The Last Of Us wins over 200 GOTY awards; why this annoys me greatly

Digitally Downloaded writes: "To give The Last Of Us the game of the year award is to argue that gaming is an inferior art form to cinema or literature. Borrowing so heavily from The Road (both novel and film), The Last Of Us is, thematically, an inferior clone of Cormac McCarthy's work of genius and John Hillcoat's equally genius adaptation of it for cinema. Take the cut scenes of The Last Of Us in isolation and it's like a somewhat less confronting version of McCarthy's narrative... and considering the confrontational nature of the narrative was key to its theme, dampening that effect didn't help The Last Of Us drive through an especially memorable narrative.

Add in the gameplay sections where you slaughter legions of enemies without a second thought, and the end result is a game that has impactful cut scenes broken up some really fun and challenging combat challenge rooms, but all at the expense of pacing (look up ludonarrative dissonance for more on this topic)."

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Goro1314d ago

Because it is incredibly overrated. (in my opinion)

ZodTheRipper1314d ago

How can some hate on this masterpiece? Excluding those that haven't finished it of course.

TheLyonKing1314d ago

Everyone is entitled their own views but you get the feeling some people who are hating haven't even played the game.

Hell TLOU isn't even a genre I usually pick up and play (more of an rpg/racing guy) but it was brilliant and I apperciate the story so much as well as the clever gameplay mechanics.

You know you have met a TLOU fan when you mention the word winter and they smile at you.

Goro1314d ago

I've played and completed the game twice and it is a great game but all of you act like it's the most superior game to ever exist when it isn't even close. About a 9/10.

xHeavYx1314d ago

This website's logic.
" Game shouldn't win GOTY awards, btw I rated it 5/5"

ZodTheRipper1314d ago


Name a better game, then. (in terms of overall quality)

johndoe112111314d ago


Your statement is incomplete.Let me finish it for you:
This website's logic.
" GAME shouldn't win GOTY awards because it can't compare to some of the similar themed MOVIES or BOOKS out there even though I also stated in my article that The Last Of Us is the kind of blockbuster fun that deserved every dollar that it made.Oh and btw I also rated it 5/5 as a game, But I believe it should have been a better movie or book to win game of the year".

Hope you don't mind my adjustments.

Why o why1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

It got game of the year (2013) NOT game of all time. Some people just have to find a reason to go against the grain and use stupid fallacies to make silly points. Ok, you dont like it or dont rate it as high as other games fine but this time you are in the minority.

If this game was released the same year as mgs, orcarinia of time, tetris, mario 64, streetfighter 2 , halo 2 and shadow of the colossus I'd have to listen to peoples whinging but it wasn't was it so it winning game of the year wasn't something ridiculous or unjust.

Personally I would put it up for one of the games of the respective generation. Of course thats my opinion but do feel free to give some alternatives from 2013

dedicatedtogamers1314d ago

People have their own tastes, but honestly, what game in 2013 was better than Last of Us - overall? What game pushed the videogame medium forward more? What game advanced videogame storytelling better? What game had better animations, better graphics (on console), better lighting effects?

At the end of the day, Last of Us deserves "Game of the Year" because it really is Game of the Year. There are games that I - personally - liked better but Last of Us did so many things right, there really isn't a single game that is more deserving of GotY.

Goro1314d ago

@zod18 Red Dead Redemption.

Why o why1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Errrr, what year was red dead realeased.... imagine us comparing all current to all of the greats from yesteryear for current goty accolades. Some people are just blinded by their console bias. If theres no exclusive to back, back a multiplat... same old story. Saw it when lbp got goty, same with uncharted 2. Laughable and before people say my own bias is blinded my thoughts, this isn't a sony fan moaning about why tlou didn't because it did...its about people bit**g about why it did

Clunkyd1314d ago

At the end of the day, Last of Us is GOTY. Time to move on people.

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tacomonster1314d ago

Clearly you haven't played it, otherwise you wouldn't say that.

Mister_Dawg1314d ago

Arrogant. So playing this game means you will only love this game?

Interesting take on personal tastes.

Goro1314d ago

I have played and completed it twice. I'm currently playing it a third time on Survivor Plus.

johndoe112111314d ago


You've played it twice and you're playing it a third time on survivor Plus and yet you say that the game is "Overated" and you once stated that "the actual gameplay aspect is complete mediocrity".

Yeah, seems legit.

Why o why1314d ago

Lol, maybe you have that sunset beach syndrome......dont really enjoy it but still keep watching. Going through any game of its type for a 3rd time kinda means you must like it more than the average game/gamer. Some people are just anti hype/anti popular. If people laud something enough, other people will find a reason to dislike that same something.

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TheMrMalro1314d ago

It is highly overrated. It's a very liniar experience I will never touch again. GTA V/Online in the other hand offers me much more fun. Just hit 16 days online. Easily my favourite game of the gen.

mep691314d ago

Go play your boring story lacking game with bad VA then ¬_¬

Utalkin2me1314d ago

Wow really 16 days online already, that's not a hobby mate that's a way of life.

CaptainSellers1314d ago

The Last of Us is overrated yet GTAV is so awesome and not overrated at all? Nice logic there.

adventureghost1241314d ago

Hold the F@#*ING PHONE
You are saying GTA 5/online, an experience that is completely broken down, took like a month after release to launch, loaded with tons of @ssholes, and the game with an ok story and a dissapointing ending is better than The Last Of Us. Also What part of it was linear? There were TONS of ways to get through enemies with and without them noticing you, The story was one of the best I have ever seen in gaming and it always kept me guessing. I'm not saying GTA 5 is bad, I enjoyed it. But TLOU was miles ahead of it in every way.

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mt1314d ago

the game is meant for you if you don't like it ( that is if you really played the game)
. there is no way for a person to hate this game. the game is not perfect. I had seen glitches while playing but it didn't ruin the game or broke the gameplay. the game is the most perfect piece of a game.

xJumpManx1314d ago

Completely agree. It was a good game but what did it do differently than any other game of the genre.

Darkfist1314d ago

it managed to do a better job than what resident evil 5/6 did.

Hicken1314d ago

It managed to win over 200 GOTY awards, for one.

kneon1314d ago

It's all in the execution.

Michelangelo's David and Pietà were not very original, the subjects had been done countless times, yet these are undoubtedly masterpieces. It's not so much what you do but how well you do it.

NeoTribe1314d ago

It brought back the aspect of survival horror that died a decade ago, created a story with so many feels it blew your mind, amazing graphics, top notch charachters and acting, and most importantly pretty damn freaky. Theres finally a real AAA survival horror ip... name another AAA horror ip that isnt dead nowadays...

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quaneylfc1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

With a profile dedicated to the Yakuza games? how trustworthy are you... (!)

nope1111314d ago

I agree with Yakuzaz, it's overrated, amazing narritive, but the gameplay felt unoriginal. More fun to watch than to play honestly.

Generation defining my ass.

Clunkyd1314d ago

If you call this overrated then every mainstream game is overrated.

Christopher1314d ago

The author of this article reminds me of the pony tail guy from the Good Will Hunting bar scene

He's applying way too much book learning to the subject of art. The fact of the matter is, The Last of Us, which I have not completed and can not personally review, is seen by many gamers as great storytelling combined with enjoyable gameplay. To try and measure the game based on a comparison to a novel or movie as far as 'pacing' or the like is just silly as all heck.

Ezz20131314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Agreed, you know i really don't mind people having different opinions and all but this article madfe me facepalm hard

it amazing how he keep contradict himself in his own article
1.he say it's not GOTY , yet he give it 5/5 and still stand by his review ?!
2.praise the game and then say it's not "Game" Of The Year because ......"Movies" are better in his opinion ?!
3.and then he go on and compare TLOU to TF movies ?!

WTF is going on with this guy ?