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The Last Of Us wins over 200 GOTY awards; why this annoys me greatly

Digitally Downloaded writes: "To give The Last Of Us the game of the year award is to argue that gaming is an inferior art form to cinema or literature. Borrowing so heavily from The Road (both novel and film), The Last Of Us is, thematically, an inferior clone of Cormac McCarthy's work of genius and John Hillcoat's equally genius adaptation of it for cinema. Take the cut scenes of The Last Of Us in isolation and it's like a somewhat less confronting version of McCarthy's narrative... and considering the confrontational nature of the narrative was key to its theme, dampening that effect didn't help The Last Of Us drive through an especially memorable narrative.

Add in the gameplay sections where you slaughter legions of enemies without a second thought, and the end result is a game that has impactful cut scenes broken up some really fun and challenging combat challenge rooms, but all at the expense of pacing (look up ludonarrative dissonance for more on this topic)." (PS3, The Last Of Us)

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Goro  +   247d ago
Because it is incredibly overrated. (in my opinion)
Walker  +   247d ago | Well said
Haters gonna hate
ZodTheRipper  +   247d ago
How can some hate on this masterpiece? Excluding those that haven't finished it of course.
TheLyonKing  +   246d ago | Well said
Everyone is entitled their own views but you get the feeling some people who are hating haven't even played the game.

Hell TLOU isn't even a genre I usually pick up and play (more of an rpg/racing guy) but it was brilliant and I apperciate the story so much as well as the clever gameplay mechanics.

You know you have met a TLOU fan when you mention the word winter and they smile at you.
Goro  +   246d ago
I've played and completed the game twice and it is a great game but all of you act like it's the most superior game to ever exist when it isn't even close. About a 9/10.
xHeavYx  +   246d ago
This website's logic.
" Game shouldn't win GOTY awards, btw I rated it 5/5"
ZodTheRipper  +   246d ago

Name a better game, then. (in terms of overall quality)
johndoe11211  +   246d ago

Your statement is incomplete.Let me finish it for you:
This website's logic.
" GAME shouldn't win GOTY awards because it can't compare to some of the similar themed MOVIES or BOOKS out there even though I also stated in my article that The Last Of Us is the kind of blockbuster fun that deserved every dollar that it made.Oh and btw I also rated it 5/5 as a game, But I believe it should have been a better movie or book to win game of the year".

Hope you don't mind my adjustments.
Why o why  +   246d ago
It got game of the year (2013) NOT game of all time. Some people just have to find a reason to go against the grain and use stupid fallacies to make silly points. Ok, you dont like it or dont rate it as high as other games fine but this time you are in the minority.

If this game was released the same year as mgs, orcarinia of time, tetris, mario 64, streetfighter 2 , halo 2 and shadow of the colossus I'd have to listen to peoples whinging but it wasn't was it so it winning game of the year wasn't something ridiculous or unjust.

Personally I would put it up for one of the games of the respective generation. Of course thats my opinion but do feel free to give some alternatives from 2013
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dedicatedtogamers  +   246d ago
People have their own tastes, but honestly, what game in 2013 was better than Last of Us - overall? What game pushed the videogame medium forward more? What game advanced videogame storytelling better? What game had better animations, better graphics (on console), better lighting effects?

At the end of the day, Last of Us deserves "Game of the Year" because it really is Game of the Year. There are games that I - personally - liked better but Last of Us did so many things right, there really isn't a single game that is more deserving of GotY.
Goro  +   246d ago
@zod18 Red Dead Redemption.
Why o why  +   246d ago
Errrr, what year was red dead realeased.... imagine us comparing all current to all of the greats from yesteryear for current goty accolades. Some people are just blinded by their console bias. If theres no exclusive to back, back a multiplat... same old story. Saw it when lbp got goty, same with uncharted 2. Laughable and before people say my own bias is blinded my thoughts, this isn't a sony fan moaning about why tlou didn't because it did...its about people bit**g about why it did
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Clunkyd  +   246d ago
At the end of the day, Last of Us is GOTY. Time to move on people.
tacomonster  +   247d ago
Clearly you haven't played it, otherwise you wouldn't say that.
Mister_Dawg  +   247d ago
Arrogant. So playing this game means you will only love this game?

Interesting take on personal tastes.
Goro  +   246d ago
I have played and completed it twice. I'm currently playing it a third time on Survivor Plus.
johndoe11211  +   246d ago

You've played it twice and you're playing it a third time on survivor Plus and yet you say that the game is "Overated" and you once stated that "the actual gameplay aspect is complete mediocrity".

Yeah, seems legit.
Why o why  +   246d ago
Lol, maybe you have that sunset beach syndrome......dont really enjoy it but still keep watching. Going through any game of its type for a 3rd time kinda means you must like it more than the average game/gamer. Some people are just anti hype/anti popular. If people laud something enough, other people will find a reason to dislike that same something.
TheMrMalro  +   247d ago
It is highly overrated. It's a very liniar experience I will never touch again. GTA V/Online in the other hand offers me much more fun. Just hit 16 days online. Easily my favourite game of the gen.
mep69  +   247d ago
Go play your boring story lacking game with bad VA then ¬_¬
Utalkin2me  +   247d ago
Wow really 16 days online already, that's not a hobby mate that's a way of life.
CaptainSellers  +   246d ago
The Last of Us is overrated yet GTAV is so awesome and not overrated at all? Nice logic there.
adventureghost124  +   246d ago
Hold the F@#*ING PHONE
You are saying GTA 5/online, an experience that is completely broken down, took like a month after release to launch, loaded with tons of @ssholes, and the game with an ok story and a dissapointing ending is better than The Last Of Us. Also What part of it was linear? There were TONS of ways to get through enemies with and without them noticing you, The story was one of the best I have ever seen in gaming and it always kept me guessing. I'm not saying GTA 5 is bad, I enjoyed it. But TLOU was miles ahead of it in every way.
mt  +   247d ago
the game is meant for you if you don't like it ( that is if you really played the game)
. there is no way for a person to hate this game. the game is not perfect. I had seen glitches while playing but it didn't ruin the game or broke the gameplay. the game is the most perfect piece of a game.
xJumpManx  +   247d ago
Completely agree. It was a good game but what did it do differently than any other game of the genre.
Darkfist  +   247d ago
it managed to do a better job than what resident evil 5/6 did.
Hicken  +   247d ago | Well said
It managed to win over 200 GOTY awards, for one.
kneon  +   246d ago
It's all in the execution.

Michelangelo's David and Pietà were not very original, the subjects had been done countless times, yet these are undoubtedly masterpieces. It's not so much what you do but how well you do it.
NeoTribe  +   246d ago
It brought back the aspect of survival horror that died a decade ago, created a story with so many feels it blew your mind, amazing graphics, top notch charachters and acting, and most importantly pretty damn freaky. Theres finally a real AAA survival horror ip... name another AAA horror ip that isnt dead nowadays...
quaneylfc  +   246d ago
With a profile dedicated to the Yakuza games? how trustworthy are you... (!)
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nope111  +   246d ago
I agree with Yakuzaz, it's overrated, amazing narritive, but the gameplay felt unoriginal. More fun to watch than to play honestly.

Generation defining my ass.
Clunkyd  +   246d ago
If you call this overrated then every mainstream game is overrated.
cgoodno  +   246d ago
The author of this article reminds me of the pony tail guy from the Good Will Hunting bar scene


He's applying way too much book learning to the subject of art. The fact of the matter is, The Last of Us, which I have not completed and can not personally review, is seen by many gamers as great storytelling combined with enjoyable gameplay. To try and measure the game based on a comparison to a novel or movie as far as 'pacing' or the like is just silly as all heck.
Ezz2013  +   246d ago
Agreed, you know i really don't mind people having different opinions and all but this article madfe me facepalm hard

it amazing how he keep contradict himself in his own article
1.he say it's not GOTY , yet he give it 5/5 and still stand by his review ?!
2.praise the game and then say it's not "Game" Of The Year because ......"Movies" are better in his opinion ?!
3.and then he go on and compare TLOU to TF movies ?!

WTF is going on with this guy ?
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Rodney25  +   246d ago
I love TLOU but why so much unnecessary hate for GTAV, it was an amazing game. Can't they both just be good.
elda  +   247d ago | Well said
You should be annoyed that you have no taste.
Irishguy95  +   247d ago
Nah you see, as a fan of stories, the last of us story is so incredibly overrated. It's very typical of Naughty Dog to steal stories and then get awarded award after ward for it. The games story is the road with 'zombies'. Oh sorry did I say zombies? I meant people infected by a fungus which just happens to make people act like zombies.

Bioshock infinite was many times more creative in story that the last of us.

However - to the author. It's a video game not a movie. Despite how much of a rip off it is, the gameplay is decent with a rip off story. That's what ND do. Tell an already successful, extremely simple story, which some decent gameplay. The most important thing to ND is the cinematics.

Again -> ND can be compared to James camerons avatar. Which focuses on visuals above Story.

Edit - XD the themes of the Road are EXACTLY the same as The last of us. You can look at TloU and the road on a superficail level and think they ar somewhat copying, but when you get into the real meat of the stories, the similarities are just too much that it's only inspiration.

It's simple enough anyway, you won't find Bioshock infinites Story anywhere. NDs stories are incredibly overdone in all entertainment mediums

It's a shame they get this treatment when other devs that really try to create their own story don't get it.

Again - Visuals are ND's specialty. Don't get me wrong, teh story of the Last of us is good. It's just..you know, the reason it's good is because it stole it's story from a well recieved book. Same as Uncharted modelling itself after indiana jones.

I still think the Game deserves Game of the Year. But it's definitely not perfect. Nor should they be praised for the story. Only the writing.
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iamnsuperman  +   247d ago
You clearly havn't read/seen the road or played The Last OF Us since the story and themes are vastly different from each other. Just because there are two characters in a post apocalyptic world doesn't mean it steals from it. Inspiration maybe but inspiration isn't stealing.
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Omran  +   247d ago
this is called inspiring not steal you smart ass
if we argue about stealing you can say that every game steal from other games !

we can say that resident evil cover system was stolen by epic games which they add the system to gears of war !

no how you will explain this
MattyG  +   247d ago
"Edit - XD the themes of the Road are EXACTLY the same as The last of us. You can look at TloU and the road on a superficail level and think they ar somewhat copying, but when you get into the real meat of the stories, the similarities are just too much that it's only inspiration."

Could you provide some examples? I read The Road this summer, and while the setting and tone are similar, I didn't feel the themes were. I'm curious to see what similarities you saw.
Nitrowolf2  +   247d ago
You Can compare Bioshock Infinite to basically ANY movie about time traveling. The execuction of Infintie was brilliant, don't get me wrong and I loved the game. But if people are going to complain about Last of Us has some similarities to The Road then the same can be said about Infinite with basically any Movie about time travel. Also Singularity ends int he same way where you basically travel back in time to basically get yourself killed to end the original outcome. Look at The Butterfly effect. Sure the worlds are different, but isn't the world In the Road very different than the One in the Last of Us? Indeed they are (no zombies, it's basically cannalbalism and their is no cure, the planet is simply dying)

Infinite is hardly an "original' idea as the Last of Us is. Infinite is hardly an "original' idea as the Last of Us is. Any book about alt. Dimension/timeline has you being the bad guy as the plot twist. Don't come out and say Infinite story can't be found anywhere else.
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N0gg1nsh0tz  +   247d ago
"Nor should they be praised for the story. Only the writing" ... So the story...
_QQ_  +   247d ago
Yeah pretty much, Mocap and presentation is really the most impressive thing about it. but the story is still great regardless but i agree it is really safe and similar. For me the gameplay is the low point. all these die hard fans will never admit that its not much different than your average cover based shooter, the only difference being the sway of the gun and that that you can sneak past a level without fighting if you want. Also this is just me but i'm so fatigued with Zombies/infected this gen. There is much to say about the gameplay, too much for one comment. In the end this year wasn't too strong and i haven't played GTAV so really i would give GOTY to TLOU or 3D world if i were to exclude DOTA2 which is my GOTY.

Anyone can make a site and give a GOTY. Also ignore these clowns talking about how it isn't similar. Personally i haven't read the road so i wouldn't know.
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ginsunuva  +   247d ago
Infinite had NO story up until the last 10 minutes where it fell apart into Elizabeth going, "okay I've been keeping quiet and acting dumb the whole game, but now I'm going to explain everything in a few minutes."

Then it was a mess of parallel universes, time travel, and other misintepretations of physicists' works, jumbled together in a way I used to write sci-fi stories when I was in fourth and fifth grade, thinking I was clever for intertwining some imaginary concepts. But it's not hard at all when you're making a story based off sci-fi concepts that aren't real.

Yeah it dropped some hints along the way, but the whole story was about you trying to kill some old man for 90% of the game, in which it devolved into CoD-type shooting.
It did have pretty colors though.
Totoro17  +   246d ago
I couldn't agree less. Naughty Dog was ballsy enough to tackle the post-apocalyptic scenario and make it completely their own. I've seen the movie The Road and besides being in a catastrophic scenario, the comparisons end there. This was a genius game that was had characters so deeply layered and flawed that it created scenarios that didn't have you guessing what would happen.

Bioshock Infinite was an amazing game and so was Borderlands 2, but TLOU was fucking brilliant and immersing.
quaneylfc  +   246d ago
That's what i say about the last two Quentin Tarantino films, it is true yet i am still being called a dickhead for pointing it out. The new one was announced today and it has the same problem.
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bjmartynhak  +   246d ago
Have you ever heard about Rapunzel?

Hell, watch Tangled, even the folk dance scene is similar.

Then add time travelling and all events that pass in one timeline become irrelevant, because there are infinite possibilities... so whatever.
dedicatedtogamers  +   246d ago
Videogames rip off stories all the time. I haven't played a "unique" videogame story (as in, if you wrote down the game's story and then read it start to finish) in a very long time...probably not since the mid/late '90s PC RPGs.

So, why is it so terrible that a videogame finally ripped off a good book and did a great job of it? Plenty of other games could have also ripped off The Road - agreed? - and done a very terrible job. Last of Us actually managed to capture much of The Road's essence in a very believable way.

Funny, do you feel the same way about Red Dead Redemption's storyline? Nothing in that story was original, but it did a fantastic job of "ripping off" the best Westerns in literature. Interesting that you mention Bioshock Infinite's storyline: if you have even a passing interest in sci-fi you'll find that every single one of the game's tropes have been done before (and done better).
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elda  +   246d ago
No matter where it came from,the FACT is TLOU is a great game with a great story,case closed.
aRTCy  +   240d ago
So what your saying is that if someone designs a chair that they are stealing from every other chair made before?...TLOU isn't exactly like The Road and Uncharted isn't exactly like Indiana Jones. They are in the same genre, yes, but they are not the same.
Neixus  +   247d ago
This article is a joke, why should he get annoyed because other people picked this as GOTY?

But I'm pretty sure this is just a bait to get clicks.
The last of us deserves every bit of praise =)
iceman1346  +   247d ago
at this point it's safe to say this is the greatest game in the seventh console generation
Ultr  +   247d ago
The Last Of Us is definately more than a blockbuster movie. What a troll.
You finish it mess around with the multiplayer and move on? Hell no.
I finished this game 4 times already and I am not the only one, hell all my friends at least played it two times!!
There is way more to TLOU than just a fun action flic.
Maybe the author should start to realize that, especially after over 200 GOTY awards
Blacklash93  +   247d ago
It's entertainment. Enjoy it, or don't.

The Last of Us is my GOTY because I personally got the most enjoyment out of it than any other title this year. Apparently many others feel the same. If there's a problem with that, take it up with the Opinion Police or the Bureau of Pretentious Sensibilities. :/
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Master-H  +   247d ago
LuL if you can't beat em, hate on em.
iamnsuperman  +   247d ago
The problem is the author has a different opinion on what Game of the Year is

"but when it comes to a "game of the year" award, it should surely go to a game that does something that neither film nor literature can do better."

I disagree. Surely it should go to the best game of that year regardless of what film or literature can do. That shouldn't even come into it
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r21  +   247d ago
Agree, kinda. GOTY has all different kinds view points and its up to the person to choose what game is his/her GOTY. It doesnt need to be under some strict idea that a GOTY 'has to do something different from other forms of media already did.'

Those who chose TLOU as GOTY has made their minds.
Volkama  +   246d ago
Well said. TLOU isn't my goty by any stretch, but you're right about the flaw in the author's reasoning.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   247d ago
TLOU didn't win over 200 awards for nothing.
It was a damn good game and clearly most people agree.
We should be open to people disagreeing with this though, but the people that disagree should also be open to why people loved this game. Which is why getting annoyed that this game won so many awards is dumb.
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specialguest  +   247d ago
This is goty we're talking about, not best game of all time or even of a generation. Put the tlou up against this years competition and for most people it is goty.
kevnb  +   247d ago
It really doesn't bother me that so many people love the game. I enjoyed it quite a bit myself.
Dfooster  +   247d ago
Spurg  +   247d ago
He doesn't hate the game he just doesn't like the recognition it got because it borrowed elements from the The Road(Novel and Movie).

If you had to chose between Bioshock: Infinte and Last of us to compete against a movie or Novel...which game would you chose a game that borrowed elements from a movie and Novel or a game that has been created it own identity in gaming story and setting. You wont find a Rapture or Columbia in a movie or a novel(Maybe but the inspiration isn't too obvious).

Not hating on Last of us(I enjoyed it) but it something you have to consider as well. What does it mean for game story? Should they feel Inferior to Movies and Novels.
wishingW3L  +   247d ago
everything borrows stuff from something else.
Nitrowolf2  +   247d ago
SO your saying that you can't compare Bioshock Infinite to basically ANY movie about time traveling? The exuction of Infintie was brilliant, don't get me wrong and I loved the game. But if people are going to complain about Last of Us has some similarities to The Road then the same can be said about Infinite with basically any Movie about time travel. Also Singularity ends int he same way where you basically travel back in time to basically get yourself killed to end the original outcome. Look at The Butterfly effect. Sure the worlds are different, but isn't the world In the Road very different than the One in the Last of Us? Indeed they are (no zombies, it's basically cannalbalism and their is no cure, the planet is simply dying)

Infinite is hardly an "original' idea as the Last of Us is. Any book about alt. Dimension/timeline has you being the bad guy as the plot twist. Don't come out and say Infinite story can't be found anywhere else.
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admiralvic  +   246d ago
Isn't a lot of the themes, ideas and concepts in BioShock (the original since you brought up Rapture) related to Atlas Shrugged and Ayn Rand? I mean, if you're going to contest that TLOU is bad for taking things from The Road, then BioShock (again the first 1) should get the same negative stigma for what it took from Atlas Shrugged.
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goldwyncq  +   247d ago
Comparing TLOU to Transformers? The writer must be high. Sounds like another one of those pretentious artsy fartsy hipsters who desperately want to look intelligent by bashing "inferior" forms of entertainment.
wishingW3L  +   247d ago
I thought exactly the same thing. Like seriously, Transformers?
MonChiChi  +   247d ago
People crying about TLOU's awards annoys me greatly.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   247d ago
I quite enjoy it actually.Their bitter tears nourish my soul.
markte  +   247d ago
The Last of Us is GOTY.

The Last of Us is GOTY.

How many other games this year are as well made as TLOU? I'll even go as far as to ask, how many games this generation, are as well made as TLOU?
InTheLab  +   247d ago
So this game when's Goty and it upsets you? Such a sad life.
MattyG  +   247d ago
"...cut scenes broken up some really fun and challenging combat challenge rooms, but all at the expense of pacing (look up ludonarrative dissonance for more on this topic)."

This is NOT ludonarrative dissonance. Ludonarrative dissonance is a conflict in themes or actions between cutscenes and gameplay, not cutscenes splitting up gameplay sections. People need to stop throwing this term around because they think it sounds intellectual.
#18 (Edited 247d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ShowGun901  +   247d ago
this board has ludonarrative dissonance because im usually reading, but its broken up by times im typing.

jacksjus  +   247d ago
Apparently 201 other writers highly disagree with this douche.
Dynasty2021  +   247d ago
Is this guy butt-hurt that his favourite game (probably worse) didn't win GOTY?
DoesUs  +   247d ago
Shame. I'll just leave this here.

xJumpManx  +   247d ago
I look at this way I finished TLOU and never wanted to play it again. I can think of at least 2 other game I finished this year that I went back and played again. TLOU was good but nothing special IMO.
blahblah123  +   247d ago
Yeah and Titanic won Best Picture and I thought it was garbage. So what? Tomorrow is another day.

I played TLOU through four times for the Platinum and the MP Is really good. But if you don't like it, the world isn't going to end.
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Darkfist  +   247d ago
whatever you say man.
Foxhound922  +   247d ago
Okay so there's two people in an apocalyptic world, and suddenly it's a rip off of the road? This author sounds like an idiot trying to sound smart by using big words. Besides being in post apocalypse, they share almost nothing in terms of story and setting. With this logic, you could argue almost anything being unoriginal because it shares an extremely small number of similarities.

This just in! Madden is a rip off of the national football league. Mass effect is a rip off of star trek because it's in space. Halo is a rip off of when mars attacks beside it has aliens. Also, bioshock is a rip off of fishing games because it takes place in water.
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ShowGun901  +   247d ago
whats funny is, if ND had used 3 characters instead of 2, this author would say "its just the road with an extra person!"

some people are just douches lol, the last of us is first of possibly 3 games anybody will remember in a decade. (released this year)
blahblah123  +   246d ago
Oh yeah and Cormack McCarthy is apparently the only person to create a story about last humans and viruses. Only if you were born within the last 15 years and have a wall for a untold years of literature would this comparison make sense.

I AM LEGEND was written in the 1950s and pretty much inspired 50 years worth of this stuff. And it was by no means the first to tackle themes like this.
andslasher123  +   247d ago
to me I think last of us is amazing but I dont think its GOTY, for me GOTY its something fun and amazing to play, I think GTA V accomplish that, I hope 2014 goty is a fun game and amazing open world like skyrim, and no more story games and just doesnt have fun gameplay.
pody  +   247d ago
It sounds like you mean GOTY games can only be open-world games.
#26.1 (Edited 247d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
andslasher123  +   246d ago
lol as expected disagrees, so much butthurt Last of us fanboys lol!
#26.1.1 (Edited 246d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report
wishingW3L  +   247d ago
3 short paragraphs of nothing supporting his argument and there are comments there saying "great article". I mean, the whole point of the author is that he didn't like the game and just because of that it doesn't deserve any GOTY awards. =/
#27 (Edited 247d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
DanielGearSolid  +   247d ago
Thats wat it comes down to...

"I dont want like this so nobody should"
Lon3wolf  +   247d ago
Ok the story in TLoU is not the most original, not sure why that means it can't have a GOTY award or two. It was a very well realized game and I am finally glad I got around to playing it. Yes I prefer open world games personally but when a linear/story driven game is done as well as this then it's all good in my book.
ShowGun901  +   247d ago
depends i guess on what you feel like playing that day lol

story driven/linear: the developer gets to share the EXACT experience they want with you, knowing you'll see the same awesomeness as everyone else.

open world/free roamer: the developer puts a bunch of fun gameplay elements in a sandbox and steps back. the experience you have is up to you.

in the open world free roamer category, i'd also put pure multiplayer (battlefeild, CoD, SF4) and creative games (minecraft, LBP) in there too. its up to you what you accomplish. either is cool, but they don't overlap at all.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   247d ago
To be fair GTA V story has been done before aswell. Pretty sure their was a comedy a year or two back were 3 buddies band together to pull heists, had Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller in it i believe. I still think GTA V was the better game. Equal quality story but wayyyyyyyyy better gameplay imo.
yezz  +   246d ago
I think TLOU story was better but the controls weren't the best and I just didn't feel it. It took me surprisingly long time to actually finish the game.

I'm OK with TLOU winning all these GOTYs because it's a great game and I understand why people like it so much but for me personally it isn't super good..
MoveTheGlow  +   247d ago
I get where he's coming from. I see that award everywhere and I have a combination of feeling like "Well, Naughty Dog is a great studio, and they made something really atmospheric, so that's really cool. It's probably one of the best of the year." And then there's the other part of me who wants other games to have a bit of a chance - out of any game this year, this is the "blockbuster" movie-lite, TPS triple-A game. It's the safe one.

I'd love to see a little more praise given to more minimal but amazing games, especially Fire Emblem Awakening, a triumph in design and in localization, or Ridiculous Fishing, which had a really interesting set of mechanics, a store design that was immaculately built into the game's progression, and a unified set of aesthetics with only straight lines in the art design and angular, interesting music to support it.

Eh, it still deserves it, but I get wanting a bit more out of 2013's honors than just The Last of Us.
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