ago

I would be very happy if Mirror's Edge suddenly went PS3 exclusive but it's not gonna happen guys. It was always a multi-platform game.

Gorgon3871d ago

Well, it would have certainly been smarter of sony to go with Mirror's Edge as exclusive rather than Haze. But then again, this is EA and they don't like exclusivities, hehe.

Expy3871d ago

I was wondering this myself.... Went to browse the UK PSStore when I saw this:

Gameplay Trailer (HDTV 720p)

Description: "Introducing a new PS3 icon - Faith"

Made me wonder.

BilI Gates3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Just checked and you're right. So weird.

Still though it's published by EA isn't it? Do you really believe that they'll do a PS3 exclusive?

Expy3871d ago

I'm not saying that, I'm just wondering why the description was written as is.

Nevers3871d ago

I'm looking forward to hearing more about it... especially the combat system, specifically the melee.

deeznuts3871d ago

It does, but I got dizzy just watching the trailer! Maybe I'll get used to it. Maybe I'm just getting old.

OOG3871d ago

this game could be verryyyy coool

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The story is too old to be commented.